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Tomokazu Harimoto Net Worth, Biography, Ranking, Age, Career

Here is the detail of Tomokazu Harimoto Net Worth, Biography, Ranking, Age, Career, and much more. Tomokazu Harimoto is a professional table tennis player who lives in Japan. He is a very multi-talented and outstanding Japanese table tennis player. Tomokazu Harimoto is also a very skillful professional table tennis player whose skills are very exceptional. He has so many outstanding and stunning skills in table tennis games. He has skills in table tennis games which no one has because his skills are just outstanding and no one can even imagine doing these skills in the game. Tomokazu Harimoto performs his moves and his skills in his game and makes his opponents shocked. He has won most of the matches in his table tennis career and lost very few of them. He is also very unpredictable and performs his moves very unpredictably.

Tomokazu Harimoto is also very famous in popular and he has a very huge fan base in the whole world. The fans of the table tennis game became the fans of Tomokazu Harimoto because of his outstanding performances and skills. Fans from all over the world come to the stadium just to watch his game because his game is worth watching. He also won the world junior singles in the year 2018 and in the same year, he also got the trophy of the ITTF world junior championship.

Tomokazu Harimoto Net Worth, Biography, Ranking, Age, Career

Tomokazu Harimoto Biography:

Tomokazu Harimoto the legendary table tennis player was born on 27 June in the year 2003. Their age is currently 20 years their place was Sendai which is located in Japan. He is a tall person because his height is 5 feet 10 inches and it is a very accurate height for a table tennis player. His nickname is Harimoto and his weight is 64 kg. His hair color and eye color both are black and his hairstyle is small hair.

Tomokazu Harimoto Net Worth:

The net worth of Tomokazu Harimoto is also very high in the amount of money as he is a very legendary table tennis player. He has been so popular and successful in his table tennis career. The net worth of Tomokazu Harimoto is a very high amount of money which is made by him because of his consistent efforts and continuous hard work.

Below you will get all the information about his net worth. According to various sources, we know that his net worth is a total of 0.2 million US Dollars. He earns a lot of money net worth and this huge net worth is proof of his amazing and brilliant performances and skills of him in the game.

Tomokazu Harimoto Records:

He has won so many big and small awards which cannot even be counted. But some of his great award which is known by everyone is the following. He has done so much effort and hard work in his Table Tennis career to achieve all of these awards. These awards are very amazing awards given below:

First, in the year 2016, he became the youngest table tennis player to win the ITTF world tour under-21 men’s singles title. It was the month of June. This award has been won by many tables and players but he is the youngest table tennis player to win this award. He was just 12 years old at the time when he won that award.

Then again after some months in December 2016, he became the youngest table tennis player of another title. At that time he was 13 years old. He became the youngest-ever winner of the boys’ singles title at the world junior championships. He has performed very well and given exceptional performances full of brilliant skills since a very young age.

Then in the next year in August 2017, he again won the title of ITTF world tour men’s singles. It is an award that is very hard to gain and some legendary players also don’t have this award. But Tomokazu Harimoto attend this award at the age of just 14 and became the youngest table tennis player to win this award.

In January 2018, when he was playing the at Japanese national championships, he again proved to everyone that he is a legendary table can player, and because of his outstanding ski,l he won that title and became the youngest winner of the title Japanese National Championships.

Career Details:

Tomokazu Harimoto has been very successful in his career. He is currently ranked in the 4th position in the international table tennis federation. He started his table tennis career at a very young age and won his first title at the all-Japan table tennis championship juniors title. It was the year 2010. He has won also many other awards in his career at a very young age.

Instagram Followers:

Tomokazu Harimoto is quite famous. He has a pretty large number of followers on his social media profiles. On his Instagram account, there are 79.2K followers. He has 1535 followers on his account. There are a total of 70 posts that have been posted by him. He mostly posts things related to table tennis or other sports. This Instagram also helps him in earning money through a large number of followers. All money includes in his net worth.


Tomokazu Harimoto has won many awards and titles in his table tennis career. The amount of money in his net worth comes from various factors like different brand endorsements and different advertisements in which he works. He also earns money as his net worth from his business which is his business. Tomokazu Harimoto’s fame has increased gradually in the past years.

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