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Antoine Dupont Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Rugby Player, Weight

Here is the detail of Antoine Dupont Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Rugby Player, Weight, and much more. Antoine Dupont is a very famous and popular rugby player. He is a very multi-talented and skillful rugby Union player who is known as the legendary rugby Union player of the whole world. His skills in the rugby game are just stunning. He has also very huge fan base in the whole world and rugby fans from all over the world come to watch his game because his skills and performances are magical and outstanding. Antoine Dupont lives in France. He is a very fantastic Ruby Union player who was born on November 15 in the year 1996. He is a very popular Rugby Union player whose nationality is French.

 Antoine Dupont always gives brilliant performances on the ground which brings enthusiasm to the fans and makes them more excited. He is one of those rugby Union players who are consistently giving brilliant performances and he is also one of the richest rugby Union players. His birthplace is France. His zodiac sign is Scorpio and his profession is rugby game.

Antoine Dupont Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Rugby Player, Weight

Birthplace France
Date Of Birth 15th November 1996
Age 26 years old
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 84 Kg
Hair color Light brown
Eye Color Black
Nationality French
College Toulouse School of Management

His style of playing rugby is different from the other rugby Union players. This is because he is so unexpected and makes moves that are outstanding that no one can predict. He represents the French national team and he is also the captain of that team. His network is a total of 5 million US dollars.

Antoine Dupont Net Worth:

Antoine Dupont also earns a lot of money as his net worth. He is earning a lot of money because of his rugby Union career. His net worth is very high in the amount of money as he is one of the richest rugby Union players. He is currently earning a total of 6 million US dollars as his net worth. This high amount of net worth is made by him because of his consistent hard work and continuous efforts.

Making this a lot of net worth requires a lot of hard work dedication and effort. Antoine Dupont has done all these things. He is currently living a very luxurious life with this a lot of net worth which is made by him because of his great efforts and hard work.

Sources of Income:

The money of his net worth comes to him because of his rugby Union career but he also earns money from different various factors. He earns money from different brand endorsements and from different advertisements in which he works. However, a major amount of money of his net worth comes to him from his rugby Union career. His rugby Union career has been a very successful career and his net worth is being increased day by day. He has given so much brilliant performances to his team. Now his net worth is increasing because of his great performance and his lifestyle is also very good.

Career Details:

  • Antoine Dupont started his career when he was 4 years old. When he started his career in a rugby game, he played for the Magnoic FC team.
  • After his outstanding performance consecutive for 2 years, he was then selected by State Toulousain for the year 2017-2018.
  • Next, he was also selected by France Under 20 team. He also participated in the world rugby championship in 2016.
  • He was also appointed by the French Barbarians. It was a very powerful team. He played well for the team.
  • Antoine Dupont has received many awards during his career. He has achieved the Midi Olympic Oscar award as well.

Antoine Dupont Early Life:

His birthday is on November 15, 1996. Antoine Dupont’s birthplace is France. His mother’s name is Marie Pierre Dupont. While his father’s name is Jean Dupont. He also has one brother named Clement Dupont. They both were brought up together very well. They all live happily in a big and beautiful house. Their house is in Lannezeman, France.

Antoine Dupont has taken his education from Toulouse School of Management. He has got a degree in the field of sports management. This degree helped him in getting more insight into sports. So today he is a very experienced and professional rugby player.

Antoine Dupont Marriage Life:

Considering the relationship and marriage details of Antoine Dupont, he is in a relationship with a girl. Her name is Charlene. They both are expecting to marry soon. He has not revealed much about his personal life. But he has revealed about his girlfriend. They both have dated much. Now they both are going to have plans for their marriage. It is expected that soon they will announce anuran anas release 24 years old and it is a good of carrying.


Antoine Dupont is also famous on different social media platforms. He is most famous and popular on his Instagram and is also very active on Instagram. His account is also verified on Instagram. He has posted a total of 401 POS till now on his Instagram account which is loved by his fans. He has also a total of 506k followers on his Instagram account which a lot of followers.


Antoine Dupont has played very well for the rugby teams. He has played for a variety of teams. Antoine Dupont’s main source of net worth is his rugby career. His net worth is approximately 5-6 million dollars. He will succeed more in his upcoming career.

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