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Hugo Calderano Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Table Tennis Player

Here is the detail of Hugo Calderano Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Table Tennis Player, and much more. Hugo Calderano is a professional table tennis player. He is a very multi-talented and skillful table tennis player who plays for Brazil. He is a very outstanding fascinating Brazilian table tennis player whose full name is Hugo Marinho Borges. He is also very famous and popular. He has so many outstanding and fantastic skills in the table tennis game which makes his opponent shocked. His magical skills are the main reason that he beats his opponents in every of his game. He has also a very huge fan base. He has won the hearts of many people by giving outstanding performances full of fascinating skills. The fans of table tennis game became the fans of Hugo Calderano just because of his brilliant performances.

He always performs very well in his games which brings the other fans and makes his opponent lose the game. He is currently the greatest American player of all he is currently in the third position in the world he has also won the ITTF world ranking number top 10. He is the first player from Latin America to win this award. Hugo Calderano was born on 22nd June in the year 1996. His age is currently 27 years old and he was born in Rio de Janeiro located in Brazil. His zodiac sign is cancer. He’s currently considered one of the best table tennis players in the whole world as he has won several outstanding awards and titles.

Hugo Calderano Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Table Tennis Player

Hugo Calderano Net Worth:

The net worth of Hugo Calderano is also very high in amount of money. He is currently earning a lot of money from his net worth as he is one of the most popular and greatest table tennis players of all time. His net worth is very high in the amount of money because he is also one of the richest table tennis players. Hugo Calderano is currently earning 2.23 million US dollars from his net worth. He has made his net worth very high in the amount of money by his great efforts and consistent hard work.

Hugo Calderano has done a lot of hard work in his career. Now he is living a very luxurious life with a very great amount of net worth. Anyone needs a lot of dedication hard work and effort to make that much amount of net worth, Hugo Calderano did all these things in his career and now he is getting a lot of money from his net worth.

Income Sources:

Hugo Calderano not only earns money from his net worth from his table tennis career. He also earns money from different brand endorsements and different contracts which he signs. The advertisements in which he works also gave the money which is also considered in his net worth. But the major source of income of him is his table tennis career. Now he is living a very fancy life with a very high amount of net worth which he has made by his great effort.


Hugo Calderano has been very successful in his table tennis career. He has won several titles in which men’s singles competition is also considered. Recently he won at the ITTF Qatar Open in the year 2018. He has also defeated the world ranking number one table tennis player in his career. He also won the world tour grand final in the year 2018.

Instagram Followers:

Hugo Calderano has 201K million followers on his Instagram account. This is because he is a very well-known personality in the world. His fans are not only from America but are from different parts of the world. He has posted 1307 posts on his Instagram account up till now. There are 961 followers on his Instagram profile. Hugo Calderano mostly posts about himself, table tennis matches and tournaments, and other activities.

He remains much active on his Instagram profile. This is the reason he has a huge number of fans on his different profiles. Hugo Calderano also earns through this Instagram platform. His fans keep on increasing because he is one of the professional table tennis players of his time.

Facebook Followers:

Hugo Calderano has 62K million followers on his Facebook account. His Facebook followers are less as compared to his Instagram followers. There are 29 followers on his Facebook profile. His Facebook followers are also increasing because of his tremendous performance in every field. He has multiple sources of income.

So this Facebook application also provides him with a good amount of money. The reason is a large number of followers that are natural followers of Hugo Calderano. Hugo Calderano has made a good name in the sports industry. He has played table tennis very professionally for a long time.

Twitter Followers:

Hugo Calderano also has a Twitter account. He has a total of 22.8K followers on his Twitter profile. He joined the Twitter platform in July 2009. He has 22.8k followers on his Twitter account. Hugo Calderano is much followed on Twitter as well. Among all the social media platforms, he has the second-highest number of followers on Twitter. Hugo Calderano mostly uses Twitter also. He does many tweets and replies to posts related to his interests.


Hugo Calderano is one of the most experienced players in the table tennis game. He has achieved much success in very less time. He is considered one of the highest-earning players of this time. Hugo Calderano also possesses a good fan base on different social media accounts.

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