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Priya Punia Age, Bio, Net Worth, Domestic and International Career

Here is the detail of Priya Punia Age, Bio, Net Worth, Domestic and International Career, and much more. Priya Puniya is one of the experienced domestic and international cricketers of India. She has played many ODI and T20 International matches. Priya Punia was born on 6th August 1996. She has played many matches till now. Her career started when she made a debut on the Indian team against New Zealand. This debut was made by her on 6th February 2019 in the women’s T20 International match Priya Puniya is one of the rising and great emerging players of the Indian women’s cricket team she has been selected for the Indian National team as well here in this article we will also talk about the domestic and the international career of Priya Puniya her age physical appearance net worth and all the details will be described below

Many brilliant cricketers in domestic cricket have been beaten by Priya Punia and they all have to build a very brilliant strategy to take her wicket. She is also very famous and popular and has a very huge fan base not only in her own country but in the whole world. She has made a very huge fan base of her just because of her outstanding performances with full of magical skills in every game. Priya Punia has won the hearts of many people with her outstanding batting skills in domestic and international cricket. All this fame and popularity of her is achieved by her because of her efforts and hard work. She has been very successful in her cricket career till now and she has a lot of cricket career ahead in her life.

Priya Punia Age, Bio, Net Worth, Domestic and International Career

Priya Punia Age:

Priya Punia age is a 26-year-old girl. She was born in 1996. So as of 2023, she is 26 years old. She looks very young compared to her age. Priya Puniya is physically very fit. This is also because of her profession which is cricket. She has to make herself fit and fine to play all the matches efficiently and with full confidence.

Priya Punia Domestic Career Details:

Priya Puniya has been playing domestically in India since 2016. She begin her profession at the national level in 2016. At that time she participated in a match that was between Delhi women and Hyderabad women. This was a T20 match in which she provided her performance in a very efficient manner.

The match was held in Bangalore where she provided her best performance. Apart from this debut, she has also played many matches at the national level in India. After that, she was also selected by the Green Women team. She was selected by this team in 2018. This was all due to her best performance and exceptional cricket experience which made her gain much respect in her profession.

Priya Punia International Career:

Talking about her international career, she started in October 2018. She was selected for the Indian National team at the international level. Her first match was played against Australia. After that, she was continuously chosen for other matches as well. This was because of the tremendous performance that she showed in her debut international match.

After that, she got many international and national offers for playing many matches. This was all because of her hard work and consistency to play with full dedication and interest. So her International career also flourished and she got much fame in a very less time.

Instagram Followers:

Priya Puniya is one of the Indian cricketers who is much followed today. She has a total of 556k followers on her Instagram account. 293 posts have been posted by Priya Punia on her Instagram profile. A total of 139 followers are there on her account. She has also attached her email as well as her Facebook profile to her Instagram account. Priya Puniya mostly posts her pictures about different cricket matches. Her fans love her a lot because of her nice personality and behavior towards everyone.

Priya Punia Net Worth:

Priya Punia is a young player on the Indian national team. She is one of the most popular Indian cricketers. She made her career very huge and earned a lot of money as her net worth. Priya Punia has done so much effort and hard work in her inspiring cricket journey and now she doesn’t even have to work anymore on his career.

But she still earns a lot of money as her net worth. Her net worth is very huge in amount of money. She made her net worth very amazing just because of her continuous hard work and consistent efforts. She is now living a very luxurious life because of earning a lot of net worth. Her net worth is a total of Rs. 16 crores INR as of 2023.

Twitter Followers:

Priya Punia also has a Twitter account. She has a total of 24.5K followers on her Twitter profile. Priya Punia joined the Twitter platform in July 2019. She has 24.5k followers on her Twitter account. Priya Punia is much followed on Twitter as well. Among all the social media platforms, she has the second-highest number of followers on Twitter. Priya Punia mostly uses Twitter also. She does many tweets and replies to posts related to her interests.


Priya Punia is one of the most experienced players in cricket in India. She has achieved much success in very less time. She is considered one of the best-earning players of this time. Priya Punia also possesses a good fan base on different social media accounts.

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