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Baby AB Age, Name, Height, Weight, Salary, Career

Here is the detail of Baby AB Age, Name, Height, Weight, Salary, Career, and much more. Dewald Brevis is known as Baby AB. This is because of being the son of AB De Villiers who is one of the most experienced players in international cricket. Baby AB is also a South African National cricketer. He has played under 19 matches at many locations in South Africa. He has a very amazing batting style. Baby AB has taken practice classes and batting styles from his father. He is 19 years old as of 2023. Dewald Brevis known as Baby AB has represented many teams and different leagues at the National level.

This young cricketer has registered for rupees 20 lacs as his base price. He is one of the most efficient right-handed batsmen of the young generation. He has also played in Indian Premier League. The team in which he has played is Mumbai Indian. While he was also chosen by Punjab Kings and Chennai Super Kings in the IPL auction. After that, Mumbai Indians took this cricketer for Rupees 3 crores.

Baby AB Age, Name, Height, Weight, Salary, Career

Baby AB Age:

Baby AB is 19 years old right now. His birthplace is Johannesburg where he lives with his brother and his parents. Dewald Brevis lives a very peaceful and happy life with his family. He looks very young in his teenage. It is expected that he will look more charming and handsome in the upcoming years. Many girls are attracted to him. This is all because of his nice personality and the amazing gesture he shows towards everyone.

He does not look very young and looks like a very mature person compared to his age. Right now he is playing cricket at under 19 level. He has also played many domestic matches. Baby AB is fond of cricket. This is all because of his father AB de Villiers who is a champion in international cricket. His father is known for being the best all-rounder in the South African national cricket team.

Dewald Brevis Physical Appearance:

The height of Dewald Brevis is 5 feet 10 inches. His weight is 60 kg. He looks very young and smart. The eye color of Deval Brevis is blue and his hair color is brown. His hairs suit a lot of his skin complexion. He has a great physique. Baby AB goes to the gym as well for maintaining his body. He has a great physical appearance for which he is much adored by his fans.

Career Details:

Dewald Brevis also played under 19 World Cup in 2021. This was a great opportunity for him to play at a great level. He was selected in this world cup as a great batsman. He played two matches in this world come at this time. At that time, he said to the International Cricket Council that AB de Villiers, his father is a great inspiration for him and he has learned a lot from him at a very young age. He also stated that he loves the way his father plays at all levels of cricket. He also told ICC that he has been in a good relationship with his father.

AB de Villiers taught him many batting skills that are very profitable for him in his cricket career. Dewald Brevis has a batting average of 84.33. He has scored many runs in the two matches of the World Cup 2021- 2022. He has also achieved many awards in achievement for his performance. This is all because of his amazing capabilities and batting style that he has shown to the world that he is capable of being selected at the international level. He also has shown a great response towards him to give him a chance to play at the international level.


Baby played in the Under 19 World Cup in 2021-2022. He has played only two matches. But in those two matches, he has made 506 runs. This was a great achievement made by him at this level. Before him, there was only Shikhar Dhawan who had a record of making 505 runs in the world cup of 2008. But he break his record and achieved a new milestone from his performance.

It was shown to all the cricket administration that he is a very great player. There is also scope for him to come at the international level. It is expected that the son of AB De Villiers will play in the international leagues as well. This was a great record made by him which led him to a new and great path for playing international cricket matches.

Baby AB IPL Salary:

Baby AB has an IPL salary of 3 crores INR. He has earned this amount by playing very few times in IPL. He has played for the Mumbai Indians team where he played very efficiently. Baby AB got this salary from BCCI because of his outstanding performance in the IPL matches he played. At the time of the IPL auction when he was selected by Mumbai Indians, all other teams were also fighting for him.

His IPL salary will be increased by BCCI in the future. This will be done after his more matches. ICC will depict his performance and then increase the salary according to his achievements. Right now he has not a very huge career in IPL. But also in these limited matches played by him, he is earning a good amount of income. This amount of salary is good for him to earn a good living. He lives a very comfortable and modern life with his family. He is practicing much more to get a good earning as his net worth and monthly salary.


Baby AB is the nickname of Dewald Brevis. He is a fine cricketer by profession. Baby AB is progressing much in his life to get to a good position. He has achieved many rewards and made many records at this young age also.

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