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Jemimah Rodrigues Salary, Biography, Family, Height, Weight

Here is the detail of Jemimah Rodrigues Salary, Biography, Family, Height, Weight, and much more. Jemimah Rodrigues is a cricketer. She is a very skillful cricketer. She belongs to an Indian country. Jemimah has a lot of fans globally. All of her fans are because of her amazing performances in her every match. She was born on September 5 in 2000. Apart from her performance, she is also a very beautiful and pretty lady. She is still very young and fine. Her birth place is Mumbai Maharashtra. She played a lot of cricket matches. Her performance in every single match is brilliant. She is much adored by her fans. Jemimah Rodrigues is very powerful and competent for every single player.

Every player feel fear when she played in the match. Most of the matches won by her team are just because of her. In every single match, her focus is only on her career. She wants to be a cricketer when she was very young. In her school life, she always took part in activities and sports week. In every sports week, she showed her best performance and now she is a very famous cricketer in India.

Most of her fans want to be like her in their life. She always does a lot of practice before her match. This is her work that makes her popular and now every single woman who wants to be a cricketer become like her. This is a great success for Jemimah Rodrigues.

Jemimah Rodrigues Salary, Biography, Family, Height, Weight

Jemimah Rodrigues Salary:

Jemimah Rodrigues’s BCCI salary is 30 lakh INR. She has a large amount of salary. Almost all of her salary comes from her cricket career. As we all know that she is a very famous and successful cricketer so she also has a lot of salary. Because whenever she played any match she played it with full dedication. She never missed any bowl and try to make high runs in every match. All of her coaches know that she will make them win the match. So she got a lot of salary as compared to other women cricketers of her age.

As she is very young and collecting very huge amount of money so this is very respectful to her. Her annual income is about INR 50 lakh plus. So we can easily assume how much wealthy she is. She lives a very luxurious life. She never hesitates to buy anything she wants of her choice the thing is very much expensive or not. Jemimah Rodrigues also played in IPL. Her IPL salary is INR I lakh per match. As she played so many matches of IPL and only for one match she got 1 lakh so we can easily consider that she got a lot of money through this Indian premier league.

Although she also face hard times before and now she is getting the reward of facing difficulties in her life. The domestic cricket salary of Jemimah Rodrigues is INR 20,000 per match day. Through WBBL she got INR 50 lakh which is a very good amount for her. Through this money, she is supporting her family also.


Jemimah Rodrigues has a very beautiful family. Her mother’s name is Lavita Rodrigues. She is much loved by her mother. This mother-daughter bond is never breakable. Whenever she got any awards she always mentioned her family because according to her they are the main reason for her infinite success. She always appreciates the efforts done by her family to make her a cricketer and they always support her. When she told her family about her passion they all support her choice and help her to become a cricketer. Now she became very popular but she doesn’t forget about the hard work her family does to fulfill her dream.

Jemimah Rodrigues’s father’s name is Ivan Rodriguez. Her father is always on her daughter’s side. He makes her buy all the things she wants in her life. For her, her father is the biggest supporter in her life. She always respects her father and now she is supporting him. She never disobeys her father and always listens to his advice. And after listening to all her advice now she is the most powerful cricketer in the Indian women’s team. She is a cute sister of 2 brothers whose names are Enoch and Eli. Both of her brothers love her so much.

They always make her happy and whenever she wants to do something she always told her brothers about her choice. All three of them show us a very great bond as siblings. They never taught each other and always support each other. Both of her brothers became so much happy after seeing their sister crossing the high peak of success. She has the biggest fandom as a women cricketer.

Physical Appearance:

Jemimah Rodrigues possesses a very attractive personality. She has a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Her weight is approximately 57 kg. Jemimah Rodrigues has black eyes which look very attractive and fascinating. Her hairs are black which looks silky and long. Jemimah Rodrigues has a craze for dyeing her hair in different colors like blue, brown, black, pink, and others.

Jemimah Rodrigues is 23 years old and looks amazing according to her age. She is a very young personality who has gained a huge reputation because of her cricket career.  Jemimah Rodrigues is a social media personality because she is a very popular cricketer. She keeps on posting her photos on her social media profiles which makes her more popular. It helps her in gaining attention and love from the fans. Although she has a lot of fans because of her cricket career also.


Jemimah Rodrigues is an amazing cricketer. She is considered one of the most famous women cricketers in India. Jemimah Rodrigues makes her team always proud by doing outstanding performances in every single match. She was born in 2000. Till now she is very young and looks very amazing and attractive. She is also very beautiful. She has a lot of fans worldwide.

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