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Terence Crawford Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, American Boxer

Here is the detail of Terence Crawford Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, American Boxer, and much more. Terence Crawford is a very multi-talented and skillful boxer. He has many great and brilliant skills in the boxing game. Terence Crawford is a professional boxer who has been so many skillful boxers very easily. He is also a very famous and popular professional boxer in the whole world. His boxing skills are very stunning and his skills and performances which are outstanding can’t be compared to the other boxers. This is because are very fantastic and he is very unpredictable not like the other boxes.

Terence Crawford Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, American Boxer

Date of Birh September 28, 1987
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 68 kgs
Profession American Boxer
Net Worth $10 million
Monthly Salary $75,000+
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

His moves in boxing are very unpredictable which shocks the opponent of him. This thing makes him win the matches very easily because the opponent can’t even think that he will attack like that. He has also very huge fan base not only in his own country but in the whole world. All the fans of boxing come to the stadium just to watch his match because his skills and performances are very amazing which brings enthusiasm in the fans and makes the more excited.

He always gives brilliant performances for his country. He competes in WBO. Terence Crawford was born on September 28 in the year 1987. He was born in America and he holds the nationality of America also. His monthly income is more than $75000 and his height is 5 feet 8 inches.

Terence Crawford Net Worth:

Terence Crawford also earns a very high amount of money from his net worth. He earns a lot of money as his net worth as he is a very professional and big boxer in the world. He is also one of the richest boxers in the whole world. Terence Crawford earns a total of 10 million US dollars as his net worth. He is earning that much amount of money as his net worth just because of his amazing hard work and consistent efforts. It requires a lot of hard work dedication and effort and Terence Crawford did all these things and make his network very huge which is 10 million US dollars.

He is also the most popular American professional boxer. You also is money from his monthly income and salary and his monthly income and salary is more than 75000 US Dollars. His early incoming salary is also more than 1 million US dollars. He is currently earning a very luxurious life with a very high amount of net worth which he makes by his great efforts.

Sources of Income:

Terence Crawford earns money from various sources. His main source of income is his great boxing career. But he also earns money from different brand endorsements and different advertisements in which he works. However, it is confirmed that almost all amount of money in his network comes to him from his boxing career.

He earned a lot of money by defeating great boxers. He earned a total of 6.6 million US dollars by defeating Jeff Horn and earned 4 million US dollars by defeating Kell Brook.

Terence Crawford Net Worth Growth:

The net worth of Terence Crawford is rapidly growing day by day. He is now living a very luxurious life with a very huge amount of net worth. His net worth is also increasing so much just because of his hard work and consistent efforts in his past ice hockey career. We are discussing his net worth growth from 2018 till now.

  • In the year 2018, his net worth was a total of 5 million US Dollars.
  • But then in 2019, his net worth increased by 1 million US Dollars and became 6 million US Dollars.
  • His net worth became 7 million US Dollars in 2020 because of the great efforts he made in the past.
  • His net worth in 2021 again increased by 1 million US Dollars and became 8 million US Dollars.
  • The net worth of Terence Crawford was 9 million US Dollars in 2022.
  • Currently in 2023, his net worth is 10 million US Dollars.

Physical Appearance:

Terence Crawford makes his fans look only toward him. He is so much an attractive man. His height is 5 feet 8 inches. The weight of Terence Crawford is about 68 kg. Both his height and weight make his looks more attractive. He is so much handsome man with black hair. The most prominent and beautiful feature of him is his eyes. He has black color eyes which look very pretty.

Terence Crawford also has a very good body. He tries to maintain his diet schedule so that he will be able to maintain his weight. Terence Crawford always went to the gym and did a lot of exercise. He is now 35 years old and looks very fit and young according to his age.

Terence Crawford Instagram Followers:

The total number of Instagram followers Terence Crawford has are 881K followers. His number of posts is 805. All of his followers like his posts and share their responses by commenting on specific posts. There are so many comments on his single post.

Whenever he posts at any time, the likes and comments seem to be increasing at a rapid rate. This shows their fans love him. Some people also message him on his Instagram account privately and sent him good wishes also. There are 1462 followers on his Instagram account.


Terence Crawford is famous for his fast speed counter-punching abilities. His defensive skills are also very brilliant and he is currently considered one of the elite boxers in the world. Terence Crawford nickname is Hunter. His followers always wait for him to share any post on his Instagram account about his boxing fights.

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