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Tanya Purohit Biography, Family, Hieght, Weight, Career, Age

Here is the detail of Tanya Purohit Biography, Family, Height, Weight, Career, Age, and much more. Tanya Purohit is a very famous popular actress and sports anchor. She is a multi-talented and skillful actress and sports anchor who is also very famous and popular not only in her own country within the whole world. She is an Indian actress and Indian sports anchor who has so many outstanding brilliant skills in acting and sports anchoring as well. Tanya Purohit has not only one profession but she has two professions which are sports anchoring and acting. And She is very fantastic and outstanding in both of her professions and is very famous and popular.

Tanya Purohit is very famous and popular also and has a very huge hell not only in her Indian country but in the whole world. She has made her fan very huge just because of her brilliant and extraordinary performances in acting and fantastic and mind-blowing performances in sports anchoring also. Tanya Purohit has won the hearts of many people because of her performances full of magical and extraordinary skills. She is stunning and fantabulous in both of her professions.

Tanya Purohit Biography, Family, Hieght, Weight, Career, Age

Tanya Purohit Biography:

She was born on 9th November in the year 1991 and currently, she is 32 years old. She is currently at the peak of her success in her acting and sports anchoring careers. Tanya Purohit was born in Uttarakhand located in India and her zodiac sign is Scorpio as she was born in November. She was born in India and her nationality is also Indian and her hometown is located in Srinagar. She has also educated and she is a very well educated person and has a degree also. Tanya Purohit completed her school education at a government school and took her degree from a University located in Uttarakhand which is her hometown.


If we talk about the family of this amazing and brilliant actress and sports anchor, Tanya Purohit is currently married and she is married to a news anchor. Her husband is also a news anchor and the name of her husband is Deepak Dobhal. Her husband is also very famous in popular in the whole Indian country.

If we talk about her family, her father is also a very famous and popular doctor and a very multi-talented doctor in the whole of India. He is a very respected person also. Her father is known as the most famous doctor in India and the name of her father is Doctor Purohit. Tanya Purohit’s mother is a housewife and she is not active on social media. Tanya’s mother’s name is Bina Purohit.

Physical Appearance:

Tanya Purohit is not only famous and popular in the whole Indian country because of her successful and brilliant acting and sports anchoring career and extraordinary skills. She is also very famous in popular because of her physical appearance and her personality. She is a very good-looking personality and she is also very beautiful and attractive. Her personality is very charming in attractive and she has won the hearts of many people with her beautiful personality. She loves to maintain her physical parents and focuses on her personality also.

Tanya Purohit’s height is 5 feet 6 inches and it is a very accurate height that suits her body. Her weight is currently 58 kilograms. Tanya Purohit’s eye color is black and her hair color is dark brown. Her figure measurements are 34-28-35.

Instagram Followers:

Tanya Purohit is not only famous and popular on the television screen because of her fantastic and outstanding performances and explorer skills in acting and sports anchoring. She is also very famous in popularity and very active on different social media platforms. As she is a very multi-talented and popular actress and sports anchor so she has some social media accounts.

Currently, every showbiz personality has an Instagram account, and Tania Purohit has also. She has also a lot of followers on an Instagram account and she also posts a lot of posts on her Instagram account. All of her posts are her pictures and she loves to post her pictures her pictures on her Instagram account are also liked by her fans so much.

Her fans watch her on movies and TV shows and in different sports shows and also follow her on her Instagram account. She has currently posted a total of 525 posts till now on her Instagram account. She has a total of 76.1k followers now. Her Instagram account is growing very fastly day by day and her follower are also very fastly increasing.

Tanya Purohit Career:

Tanya Purohit has been very successful in her acting and sports anchoring career. Her acting and sports anchoring careers both are very famous and full of magical performances and skills. She started her acting career in a theatre. She has done many plays for different producers and directors. After that, the whole Indian country watched her brilliant performances with outstanding skills in that plays. And then she gets offers from many big movies and TV shows. She made her debut in a very famous and popular film name Commando which was released in 2013.


Tanya Purohit’s skills and acting and sports anchoring cannot be compared to the other actresses and sports anchors because she did something else. She did both of these things very efficiently and very fastly also. The social media account on which she is most active and very famous and popular also is Instagram. The combination of her eye color and her hair color looks amazing on her face and makes her more attractive.

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