Eddie Jordan Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Nickname

Here is the detail of Eddie Jordan Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, and Nickname. Eddie Jordan is a very famous and popular former racing driver. He is famous in the whole world. He is a well-known personality and he is mostly known for his amazing talent and skills in racing. Eddie Jordan has retired now from his profession of racing but still, he is in the hearts of many people just because of his brilliant performances. Eddie Jordan is an Irish racer. He is also a very famous and multi-talented business guru. He has two professions. One is racing and the other one is business.

Eddie Jordan is the best racer in Formula 1 racing. He earned all the fame because of his successful career in Formula 1 racing. He is also the founder and the owner of the Jordan Grand Prix. He’s also the lead analyst for F1 coverage on the BBC. Eddie Jordan was born on March 30 in the year 1948. He is currently 75 years old. His birthplace of him in Dublin. His profession is a race car, driver and entrepreneur.

Eddie Jordan Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Nickname

Date of Birth Jan 29, 1955
Birthplace Washington, D.C.
Age 68 years old
Height 6 ft
Profession Basketball player, Basketball Coach
Nationality United States of America
Birth Sign Aquarius
Weight 65 kg

Eddie Jordan Net Worth:

Eddie Jordan is one of the famous businessman as well as a former car racer. But now because of his business, he has a net worth of about $650 million. This is the amount gathered from different sources including Forbes, Wikipedia, etc. He is a very well-known Irish businessman. He is very rich and earns from multiple sources. Eddie Jordan estimated net worth as of 2023 is $650 million. But it is expected to increase much in the future. His monthly salary and income is more than $3 million.

He also gets a yearly salary of more than $30 million. As of 2023, he is making a good income. This income helps him in living a modern and luxurious life. His net worth has experienced growth in the previous years as well. There are many followers of Eddie Jordan on social media pages as well. These social platforms also help him in earning a good amount of money. Eddie Jordan’s net worth is enough for him to live happily for many years.

Eddie Jordan Net Worth Growth:

The net worth of Eddie Jordan is continuously increasing. This is because his business is expanding and succeeding. Comparing his net worth in 2018, it is much increased.

  • In 2018, the net worth of Eddie Jordan was $390 million. It was also a good income. But it has increased much till now.
  • In 2019, it increased suddenly to $520 million. This was the peak time of his net worth increase.
  • Then in 2020, Eddie Jordan’s Net Worth was about $550 million. It was also a good amount of money earned by him.
  • In 2021, his net worth was increased by $30 million. So it became $580 million in 2021.
  • Then in 2022, Eddie Jordan’s net worth became $620 million.
  • Now in 2023, it is very high $650 million.

Eddie Jordan lives his life full of luxuries and comfort with the amount of money. He has many assets. He also has branded cars and a luxurious house.

Early Life:

Eddie Jordan is the nickname or short name of Edmund Patrick Jordan. He is already brilliant and a successful Formula 1 racer. He is now retired from his profession but still on the list of best drivers of Formula 1. The father of Eddie Jordan was the twin brother of a senior nun. The mother of this brilliant Formula 1 racer is the rector of the rich sisters of Charity.

His mother has also worked as an accountant for the electricity board. He was not raised in a well-settled family. When Jordan was ten months old, he developed a form of pink disease and the doctors of that area advise the family of Jordan to move from Dublin to Bray. They advised them to move to another city for fresh air.

Eddie Jordan Personal Details:

Eddie Jordan get married in 1983. His wife’s name is Marie Jordan. They have 4 children. Their names are Zoe Jordan, Miki Jordan, Zak Jordan, and Kyle Jordan. The name of his mother is Eileen Jordan. While the name of Eddie Jordan’s father is Paddy Jordan. Eddie Jordan has a sibling named Helen McCarthy. They all live together happily.

Career Details:

Eddie Jordan has a very successful career in Formula 1 racing. He is one of the most finest and multi-talented Formula 1 racers ever produced. His skills and talent and the performances in his career of Formula 1 racing are just exceptional and his performances are very stunning which everyone can’t do. He first enter the Irish Kart championship which he won in the year 1971. After 3 years, he decided to move to the formula because he believed in himself.

He was also in formula three in the year 1975. In the year 1976, Jordan was the first to sit out of the tournament because he has shattered his left leg in a crash at Mallory Park. Eddie Jordan at the end of the year 1979, was shot of money but still founded his first team. The name of his team was Eddie Jordan the team was very successful and the participants of the team were David Leslie and David Sears except Eddie.

Instagram Followers:

Eddie Jordan has a total of 15.8K followers on his Instagram profile. He is a much-followed personality. Eddie Jordan has posted 85 posts till now. There are 327 followers on his Instagram profile. Eddie Jordan is a famous BBC formula one racer. His Instagram is managed by his team. He usually posts about various car racing events and things related to his business.

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