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Tadhg Furlong Net Worth, Bio, Rugby Player, Age, Career, Weight

Here is the detail about Tadhg Furlong Net Worth, Bio, Rugby Player, Age, Career, Weight, and much more. Tadhg Furlongs is a very multi-talented and skillful Rakh de Union player whose stills in the game are just stunning and brilliant. He is also very famous in popular and his Fame and popularity can’t be compared to the other rugby players. This is because his friend is very huge not only news in the country but in the whole world and he has made his fan base very huge because of his amazing and brilliant skills. His performance in every game is just lit. Rugby Union fans from all over the world come to see his game as he always gives magical performances in the game consistently.

Tadhg Furlong Net Worth, Bio, Rugby Player, Age, Career, Weight

Date of Birth 14 November 1992
Birthplace Wexford, Ireland
Age 30 years old
Nationality Irish
Height 6 feet
Current Club Leinster
Girlfriend Aine Lacey
Net Worth $1.5 million

Currently, he is 30 years old. He is an Irish Rugby Union player. He plays for Ireland’s national team and also for Leinster in the Pro 14. His net worth is around 1.5 million US Dollars. He has so many brilliant and outstanding skills in the rugby game. His performances bring enthusiasm to the whole audience and make them more excited. He was born on 14th November in the year 1992. His birth city is Wexford which is located in Ireland. His family was living in Horsewood.

Tadhg Furlong Net Worth:

The net worth of Tadhg Furlong is also very high in the amount of money as he is a very big rugby Union player. He is earning a very big amount of money as is his net worth which is made by him through his great efforts and hard work. His net worth is currently 1.5 million US dollars and his net worth is also increasing day by day because of his great efforts. He earns a salary of around 7 lakhs US dollars from his rugby game annually.

He is earning money as his net worth from different brand endorsements and different advertisements also. But it is present in front of everyone that almost all amount of money of his net worth comes from his rugby Union career. Currently, he is living a very luxurious life with a very high amount of net worth which is also increasing day by day.

International Career:

Tadhg Furlong has been very successful in his rugby Union career. His rugby Union career is full of magical skills and performances in every game. He became part of the main squad in the rugby world cup on 29th August in the year 2015. Tadhg Furlong was selected for Ireland’s senior squad in the world cup 2015 of rugby. He succeeded in the autumn international tour. His skill and efforts proved effective and he showed everyone that he is one of the best rugby Union players in every of his international tour.

In the year 2016, on November 15, when the autumn international tour was going on, his team made a very historical victory against the New Zealand Rugby team and the reason for that victory was Tadhg Furlong. This is because he gave a very brilliant performance in that match and showed all of his skills. That match of him is currently known as the best match of him in his whole career.

Physical Appearance:

Tadhg Furlong looks good according to his age. He is 30 years old right now. He looks very modest and young according to his age. Tadhg Furlong has a height of 6 feet. He looks very tall tough and smart. His weight is 125 kg. According to his weight, he looks very fit. He has a good physique. He also does gym and exercises to maintain his body weight and physique. Many followers praise him for his beautiful personality as well.


Tadhg Furlong’s relationship status is the following. He is currently not married and living in Ireland. Tadhg Furlong’s marital status is single. He is currently not married but he is in a relationship with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is Aine Lacey who lives in the same country and the same city in which Tadhg Furlong lives. Their relationship has been very long and beautiful.

Instagram Followers:

Tadhg Furlong has 96.7K followers on his Instagram profile. He usually posts videos and photos regarding rugby games. He also posts about himself and his family. There are a total of 63 posts on his Instagram account. He has followed 537 accounts. Tadhg Furlong is a very well-known player of rugby Union. He has gained most experience while playing rugby games since his childhood. He has been associated with this game for a very long time.

Many players are known for playing professional rugby games. But Tadhg Furlong holds a great personality as well. He is much loved by his followers. There are many rugby fans. People mostly follow him because of his nice gesture and outstanding personality. His followers usually praise him for his performances in every game.


Tadhg Furlong is a man with great skills. He is a very well-known player in rugby union. Tadhg Furlong is succeeding nowadays by playing many rugby games. His international career is also very outstanding. His rugby game stats are also very fantastic. Tadhg Furlong’s followers are also increasing day by day.

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