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Paul Kariya Net Worth, Bio, Stats, Career, Awards, Achievements

Here is the detail of Paul Kariya Net Worth, Bio, Stats, Career, Awards, and Achievements. Paul Kariya is a very multi-talented and skillful ice hockey winger. Ice hockey is his favorite game and he has achieved so much success in this game. He is a very popular and famous ice hockey winger who has a net worth of around 60 million US Dollars. His amazing skills and performances made his fan base very huge in the whole world. He has won the hearts of the fans of ice hockey games.

Paul Kariya Net Worth, Bio, Stats, Career, Awards, Achievements

Paul Kariya Net Worth:

The net worth of Paul Kariya is also very high in the amount of money as he is a very legendary ice hockey winger. He has been so popular and successful in his eyes hockey career. The net worth of Paul Kariya is a very high amount of money which is made by him because of his consistent efforts and continuous hard work. Below you will get all the information about his net worth. According to various sources, we know that his net worth is a total of 60 million US Dollars. He earns a lot of money net worth and this huge net worth is proof of his amazing and brilliant performances and skills of him in the game.

The amount of money in his net worth comes from various factors like different brand endorsements and different advertisements in which he works. He also earns money as his net worth from his business which is his business. However, the almost total amount of his net worth comes to him from his great ice hockey career.

Paul Kariya Personal Life:

Paul Kariya the legendary ice hockey player was born on October 16 in the year 1974. He is currently 48 years this legendary ice hockey winger was born in Canada. His height is 5 foot 10 inches which is a very accurate height for an ice hockey game. Paul Kariya main source of income is the hockey game in which he is a winger. His skills in ice hockey game are just stunning and the fans of ice hockey game from all over the world comes to see his game.

He is one of the most experienced and greatest players on the mighty Duck’s team. The most time of his career is spent playing for the team Anaheim Mighty Ducks. He has scored almost 50 goals for this team in his he is also one of the greatest export in Canada. Further details of him will be discussed in this article.

Paul Kariya Career Earnings:

In the year 1994, he was earning an average salary of 1.6 million US dollars but then after four years, in 1998, just because of his hard work and efforts, his salary increased a lot and becomes 8.5 million US Dollars. From 2000 to 2003, he earned a massive amount of salary which is 10 million US dollars per year. During the last three seasons of his great ice hockey career, in the year 2008 to 2010, Paul Kariya and an annual salary of 6 million US dollars. In short, in his NHL career, he and a total of 82.6 million US dollars as his salary.

Paul Kariya Career Details:

Paul Kariya has been a very successful ice hockey player in his ice hockey career. His career was full of great performances and skills. His skills were stunning in his career and he has won many awards and matches with amazing performances in his career. Paul Kariya’s career was a total of 15 years period. He was mainly known for his great speed and skills and his creativity was also amazing on the game. Paul Kariya retires from his professional ice hockey career because of a reason. He was retired in the year 2010 and the reason was post-concussion syndrome. Ha has played for four different teams during his professional career. Paul Kariya is also the holder of two Olympic gold medals.

He won these two medals for his team Canada. The first gold medal was given to him in 2002 and then in the end years of his career in 2010, he won the second gold medal. These are the biggest achievements in his ice hockey career. Paul Kariya was also a seven-time NHL all-star. His career is a very successful career and his retirement brings sadness to all the fans of ice hockey games because they are never going to see their favorite player in action.

Awards and Achievements:

Paul Kariya has won many awards and honors in his ice hockey career. He has won so many big awards which are only given to the legendary players of ice hockey and is also considered among the legendary players of ice hockey. In the years 1996 and 1997, he consistently won the two same awards twice. That award was Lady Byng Trophy. This award is only given to the players for their sportsmanship and skills. As you all know that he was amazing in skills and sportsmanship so he won that award twice consistently in the year 1996 and 1997.

Paul Kariya was also named to the NHL’s first all-star team. He was named in this three times. First in the year 1996, then in 1997 and 1999. He has also named to the Second All-Star team twice in the years 2000 and 2003. Paul Kariya was also the winner of the NHL All-Star Game MVP award twice in his whole career. These awards were given to him in 1999 and 2003. All of his awards are won by him because of his great and fantabulous skills in ice hockey games.


Paul Kariya possesses so many amazing and brilliant skills in an ice hockey game. He is called an ice hockey winger. As we discussed that his net worth is 60 million US Dollars, and he is also a financially interested person who earns money from his businesses also. He has received many awards while playing for NHL. He is known as a very prominent player in ice hockey.

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