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Eden Gardens Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue

Check Eden Gardens Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue. Eden Gardens cricket stadium is considered the second largest stadium in India. It is also the third-largest stadium in the world. This Stadium has a capacity of holding 66,000 people in it. It is located in Kolkata, India, and was established in 1864. Many T20 and ODI World Cups have been held here. The stadium is also considered the headquarters of the Bengal Cricket Association. Many domestic matches are also played here apart from International matches.


Many domestic leagues are also played here. It was renovated in 1987 and then it was again renovated in 2011. After renovation, the stadium is set for all the World Cup matches with a huge number of spectators capacity. There are numerous stands in this stadium. A total of 4 stands are available in this Stadium. These stands are named after Indian national cricketers and cricket administrators. 4 more stands were created that were named after Indian soldiers who provide a great time to the Indian nation.

Eden Gardens Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue

Edens Garden Cricket Ground for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue:

The Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 matches are also going to be held here. It will be a mega tournament in which all the teams from different parts of the world will participate. The ODI World Cup 2023 venues have been decided and this Edens Cricket Ground is one of them. A total of 13 venues have been announced. All are present in India. The whole stadium is flooded with lights. Many sports are played in this stadium. Considering the cricket matches many domestic, national, and international matches have been played at this Eden’s Garden Cricket Ground. Now, this stadium is considered the venue for ODI World Cup 2023.

It is one of the best and most special stadiums for the upcoming ODI Men’s World Cup 2023 matches. It has held many domestic and international matches of the Indian Cricket Team. Many day and night matches are also hosted by this stadium. ICC has given the rights to this stadium for hosting the ODI World Cup 2023 matches. Many high-quality materials are used in the construction as well as renovation of this stadium. It is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture.

Stands In Eden Gardens:

If we talk about stands in the Eden gardens stadium in India, there were four stands on the ground in 2017. From the establishment of this ground till 2017, there were four stands in the Eden gardens cricket ground which were named after the previous Indian cricketers and cricket administrators. The two stands were named after the former cricketers of India and two were named as the cricket administrators of India. The two stands who are named formal cricketers of India are Saurav Ganguly and Pankaj Roy. Saurav Ganguly and Pankaj Roy were former Indian cricketers and Eden gardens’ stands were named after them. The other two stands which are named Indian cricket administrators are BN Dutt and jamuhan Dalmiya.

BN Dutt was also BCCI President from 1988 to 1990 and Jagmohan Dalmia was also BCCI president from 2001 to 2004. Both these two cricket administrators were BCCI presidents also at different times. On April 27, 2017, 4 more news tense were made in the Eden gardens stadium which was named Indian soldiers. These four stands were named Colonel Neelakantan Jayachandran Nair who was cola one in the Indian army, Hangpan Dada who was a havaldar, Dhan Singh Thapa who was a Lieutenant Colonel and Joginder Singh Sahnan who was a Subedar of India. These new four stands were made to increase the capacity of people in the stadium and make the stadium Bigger. And these for the new stand we named as the above given Indian soldiers.

Test Matches In Eden Gardens Stadium:

In Eden Gardens cricket stadium, a total of 41 matches were played. Eden gardens cricket stadium is capable of conducting test matches as well. And this stadium is one of the most popular test matches all 41 matches were big the teams who are facing each other in this stadium were very popular cricket teams.

ODI Matches In Eden Gardens Stadium:

If we talk about ODI matches in an advance gardens cricket stadium, a total of 30 matches were played and this cricket stadium also conducts ODI matches as well and in all these 30 matches there was a lot of audience in the stadium and all were enjoying the matches with full enthusiasm because of the beauty and advancement of this stadium.

T20I Matches In Eden Gardens Stadium:

A total of 9 matches were played in Eden gardens cricket stadium in the T20 format and all these 9 matches were international matches. The T20 format was also played on this ground and also in the T20 games which were conducted in Eden gardens cricket stadium. Some of them were matches of an ICC event and some of them were other international matches.

Records Made In Eden Gardens Stadium:

  • If we talk about records that were made in Edens Garden in test match format, the most runs scored by a player in this stadium were made by Laxman. He was an Indian cricketer and the runs which he scored 1217 runs. These are a lot of fans and till now no one can break this record in Eden Gardens cricket stadium.
  • The second-highest number of runs was also made by Indian cricketer which is Rahul Dravid and the runs he scored 962 runs.
  • The third-highest runs were made by Sachin Tendulkar also known as the legend of Cricket, in Eden gardens cricket stadium.
  • The highest wicket-taker is Harbhajan Singh who takes 46 wickets on this ground in the test format. 46 wickets are the most wickets taken by Harbhajan Singh and till now no one can break this record in Eden gardens cricket stadium.

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