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Pavel Bure Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Source of Income, Height

Here is the detail of Pavel Bure Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Source of Income, and Height. Pavel Bure is a very famous and popular ice hockey player. He is a very multi-talented and skillful player in the eye hockey game. He lived in Russia and he is a Russian ice hockey player who is very famous and popular in the whole world not only in his own country. Pavel Bure has many great skills in ice hockey games and he gave always the best performances in his ice hockey career.

He is now a retired ice hockey player but still, he is in the hearts of all the fans of ice hockey just because of his hard work and consistent efforts. His efforts proved effective and he became the best ice hockey player because of his performances. Pavel Bure was born on March 31 in the year 1971. He is currently 52 years old. He was born in Moscow.

His nationality is Russian. His nickname was The Russian Rocket because of his flash-like speed in an ice hockey game. He has amazing and fantabulous skills in this game. He has played a total of 12 seasons for Vancouver Canucks in the NHL. Pavel Bure has also played 12 seasons for Florida Panthers and New York Rangers. He was the best in all these teams. He is currently married and his spouse is Alina Khasanova he has a total of two children with his wife who is named Palina Bure and Pavel Bure Jr.

Pavel Bure Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Source of Income, Height

Pavel Bure Net Worth:

Pavel Bure has a net worth of $70 million. His net worth continuously increases because of his tremendous performance. Pavel Bure also has outstanding net worth details. This is because his net worth is continuously increasing in the past years. The main source of his income is the ice hockey field. Pavel Bure has made a big career in the ice hockey field. His net worth is enough for him to live a comfortable and luxurious life.

Career Highlights:

The professional and outstanding ice hockey player Pavel Bure has been very successful in his ice hockey career. His career is full of enthusiasm and excitement because his performances are just stunning and fantastic. He began his professional career when he was part of the Central Red Army team. His debut was made in September 1987. He was also selected 113th overall in the Vancouver Canucks in the sixth round of the NHL Draft which was held in 1989. It was a big achievement for him.

The title of Soviet National Rookie of the Year just after his first full season. Here are so many big achievements in his ice hockey career. He has also won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the league’s best rookie. He played international ice hockey games for the Soviets and Russia. Pavel Bure did a very great job for both teams.

Pavel Bure Source of Income:

He is a very brilliant ice hockey player who earns a lot of money. He earns a lot of money from his ice hockey career and various factors also. But he also has an official online store on which River earns a lot of money. His official online store is very famous on which he is making so much money and it is the main source of his income. The legendary hockey player sells many cool merchandises on his official online store.

The cool merchandise can be bought by his fans because they are specially made for his fans of him. Apart from this, a V-neck T-shirt for women is also available in this store. They are also of the same price. They are also available in multi colors. Men’s shirts are also available whose prices are very affordable for everyone.

Physical Appearance:

Pavel Bure makes his fans look only toward him. He is so such an attractive man. His height is 5 feet 10 inches. The weight of Pavel Bure is about 86kg. Both his height and weight make his looks more attractive. He is so much handsome man with light brown hair The most prominent and beautiful feature of him is his eyes. As his eyes are not black like normal people’s. He has blue eyes which are so much pretty. He also has a very good body. Pavel Bure tries to maintain his diet schedule so that he will be able to maintain his weight. He always went to the gym and did a lot of exercise.

Pavel Bure Instagram Followers:

The total number of Instagram followers Pavel Bure has are 18.2K followers. His number of posts is 107. All of his followers like his posts and share their responses by commenting on specific posts. There are so many comments on his single post. Whenever he posts at any time the likes and comments seem to be increasing at a rapid rate. This shows their fans love Oxfords. His followers always waiting for him to share any post on his Instagram account. Some people also message him on his Instagram account privately and sent him good wishes also.


Pavel Bure is very professional in playing ice hockey. Whenever he went to play a match his focus is only on his target. All his opponents have a fear of playing with him. He does a lot of hard work and practice in this field and the result is his awards which he got in different years. In 1991 he got a Calder Memorial trophy because of his outstanding performance. In 1999 he got another trophy whose name is Maurice Rochet Richard trophy. The same trophy he got again in the year 2000.

So all these are his trophies which he got because he shows his best performance in every match. He is a very good player who plays hockey. Many people love him because of his outstanding performance in every single match. His team also won many matches because of him.


Pavel Bure’s profession is ice hockey and he is the champion of this game. He also got awards for playing very well in ice hockey. His net worth is about $70 million. He is not in hockey anymore but still, he makes a lot of money because of his online store. Pavel Bure has shown tremendous performance in ice hockey sports. He was a very professional and experienced player in ice hockey.

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