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Jersey Movie Based on Which Cricketer – Arjun Talwar

Here is the detail of the Jersey Movie Based on Which Cricketer. The Jersey movie is played by Shahid Kapoor as a cricketer. In the movie, his name is Arjun Talwar. This movie got many fans following. It was based on the story of Raman Lamba who was a former Indian cricketer. Shahid Kapoor played the role of Arjun Talwar a great Indian cricketer in the movie. This movie debuted on 20th May 2022. It was first released on Netflix. Tina Nuri is the writer of the film. While Garima Wahal is the director of the movie.

Jersey Movie Based on Which Cricketer

Jersey Movie Based on Which Cricketer:

In this movie Jersey Shahid Kapoor played the role of a former cricket prodigy. He was known as one of the best batsmen in India in the past. It is based on a story in which the cricketer was never selected for the Indian National squad. This is because he had quit the game at a very young age. This was because of his health and due to some family reasons. In the following article, you will get the complete details regarding the Jersey movie and the complete cast of this movie. You will also get to know about the cricketer on which this movie is based.

Jersey Movie Summary:

This movie Jersey is a depiction of the life of a great cricketer of India Raman Lamba. Here in the movie, the character is played by Shahid Kapoor and the name is given to him Arjun Talwar. In the movie, ie Arjun Talwar is shown as a very dedicated and devoted father. He always takes his child to the cricket academy with him as well. His son always wants an India team jersey. So for that, Arjun Talwar played with full dedication to get to the national team. This was the reason in the movie that Arjun Talwar played with full dedication and then he was selected as a captain in the Indian National team. His son was much desperate for Jersey and he always insist his father get it for him.

So Arjun Talwar promises him that he will give this Jersey as a gift on his birthday. At that time Arjun Talwar takes his son to the shop for buying the Indian team jersey. But he realize that he could not afford that Jersey because of the expensive price. So he came back empty-handed and then find any other solution to give his son the birthday gift. At that time, he decided to join the Indian National team by playing very dedicatedly and with hard work. So that he could get a Jersey for his son that he could not afford at that time because of lack of money.

Jersey Movie Cast:

Following is the cast that has played the role of different characters in the Jersey movie:

  • Shahid Kapoor played the role of Arjun Talwar in the movie.
  • While the wife of Arjun Talwar, Vidya Rao Talwar is played by Mrunal Thakur.
  • Arjun Talwar’s coach role is played by Pankaj Kapoor.
  • The son of Arjun Talwar known as Ketan Talwar in the film is played by an actor known as Ronit Kamra.

All the characters have played a great role and have depicted a good image of the previous cricketer Raman Lamba. This film got much fame on Netflix when it was released in 2022.

Jersey Movie Release:

This movie Jersey was released in 2022. First, it was scheduled to be released on 28th August 2020. But then covid-19 outbreak delayed the release of this film. Then again it was finalized to be released on December 2021. It was again postponed because of the omicron pandemic in India.

After that, the release date was finalized to 14th April 2022. But then it was not released on 14th April as well. This was because of the clash between other film releases like KGF Chapter 2 and The Beast. So finally it was released on Netflix on 20th May 2022. The movie got much fame and love from people from all over India. On Netflix, it was much ranked due to outstanding performance by every character in the movie.

Arjun Talwar’s Wife and Family:

The role of Arjun Talwar’s wife is played by Mrunal Thakur in the movie. The wife of Arjun Talwar is named as Vidya. He is living very happily with his family but with some financial crisis. Arjun Talwar has also a son in this movie. In the movie, the son is named, Ketan Talwar. He is also nicknamed as Kittu. While the role of Kittu is played by Ronit Kamra who is a very fine actor.

Arjun Talwar lives with his son and his wife in a small house. The family lives a very happy life in the starting. But after the suspension of Arjun Talwar from his government position due to a food corruption controversy then they were left with no money. So it was very hard for them to cope with their daily needs. But they live very satisfactorily with each other.


The role of Arjun Talwar in the movie Jersey is played by Shahid Kapoor. Shahid Kapoor is a very fine actor who has done the role of Arjun Talwar. This movie is based on Raman Lamba who is a former Indian cricketer. The movie is the depiction of the life of Raman Lamba, an Indian cricketer. In the movie, Arjun Talwar is the main character who is living with his son Kittu and his wife.

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