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Washington Sundar Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Weight

Here is the detail of Washington Sundar Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Weight, and much more. Washington Sundar is a very famous cricketer. He is a very well-known personality in his team. Most people know about him because of his outstanding performance in every match. Talking about his cricket career then he is a left-handed batsman and right-arm off-break bowler. His team is so much lucky to have him in their team. Washington Sundar’s performance in every match is amazing whether it is played against some strong team, he always wanted to win the march. His main focus is always on trophies and when he got the trophy he felt that his hard work pays off.

He does a lot of hard work to become more and more famous. And now he Is known by people globally. His family support him so much. He is so much lucky to have a very great family. When Washington Sundar was young, he played cricket at a low level and then after some time, he was selected to play at a higher level.

He got this opportunity just because of his amazing skills. His performance showed the hard work he do behind that. Whenever he enters the stadium the crowd becomes so much happy and they want him to play amazingly. He never disappoints his family and fans and always shows them that he is the best cricketer. He doesn’t look upon who is playing with him whether he is a very popular or a strong opponent or not, Washington Sundar gave his full energy and shows him that no one is better than him. His net worth is INR 36.4 Crore.

Washington Sundar Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Weight

Washington Sundar Net Worth:

Washington Sundar earns a lot of money as his net worth. The net worth of Washington Sundar is currently very high in an amount which is INR 24 Crore. His net worth in dollars is $3 million. Washington Sundar earns a lot of money as his net worth from various factors. He is a very amazing and brilliant cricketer. This is the amount of money of Washington Sundar’s net worth which comes from his cricket career. He is a very richest cricketer. He not only earns from being a cricketer. But he also gets a lot of money in his net worth from other sources.

This $3 million is the income from all of his professions which he does. The $3 million comes into the account of Washington Sundar by being a very famous and popular richest cricketer. He earns this money in his net worth by being an amazing and powerful cricketer. As he won different matches so most of the money came from winning matches also. He is a very classy investor and his tactics and skills in investing are fantastic. Washington Sundar lives a very luxurious life. He supports his family with his net worth. His net worth shows that he lives a very comfortable life and does not need to look at prices when buying something.

Physical Appearance:

Washington Sundar is a very much fit and fine person. He is so much handsome and girls in his area love him so much. There are so many fans of him worldwide but mostly his fans are girls became they also like him because of his looks other than being a famous cricketer. He is handsome and his looks are so much attractive. His eyes are black and his hair color is also black. This black color suits him very well. He always takes care of his diet schedule because he doesn’t want to become unfit. As his career demands fitness and energy. So he ate food that gave him energy. His physique is good.

His weight is 74kg and this is good for a person like him. Talking about the height of Washington Sundar then his height is 6 feet 1 inch. This height suits him. He is a very down-to-earth person. Washington Sundar is handsome from the outside. He also has a very good heart. Washington Sundar respects people who love him and always gave them love.

Washington Sundar Age:

He came into this world on the 5th of October and the year was 1999. His birthplace was Chennai Tamil Nadu India. He loved this place and start his cricket career there so he felt that place is so much lucky for him. His nationality is Indian and he is Hindu.


Washington Sundar has a very great family. His family is the biggest supporter for him. Washington Sundar’s father’s name is M Sundar. His mother’s name is not known. Although he respects his parents a lot because they are the main reason for his unbeatable success. He has a single sister whose name is Shailaja. She is very beautiful and cute. Both of them share lovely bonding. Washington Sundar always shares all of his problems with his family. He also told in shows that his family is the biggest reason for his cricket career.

After gaining so much success he doesn’t forget the effort his parents do to make him a powerful cricketer. He loves his family a lot. He is also unmarried and does not seem to be in a relationship. Washington Sundar gave all of his time to his family. He tries his best to give some time to his family also as he is so much busy in his life. He has to play so many leagues and matches so it becomes difficult for him to give time to his family but he managed It.

Washington Sundar Salary:

Washington Sundar has an annual income of INR 10 Crore. His Ranji salary is INR 60,000 per day. This shows how much money he got from his cricket career. Vijay Hazare’s salary is INR 25,000 per day. He does not need to do anything else to get money because he got a lot of money from his career. His BCCI contract gives him INR 1 Crore.


Washington Sundar is a very famous and well-known cricketer. His net worth is about $3 million. He is a very much talented cricketer.  He is a very skillful person and always makes new records. There are so many fans of Washington Sundar all over the world. People love him and show their love by supporting him in his life.

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