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Yuvraj Singh Wife Height and How did Yuvraj and Hazel Meet?

Here is the detail of Yuvraj Singh Wife Height How Yuvraj and Hazel Meet, and much more. Hazel Keech is the wife of a very popular cricketer in India whose name is Yuvraj Singh. Talking about Hazel Keech is a very well-known personality. People know about her and love her because she is so much sweet and has a very humble personality. She was born on 28 February 1987. Her birth place is England. Her father was British and her mother was Indo-Mauritian Hindu. She is so much pretty.

There are so many fans of her also because of her attractive looks. Her speaking accent is so much cute which makes everyone falls for her. She is also a very good wife. Hazel Keech always supports her husband in every situation. Hazel Keech also came with her husband in so many shows.

Yuvraj Singh Wife Height and How did Yuvraj and Hazel Meet

Yuvraj Singh Wife Height, Weight & Physical Appearance:

Hazel Keech is also a very popular actress and model. She has a very fine body and looks amazing. Her modeling skills are so much adored by her fans. She always takes off her physique and has a very slim and smart figure. Hazel Keech always went to the gym and has a perfect diet schedule. Her height is 5ft 6 inches. She has a very good height and she suits with her husband.

Her eye color is dark brown and the hair of Hazel Keech is light brown. She has a very attractive figure. There are so many fans of her because of her beauty also. As she is British so she also looks like a foreign personality. She is so much pretty. Her pretty looks also make everyone a fan of her. Her accent is also very great.

How did Yuvraj and Hazel Meet?

This couple is very highlighted in the couples of their time. As both of them are so much loved by people. People all over the world adore this couple and they want them to be with each other forever. They both have an amazing love story. So many people are interested to know about how they both met each other and fall in love with each other. So, this couple met on Facebook. They both unexpectedly found each other. Then they talk to each other for a very long time and after that, they both decided to get married.

Yuvraj loved her so much and wants to be with her in his life. So he wanted her to be married to him. Then Yuvraj proposed to Hazel Keech and of course, she said yes because she also fell in love with Yuvraj. Then this adorable couple got married on 30 December 2016. Now both of them are living a very happy life. There is no problem in their life as both of them respect each other a lot. Hazel always supports her husband. She also goes with him to every place where Yuvraj goes. As Yuvraj is a famous cricketer so he doesn’t have enough time for his family but he always gives a lot of time to his wife.

Hazel Keech Instagram followers:

Hazel Keech has 753K Instagram followers. She gains so much love from her fans. Although she has also a lot of fans because of her husband who is a very popular personality. Hazel Keech has 1387 followers on her Instagram account. She shares 653 posts on her account. All of her posts are liked by her followers. They always share their opinion towards her by commenting on her different posts. Whenever she shares any post on her account there are so many likes and comments on her posts in a very little period. This makes her so much happy. She has also a lot of fans other than her Instagram account.

There are so many people worldwide who know about her and love her. There the specific reason for her very much popularity is that she is so kind and humble. Although she is the wife of a cricketer she never showed attitude towards her fans and talked to them nicely. She also responds to some of the comments on her account as she can’t reply to every comment. People send her good wishes on her account through comments.

Hazel Keech Career:

Hazel Keech is very much talented. When she was very young and her age was 3 years, she started performing on stage. This shows how much passionate she is about her career. She knows a lot of dance including Indian dance, British dance, and Western also. She is a multi-talented girl with beauty. When she was 18 she came to India and after seeing her fitness level and prettiest features several modeling offers were received by her. So she decided to stay in India to make her career.  Then her success level started and she got a lot of movies.

She also works in very famous movies like harry potter and philosopher stones, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban. She was also seen in different Bollywood movies. Her acting in all of them is brilliant and after that, her fan following shows a rapid rate of rise. Hezal success level is at its peak and she got a lot of offers for movies and modeling shows. Her talent is not limited to modeling and acting she also joined Bollywood musical London Dreams.

Hazel was also become famous after doing item songs. Her performance in every song is amazing. People all over the world like her so much.


Yuvraj Singh is a great cricketer and has a beautiful wife named Hazel Keech. She has beauty and talent. She is a very much talented person. Hazel and Yuvraj met on Facebook and after dating they got married. Both are living very happy life also.

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