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How to Become a Cricketer Without Academy?

Here is the detail of How to Become a Cricketer Without Academy? Cricket is a very interesting game. It took much courage and practice to become a professional cricketer in this world. Many professional cricketers are well-experienced in their fields. But to become you have to start from scratch. Here in this article, we will discuss the technique and practices that are required for becoming a cricketer without an academy. Different academies in the world offer good cricket practice training. These are the academies from which professional cricketers have gained a high reputation.

But in this article, we will explain some of the tips that are necessary to become a cricketer without joining any Academy. This is because many people can’t afford to join any academy due to financial reasons. So for them, this article is providing great techniques and practices that you must adopt at home to become a good cricketer.

How to Become a Cricketer Without Academy

How to Become a Cricketer Without Academy?

There are different ways to become a professional cricketer without joining any Academy. Following are different practices to start at your home. It will require very less equipment and fewer arrangements to start your practice at home. You will just initially need one bat, one ball, and a good place to play cricket at your home. So following are some of the considerations that you must opt for to become a good cricketer at home without joining any academy.

Wrap the Ball in a Cloth:

The first step in preparing for cricket at your home is to purchase one bat and a ball. Then arrange any cloth in which you have to wrap the ball. The clothes can be any piece including the piece of your wrapping sheet or a curtain. After that wrap the ball in the clothing sheet and start knocking it daily in different directions. This will help you in getting effective training in hitting different types of shots. This is one of the initial ways of practicing cricket at your home. It does not require any academy or major practice. Rather you have to do it daily. Don’t skip otherwise you will lose your consistency in training.

Mirror Practice:

The mirror practice is also one of the innovative ways and initial ways of practicing cricket at your home. You have to keep a mirror in front of you. Stand at some distance from the mirror. Then take a bat and you have to assume that the ball is coming towards you in different directions. Here you can easily practice by making different shots in an assumption. You will be able to make your bat straight by mirror practice. The mirror cricket practice is a great way to enhance your batting experience. It also increases batting styles and makes a prominent and permanent batting style for any player. This can also lead to a great strategy and where to learn cricket without going to any Academy.

Shadow Practicing:

Shadow practicing does not require any equipment. It does not even require any bat. There is only a requirement of sunlight in which a person sees his shadow and makes many shots and hand actions. The players who are practicing through shadow practice have to see their shadows in sunlight and perform different hand actions. It can easily be done in an open area without any interaction with the people. Sunlight is the main requirement for any player to do shadow practice.

It does not require any investment or much money to start practice. It can be done in the backyards or courtyards of your home. Also, it can be done on the roof of your house. This practice is widely used in different areas of the world. In the past times it does not require joining any academy but it can improve your cricket skills as well.

State Cricket Practicing:

The beginners can also start their careers by taking part in State Cricket matches. After playing in the district cricket matches, you can also apply at the state level. The players who are good at the district level are automatically promoted to the state level.

There is no necessity for any trial at that time. Those players who take part in State Cricket get an opportunity of understanding and practice much in their cricket. They also can increase their career performance and experience through this state cricket. From the State Cricket, the head of the cricket boards of every country can select the players of their choice who are outstanding in their performance at the national level.

Join School Cricket Team:

It is also an effective way to become a cricketer without any Academy to join your school cricket team. It can be your college cricket team as well from where you can get good practice and good training. Any local Community Centre can also be included in this where you can go and play cricket in a very convenient manner. It can help you in getting more techniques and tips for cricket playing.

It will also help you in practice easily. This is very important for every cricketer especially for beginners to practice daily. Skipping any day can result in negative effects while practicing cricket. So there are many different options to choose from for a cricketer if you don’t have any financial revenue to go to a highly reputable academy.


There are many options discussed above practicing cricket at home without joining any Academy. These all are the least investment options to do at home.

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