Deepak Chahar Net Worth, Wiki, Cricket Profile, IPL Stats, Assets

Here is the detail of Deepak Chahar Net Worth, Wiki, Cricket Profile, IPL Stats, Assets, and much more. Deepak Chahar is an International cricketer and he plays for the Indian cricket team. He was born on 7th August 1992 in Agra, India. He is a right-arm middle-order bowler and a very tough bowler for batsmen. Deepak Chahar is a middle-order batsman in his team. He is a young-aged cricketer. He is said to become very popular in the future.

Deepak Chahar was born in Agra, India. He is an Indian cricketer who already has played for teams such as the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. Deepak Chahar has taken the attention of many Indian cricket fans through his outstanding performances in IPL. He earns a good income through his experienced cricket career.

Deepak Chahar Net Worth, Wiki, Cricket Profile, IPL Stats, Assets

Deepak Chahar Net Worth:

Deepak Chahar’s net worth is high. His net worth is approximately 8 million USD. Cricket is the main thing through which he earns most of his wealth. Apart from cricket, there are many businesses and IPL contracts through which he earns a passive income. He is a very respected and followed player now. A huge amount of money is also earned by him by playing many national and international matches. He is also a very great player in the Indian Premier League. Through IPL, all the players earn a lot. He has become a brand. Many different brands are also endorsed by him which helps him in making massive money.

His monthly salary is more than 1 crore rupees. He earns a lot of money and also spends it on various charities and by giving funds to the organizations. Deepak Chahar earns 14 crores INR from IPL only. His main source of income can be IPL. He is considered an honored cricketer in the world. Deepak Chahar has beautiful and expensive cars, bikes, and houses. He is a very talented and hard-working player. He has a huge amount of net worth because of his dedication to cricket.

Deepak Chahar T20 International Career Details:

Deepak Chahar has also been playing in T20 International for his team. He is a very good T20 International bowler. He has been playing T20 International from 2018 till now. Deepak Chahar has played 25 matches in his T20 career yet. International cricketer Deepak Chahar has taken 31 wickets in his all T20 matches yet which is very amazing for his team and him also.

His economic rate is 8.30. Deepak Chahar possesses an average of 24.1 in his T20 International Career. His stats in his T20 career are very good and shows us that he is a very good and tough bowler.

Deepak Chahar One Day International Details:

Deepak Chahar has been playing one-day international cricket for his team from 2018 to 2022. His stats in one-day international cricket are also very good and helpful for his team in one-day international matches. He has played a total of 13 matches in his ODI career.

Deepak Chahar was the captain of the Indian ODI cricket team as well. He has taken 16 wickets in his ODI career. His economy rate is 5.75 in all ODI matches. He is a very good One Day International bowler.

Deepak Chahar IPL Career Details:

He is an International cricketer. He plays for Indian cricket team. But he also plays for the Indian Premier League. He has much demand in IPL and is a highly paid cricketer in the Indian Premier League. Every team in IPL wants to take Deepak Chahar in their team. He has been playing IPL from 2016 till now.

He has played 73 matches in IPL and taken 72 wickets in his IPL career. His economy rate in his IPL career is 7.92 and he possesses an average of 28.0 in his IPL career.

Deepak Chahar Assets:

Deepak Chahar has a beautiful car collection and also lives in a luxurious house. He is one of the highest-paid cricketers in the Indian cricket team. There are different properties and investments also that are owned by Deepak Chahar.

He is a great social media personality. He is highly followed on various social media accounts as well. Deepak Chahar also earns a great amount of income from his social media handles.

Deepak Chahar Car Collection:

He has beautiful cars that are also very luxurious. He is not that big a fan of cars. His collection of cars is small but he possesses highly branded cars. Following is the car collection of Deepak Chahar:

  • Mercedes SUV

Deepak Chahar House:

He is the owner of a luxurious house. Deepak Chahar possesses a designer house located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. He also has many real estate properties owned by him.


Deepak Chahar is an exceptional bowler from the Indian cricket team. He plays for the Chennai Super Kings as well. His net worth is about $8 million which is going to increase in the future. He earns from his social media accounts and brand endorsements also which benefits him very much.

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