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List of Cricketers Who Smoke

This article will tell a complete List of Cricketers Who Smoke. Smoking is one of the deadliest habits for people all over the world. It has been stated by the World Health Organization that tobacco smoking kills millions of people worldwide every year. There is a large proportion of people who die only because of lung cancer which is caused mainly due to smoke. Nowadays people use tobacco smoke to relieve themselves from stress or any social situations.

There are many cricketers as well who smoke on a daily basis or on an eventual basis. People from different areas of sports including tennis, basketball, and other players are using tobacco, and nicotine and enjoying it very casually. Following are some popular cricketers who smoke and it is causing very damage to their health.

List of Cricketers Who Smoke

List of Cricketers Who Smoke:

Sir Ian Botham:

Sir Ian Botham is a legendary all-rounder cricketer who has made his career very high. He had been playing cricket from the age of 18 years. Ian Botham had a great interest in playing cricket. He has shown many exceptional performances in different formats of matches. Sir Ian Botham was associated with different formats of cricket including ODI, T20, and test matches. He is one of the best names in professional cricket. Sir Ian Botham is known as a big smoker in many areas. He has not disclosed that from where he has got this habit. This habit is one of the worst habits.

He was also caught smoking in which he was suspended for 63 days. He has said in an interview in 1986 about this suspension. Due to cigarette smoking, he was caught smoking Cannabis. Now he is retired from cricket and is now available as a great commentator. He is also shown taking cigars in different events and tournaments.

Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle is one of the most famous cricketers in the world. He started playing cricket at the age of 19. He made his debut in 1998. Chris Gayle is known as an aggressive batsman from the West Indies team. He has achieved a good ranking in international cricket through his high performance and outstanding dedication to cricket. Gayle has played many domestic, national, and international matches as well. Chris Gayle has been seen smoking at various events.

Whether he is playing a match or not he has been seen smoking tobacco many times. This is one of the deadliest habits one can have. He is very fun-loving and goes to many parties and clubs as well. The parties can be official cricket parties or other family events. But at different parties and gathering he has been seen smoking which is very harmful for his health.

Aaron Finch:

He is also one of the highest-paid cricketers from the Australian Cricket team. Aoran Finch has captained the team for many matches. He is a very active athlete and a great sportsman. He has achieved a good ranking in different format matches. But especially in T20 International Cricket, he has made a very high name. Aaron Finch has been spotted smoking many times.

He does smoking in public as well as in his room. This is a very bad habit that must be eradicated from his life. This is because it is causing a very ill effect on his health. Aoran Finch is much famous in the world because of his outstanding dedication and performance in cricket. But apart from his outstanding performance, he has a bad habit of smoking which should be avoided.

Tom Curran:

Tom Curran is a player in T20, Test, as well as ODI format, matches. He is a great domestic cricketer and now he has become an international cricketer as well. He has made many records in the T20 International cricket. Tom Curran is a right-arm fast bowler. He has a great bowling style. He also debuted in 2017.

Tom Curran has been spotted smoking tobacco or vaping on multiple occasions. He has been captured in the camera smoking during any celebration. He is even spotted drinking beers at different parties and events. Many people love him and adore him but some people don’t like his smoking habit. This is all because it is very injurious to health.

Hardik Pandya:

Hardik Pandya has also smoked many times. He is one of the finest players of the Indian National Cricket Team. He is a right-handed batsman and also has an outstanding medium bowling style. Hardik Pandya is known for playing National and international matches with full dedication. He is also one of the prominent names in the Indian Premier League. Apart from this fame and popularity, he does not step back from smoking in public.

Hardik Pandya has been seen many times smoking in public areas as well as in the stadiums. During any match, Hardik Pandya is seen many times partying with friends. During the party, he usually enjoys smoking and liquor. There are many ill effects of smoking on the health of athletes. So cricket players must stay away from these types of activities.


Smoking is known to cause lung cancer which is the very deadliest disease. Smoking should be avoided by people of every age. Especially the athlete and people who are famous the public must avoid smoking. It can cause very dangerous health effects. Smoking is very harmful so the cricketers who smoke should avoid it for the betterment of their health.

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