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Dinesh Karthik Spouse, Name, Age, Career, Family, How They Met

Here is the detail of Dinesh Karthik Spouse, Name, Age, Career, Family, How They Met, and much more. Dipika Pallikal is a very famous in popular squash player. She is a very multi-talented and skillful is caused player who is also the wife of a very famous in popular Indian international cricketer Dinesh Kartik. Dinesh Kartik is a very famous popular and very skillful Indian international cricketer and she is his wife of him. She is also a very famous and popular squash player.

She has so many outstanding brilliant skills which amaze everyone who watches her in squash games. Dipika Pallikal is a very brilliant and fascinating squash player whose skills in the squash game are very extraordinary and stunning. Her skills and her talent in the squash game cannot be compared to the other is cost players because she something else who always performs very well in her every game of squash with full of magical skills also.

She is also very famous and popular and has a very hued fan base not only in her own country but in the whole world. Dipika Pallikal has made friends very huge in the whole world because of her outstanding performance and consistency full of magical and outstanding skills. She has won the hearts of many people because of her performances and the fans of squash game became the fans of her by watching her doing so well consistently. All this same and popularity gained by her because of her hard work and afford which she has done in her career.

Dinesh Karthik Spouse, Name, Age, Career, Family, How They Met

Early Life:

Dipika Pallikal was born on 21st September in the year 1991 and currently, she is 31 years old but still she is at the peak of her success in her career. She was born in Chennai which is located in India and her nationality is also Indian. Her height is 171 cm and her weight is 69 kg. She and a network of 3 million US dollars. She is also a very well-educated person and she has completed her degree of BA in English and has currently two siblings. One of her siblings is her sister and she has no brother.

Dinesh Karthik Spouse:

Dinesh Karthik’s Spouse’s name is Dipika Pallikal, she is a very beautiful and attractive lady. Dipika Pallikal is also very famous due to her husband because he is a popular international cricketer. Dinesh Karthik is a very multi-talented and skillful international cricketer who plays for the Indian international cricket team. He is also a commentator but he commentates only a few times. Dinesh Karthik has so many outstanding and brilliant skills in the cricket game and he is a batsman in the Indian international cricket team. He plays play in the Indian Premier League in domestic cricket in which he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Currently, he is 38 years old and his International Cricket career is going to end very soon. But he already said that he will appear in domestic cricket for a few years more. He has also a very huge fan base in the whole world which he has made through his brilliant performances of magical and extraordinary skills consistently in his cricket career. Dinesh Karthik is a very important part of the Indian international cricket team who has helped his team so many times to make his team win the matches. He was married to Deepika Pallikal in 2015.

How They Met:

Dipika Pallikal is the wife of a very famous and popular cricketer who is Dinesh Karthik. They both first met each other in a gym. When both are in a gym they met each other and at that time they don’t know each other completely. From that time they begin to meet each other again and again but their first meeting was at a marathon event.

They decided to increase their interaction and become close to each other. Both wanted to marry each other and when they made in a gym after a few months their relationship between a very close relationship. They kept their relationship private and hidden from everyone’s eyes but when they both marry each other they revealed their whole relationship before their marriage. Now both are living a very happy and enjoyable life.

Marriage and Children:

Dipika Pallikal was married to Dinesh Karthik in the year 2015 and in August. Currently, they had two babies and both are twins. There both babies are their sons and they were born in October 2021.

Instagram Followers:

Dipika Pallikal is not only famous and popular because of her successful and brilliant squash career which is full of magical skills on the television screens. But she is also very famous and popular on different social media platforms. She is available and active on different social media platforms on which she has a very huge fan base also. Currently, every celebrity has some social media accounts to make their fan base huge and to earn money also.

Dipika Pallikal is also one who has a social media platform and she also and the lot of money from different social media platforms on which she is active. The social media platform on which she is most active and most popular also is Instagram.

She has an Instagram account and her Instagram account is also verified. Her fans who watch her on the television screen doing so well in the squash game also follow her on her Instagram account. She also posts a lot of posts on her Instagram account which is loved by her fans also. All of her posts are her pictures and some of her posts are also with her husband and her children and all of her posts are loved by her fans too much.

She also makes a lot of money from my Instagram account. She has also got a lot of followers on her Instagram account which is 543k followers and is not easy to gain. Dipika Pallikal has currently posted a total of 645 posts on her Instagram account.


Deepika Pallikal has also had a lot of awards. She is a very successful person in her life and a very famous popular personality also. The main awards that she achieved and are many famous in popular in the whole world are her Arjuna Award and Padma Shri Award. She got her Arjuna award in 2012 and the Padma Shri award in 2014.


Dipika Pallikal is the spouse of Dinesh Karthik. He is a great batsman and his wife is a great squash player. Dipika Pallikal has many followers on her Instagram account. They both live a great life together.

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