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Shabir Noori Cricketer Net Worth, Bio, Cricket Career, Age

Here is the detail of Shabir Noori Cricketer Net Worth, Bio, Cricket Career, Age, and much more. Shabir Noori is a very hard-working cricketer. He is a very well-known personality. He got so much fame just because of his high skills which he showed during every single match. Whenever Shabir Noori played any single match, his performance showed his efforts behind his amazing shots. His main focus is always to get a trophy and win the match. When he was very young he played cricket matches with his friends and then after huge support from his family, he can auditions. And he was selected and now he is a very well-known personality all over the world. He is a very prominent figure in the media because his every shot shocked people and they are not able to stop themselves from being fans of him.

When he entered in stadium everyone on the ground started shouting for him this make him very happy and he tried his best to never disappoint his fans. All of his fans always want to meet him. Shabir Noori always mentioned that he is now at his peak of success just because of the efforts of his family and also because of his never-ending hard work. He is very much dedicated to his career. As he is so much passionate to become a cricketer and now he is a very much popular cricketer in Afghanistan. His full name is Shabir Ahmed Noori.

Shabir Noori Cricketer Net Worth, Bio, Cricket Career, Age

Sabbir Noori Cricketer Early Life:

He was born on 23rd February 1992.  He looks very young compared to his age. His physique shows how much he takes care of his fitness. He never wants to miss any match just because of his bad health. He always maintains his fitness level and went to the gym and does work all day. Noori always focuses on his diet schedule also.

Talking about his cricketer career he is a right-handed batsman and right-arm off-break bowler. Every player becomes a fraud of Shabir Noori because he is a very much powerful opponent for every team. His focus is to make a high amount of runs or to take a large amount of wickets. He makes a lot of records till now also.

Shabir Noori Cricketer Net Worth:

Shabir Noori has a total of $5 million as his net worth. His net worth has a large amount of rise as compared to previous years. As he is a very famous cricketer so he got all of his net worth just because of his cricket career. From a young age, he wants to be a cricketer and now he is getting a large amount of money because of his passion. Shabir Noori lives a very luxurious life. But there is so much hard work behind this success.

So we can’t say that he got so much money without any hard work. He lives a very hard life and now he is getting the reward for his hard work. He is now a very successful cricketer. Shabir Noori lives in his own house as he has a good amount of money to purchase his own house.

Career Stats:

Shabir Noori joined the Afghanistan team in 2010. He proved to be so much lucky for Afghanistan. He is a very good player in his team from the very first day. He showed all of the people that he is also an outstanding player. His coaches and captain always feel proud of him. They felt that they are so blessed to have Shabir Noori in the team squad of the Afghanistan team. Afghanistan’s team become more powerful after the entrance of Shabir Noori.

In ODI, Shabir Noori played a total of 10 matches and scored 191 runs in all of these matches. His performance in every match left everyone in surprise. He played only 1 match of the T20I and scored 15 runs in that match. His top score in ODI matches is 94 which is a very great score.  His batting average ja 19.10 in ODI and 15.00 in T20I.

Shabir Noori Followers:

Shabir Noori as we all know is a very well-known star. He has so many fans all over the world. All of his fans badly want to meet him. They dream to meet with Shabir Noori. Shabir Noori also respects his fans a lot. Whenever any fan came to meet him he greet them with full love and respect. He is a very down-to-earth celebrity.

He does not show an attitude toward his fans and this causes es increase in his fan following. His fan following as compared to previous years shows so much increase. In the stadium, every single person cheers for him and this makes him more confident.

Instagram Account:

Shabir Noori also has an Instagram account. He has 24.6K followers on his Instagram account. As these are not only his fan because there are so many fans of him who love him and shows their love by sending him very good wishes. Many people in the world don’t use Instagram but they are fans of Shabir Noori. All of his followers like all his posts. Shabir Noori feels so much lucky to have followers like a family. He liked that when he saw so many likes and comments on his posts.

Till now there are 136 posts on his Instagram account. His all followers waited impatiently for him to post any picture or video of him. They want to know what he is doing at every single moment. Whenever he posts any picture he got likes in very little time and his followers are also increasing day by day. When he make his account he got so many followers very fast as a cricketer. He follows 100 people on Instagram also.


Shabir Noori is an Afghan cricketer. He is very much a powerful competition for every team. He is also a very much well-known personality with him number of fans worldwide. Shabir Noori has $5 million as his net worth. He lives a very luxurious life. He played every match with his best efforts.

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