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Beth Mooney Net Worth, Salary, Monthly, Yearly Income, House

Here is Beth Mooney Net Worth, Salary, Monthly, Yearly Income, Cricket Australia Salary, and House. Beth Mooney was born on 14th January 1994. She was born in Satan which is located in Victoria. Her mother’s name is Pauline Mooney. The father of Beth Mooney is Chris Mooney. Beth Mooney has also a brother and sister. Her brother’s name is Tom while her sister’s name is Gabriel. When Beth Mooney was 10 years old, she moved to the Queen’s land City and completed her education at Xavier Catholic college. This college is located in Queensland in Australia.

Beth Mooney also played football and tennis in her childhood. She rules football in Australia when she was a child. She was also quite good at tennis. When she was 8 years old, she was invited by the owner of Keala lakes cricket club to play for them. Kayla lake’s cricket club was the opening of the successful cricket career of Beth Mooney. Beth Mooney had also the habit of cycling and she was very good at cycling. She used to wake up early in the morning and cycle with her father in the streets of Queensland.

Beth Mooney is 28 years old wicketkeeper-batsman. Beth Mooney serves her team by performing wicketkeeping and amazing batting also. Beth Mooney is mostly known for her drives and elegant shots. Beth Mooney is a very brilliant batsman and her wicketkeeping skills are also fantastic. She is also considered the quick mover behind the wicket in women’s cricket.

Beth Mooney Net Worth, Salary, Monthly, Yearly Income, House

Beth Mooney Net Worth:

The net worth of Beth Mooney is approximately 2 million US Dollars in 2022. Beth Mooney has earned so much popularity due to her fame and cricket experience. But Beth Mooney earns a lot of money and her net worth is increasing every year because of her performance and popularity. Beth Mooney has shown her full efforts and proved to everyone that she can be the best. The Australian women’s cricketer Beth Mooney is consistently playing very well for the last 3 to 4 years.

Beth Mooney net worth is sufficient and keeps on increasing day by day. As her net worth depends on her social media channels as well, so her social media profile keeps on increasing day by day. This is why her net worth also keeps on increasing. It is a great benefit for her because this era is the era of the Internet and social media. The young generation is more attracted to his YouTube videos. She is much followed by young people.

Following are the full details of her net worth:

Monthly Income:

Death money earns 20 to 30 lakh Indian rupees every month. Beth Mooney makes a lot of money every month due to her cricket career and fantabulous skills.

Annual Income:

The annual income of Beth Mooney is approximately above 3 crores of Indian rupees. Beth Mooney earns so much money just because of her cricket career and she makes this kind of money through her hard work and great skills. Death money earns these 3 crores rupees in the whole year and it is considered in the list of the highest net worth of women cricketers.

Cricket Australia Salary:

Death money please for the Australian Cricket team and she earns 2 lakh dollars from the Australian Cricket team. She also has her own country which is 2 lakh rupees.

Beth Mooney Brand Endorsements:

Beth Mooney earns a huge amount of income from different brand endorsements. She has endorsed many brands through which she earns a good amount of money. These are well-known international brands that are endorsed by her.

Following are the Beth Mooney Brand Endorsements:

  • Gray Nicolls – It is a cricket equipment and clothing company in England.
  • Nike Inc. – It is a multinational sports equipment and clothing brand in America.
  • City Cave Australia and New Zealand – This is a company providing a range of wellness and health centers. The headquarters of this brand is in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Fitstop Chermside – This is a well-known gym that offers various fitness packages and opportunities.

Beth Mooney Assets:

Beth Mooney has a beautiful car collection and she also lives in a luxurious house. She is one of the highest-paid cricketers internationally. There are different properties and investments also that are owned by Beth Mooney. She has a huge fan following on various social media platforms because of her amazing cricket skills. She is highly followed on various social media accounts as well. Beth Mooney also earns a great amount of income from her social media handles.

Beth Mooney Car Collection:

Beth Mooney has beautiful cars that are also very luxurious. She is not that big a fan of cars. Her collection of cars is small but she possesses highly branded cars.

Beth Mooney House:

She lives in a luxurious house with her boyfriend. They live in Brisbane. Her boyfriend’s name is Ethan. Both of them live together happily. The house is very beautiful and located in Brisbane. She also has many real estate properties owned by her.

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