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Meg Lanning Net Worth, Salary, Career Stats, Cricket Ranking

Here is Meg Lanning Net Worth, Salary, Career Stats, and Cricket Ranking. Meg Lanning is an Australian cricketer and her full name is Meghann Moira Lanning. She is the captain of the national women’s team of Australia. As a captain, she is the best captain and the team squad loves to play under her captainship. She advises all the players of the Australian Cricket team to play well and tells them the best moves to win the matches and to make records which is her best quality. She captains the Australian women’s cricket team very well and under her captaincy, this women’s team plays very well. This is because she tells them what is wrong and what is right. Meg Lanning was born on 25 March 1992 and her age is 30. At this age, she played very well. She was born in Singapore.

Meg Lanning Net Worth, Salary, Career Stats, Cricket Ranking

Meg Lanning Net Worth:

If we talk about Meg Lanning’s net worth, then she earns approximately 3 million dollars. In Indian rupees, she earns approximately 24 crores INR. Talking about her monthly income, then Indian rupees 30 lac to 50 lac monthly and Indian rupees 5 crores above as annual income. She earns so much and the sources with the help of which she earns this large amount of money are cricket advertisements etc.

In cricket due to her hard work, she plays very well and this is the hard work that makes her win every match she played. Meg Lanning makes many records and wants to be the man of the match and get other titles. Due to all these titles, she earns money or prizes.

Meg Lanning Salary:

If we talk about her salary as a cricketer for the Australian Cricket team when she earns $200,000. Her women’s big bash league salary is $1,000,000 or above. So she is a very well-established cricketer because she earns a lot of money not only in cricket but also does advertisements and gets money which makes her wealthy.

Meg Lanning Followers:

She has a lot of fans due to her cricket skills. Also, her nature is so sweet which makes everyone who meets her a fan. 94.9K are followers on her Instagram account and this shows that a lot of people love her personality. She has posted 113 posts that are related to her life also.

So with the help of these posts, people know a lot about her, and these posts make her fans happy when they see her. 211 are the following on her Instagram. These are the accounts that she follows and she wants to look at these accounts by following them.

Meg Lanning International Cricket Details:

If we talk about her batting or bowling style, then she is a right-handed batsman and right-arm medium bowler while her role is of a batsman. When she is present in the team squad of the Australian Cricket team world Cups which is a very big achievement. Also, she plays a very important role in this world cup. In those two world cups in which the Australian Cricket team won, she played outstanding and show the world that she is the best cricketer of the Australian Cricket team. Four ICC women’s world T20 titles have been won when she is a member of the Australian Cricket team. This is a very big achievement for her because whenever she is the part of Australian Cricket team, the team always won the matches with the help of her and also the other team’s squad.

Among all of them, she has a lot of fans because of her hard work and she treated all her fans very well and never disappoint them with her performance. So total matches won by the Australian Cricket team when she is a member are 6 successful world championship campaigns also. In every match, she tries to play very well and all her opponent teams become afraid when she comes and starts playing. All her opponents don’t want to play with her because she is the best player on the Australian Cricket team. She proves this through her performance in different matches.

Captain of Australia Women Cricket Team:

By looking at her behavior as a captain of the Australian Cricket team, the head decided to make her captain in other leaks also. She is also the captain of Victoria in the women’s National Cricket League and the team’s squad Victoria’s team is satisfied with her and they like her personality also. In the women’s Big Bash League, she is the captain of Melbourne Stars. She also holds the record for most women’s One Day international century and she is the first Australian to score T20 international runs. These runs are very good and she is the first in her team who make such a large number of runs.

Meg Lanning Career Stats:

If we talk about the total number of matches she played as a player of the Australian Cricket team then she played 6 test matches while present in the team squad of the Australian women’s cricket team. In these 6 matches, she scored 345 very amazing runs.

  • Talking about her ODI matches, she played 100 ODI matches and scored 4463 runs. All the other members appreciate her making these very good runs.
  • In T20 international matches, she played 150 matches and scored 3007 runs. These runs are fabulous and she got so many prizes as the best player or player of the match in different matches of the T20 international.
  • She played 78 women’s Big Bash League matches and score 2725 runs. This is all her career stats and she is the best player till now on the Australian Cricket team. The team is very lucky to have her in their team squad. Also, other players in the team squad are so lucky to have her as their captain.

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