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Who has Scored the Most Centuries in T20 International Matches?

Here is the detail of Who has Scored the Most Centuries in T20 International Matches? Many players have achieved much in their cricket careers. Among all the international players who have played different format matches, Rohit Sharma is one of the most successful cricketers. He is the record holder of most T20 centuries in his cricket career. Rohit Sharma can score 4 centuries in his T20 cricket career history. It comprises 148 matches in which he has scored this amount. He has played a total of 140 innings in which he has made 4 centuries. This is the highest amount of centuries that is made by any player at international level.

There are other players as well of different countries that have scored centuries in T20 cricket. But the most centuries record is made by Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma is an exceptional player from the Indian National Cricket Team. He is an outstanding all-rounder with amazing batting and bowling skills. He is known as a professional and experienced batsman. Here all the details regarding the T20 career and T20 centuries of Rohit Sharma are described below.

Who has Scored the Most Centuries in T20 International Matches

Who has Scored the Most Centuries in T20 International Matches?

Rohit Sharma is one of the finest players in the cricket history. He has played all the format matches including the test, ODI and the T20 International Cricket matches. Considering only T20 cricket, he is considered the top player who has recorded the most T20 centuries. A total of 4 centuries have been made by him with a good batting average. All the centuries have been made by him in 148 matches. In all these matches he has scored a total of 3853 runs.

Rohit Sharma has always been a very dedicated and experienced player. He is always hard working for his team. Rohit Sharma always bats very well and he has a good batting average in the T20 matches. He has an average of 31.32. This is a good average from his side because of his hard work and outstanding performance.

Rohit Sharma T20 Centuries:

Rohit Sharma has scored a total of 4 T20 international centuries. He has played a total of 148 T20 International matches up till now. Rohit Sharma possesses a very experienced career in t20 format cricket. A total of 140 innings have been played by him. 3853 runs are made by Rohit Sharma. So these 4 T20 international centuries are due to his outstanding performances due to which he is a record holder.

First Century:

The first century by Rohit Sharma in the T20 International format was made on 20th October 2015. This century was against South Africa in which he scored 106 runs. The venue was Himachal Pradesh cricket stadium where he made this outstanding century. But the result for the Indian National team was not victory. South Africa won in this match but Rohit Sharma showed his best as a great Indian national team player.

Second Century:

The Second Century by Rohit Sharma was made on 22nd December 2017. The century was made by him when he was playing against Sri Lanka from the Indian National team side. Here he scored 118 runs in Holkar cricket stadium. This was also an incredible performance of Rohit Sharma which lead him to be the player with the most centuries in the T20 format.

Third Century:

The third century made by Rohit Sharma was against England. This was made on 8th July 2018. In this match, against England, Rohit Sharma made 100 runs and he was on strike till the last moment. He was playing in the County Ground where he made an outstanding century. This was a remarkable performance by Rohit Sharma that is remembered by all his fans.

Fourth Century:

Rohit Sharma made his fourth century on 6th November 2018. At this time he was playing against West Indies. There was a very strong bowler from the opponent team. But he prove himself as a great batsman and made a century. Here he made 118 runs. As a result, the  Indian team got the victory in this match.

Other Players Who Scored Most T20 Centuries:

Apart from Rohit Sharma who is the top record holder of this century record in T20 cricket, there are many other players as well. The other players have also shown outstanding performances in their cricket careers. Especially in the T20 format, some players from different parts of the world hold records as well for making the most century. But those centuries are less as compared to the centuries made by Rohit Sharma.

  • Surya Kumar Yadav:

Surya Kumar Yadav is the second person who has scored more centuries in T20 International Cricket history. He has scored 3 centuries. These three centuries were made by him in 46 innings. This is also a great effort from his side. He is also a very remarkable player of all time.

  • Babar Azam:

Babar Azam is another player with many centuries in T20 matches. He has also scored 3 centuries. These are made by him in 98 innings. Babar Azam is a very fine player who plays with determination and continuous effort every time.

  • Colin Munro:

Colin Munro is also a very remarkable player. He has made 3 centuries in a total of 62 innings. He also possesses a good batting average. Colin Munro is also a record holder in various formats of cricket matches.


This article describes the best player with the most T20 Centuries in Cricket History. Rohit Sharma is the one with this record. He is a great player from the Indian national team. He has scored 4 centuries up till now. Many of the centuries are made by him while being on strike till the end of the match. He is a player with many records in T20 as well as other cricket tournaments.

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