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Wayne Gretzky Net Worth, Biography, Career, Age, Social Profiles

Here is the detail of Wayne Gretzky Net Worth, Biography, Career, Age, and Social Profiles. Wayne Gretzky is one of the richest ice hockey players. He is a great athlete who was born on 26th January 1961. He was born in Brantford. Wayne Gretzky is known for being a former ice hockey player, an athlete, and also a hockey coach.

He belongs to Canada and has a net worth of about $260 million. His net worth has experienced a good increase in the past years. He is also very tough and fit. His fan following is much on all the social media platforms. He earns a good amount of money from different sources.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth, Biography, Career, Age, Social Profiles

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth:

Wayne Gretzky’s net worth is approximately $260 million. It has been estimated from multiple known sources. These sources include Wikipedia, Bloomberg, and Forbes. In previous years, he earned $50 million from his endorsements. He also gets a salary that is about $46 million. He also does many charities and welfare work. Wayne Gretzky possesses many properties and businesses. He earned mainly from his Ice hockey career.

This helps him in gaining both money and popularity. He has also owned a team in sports. Wayne Gretzky also has a vineyard and many real estate properties in his possession. This is all he has bought from his net worth savings.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth Growth:

Wayne Gretzky has experienced growth in his net worth in the past years. Considering his net worth from 2018 it has increased to much extent.

  • In 2018, his net worth was $188 million. This was also a good amount that was earned by any Ice Hockey player.
  • Then in 2019, his net worth increased by 12 million. So it became a dollar 200 million in 2019.
  • In the year 2020, his net worth became Dollar 210 million.
  • In 2021 his net worth was developed to $220 million. He has earned these mainly from his Ice Hockey career.
  • Then in the year 2022, his net worth increased by 25 million dollars. Then it became $245 million.
  • Now in the year 2023, the net worth is260 million which is a very good amount earned by him.

He lives a very luxurious life with the help of this amount of money. Wayne Gretzky also spends his money on different charitable events.

Wayne Gretzky Career Achievements:

He has achieved many high numbers in his ice hockey career. Following are the details of all his achievements during his career. This is all due to his consistent and dedicated performance towards his goal.

  • He is the player who has the most goals in a season. He has scored 92 goals in one very amazing season.
  • He also has the most assists only in one season. A total of 163 assists have been associated with Wayne Gretzky in one season.
  • Wayne Gretzky is the player with the most goals in their Ice Hockey career. He has made a total of 894 goals. All these goals are made a in total of 20 seasons. He has played very well during his ice hockey career.
  • He has also scored more than 100 points in 15 seasons. This is the highest amount of seasons in which any player has scored more than a hundred points.

Instagram Followers:

Wayne Gretzky is quite famous. He has a pretty large number of followers on his social media profiles. On his Instagram account, there are 217K followers. He has 108 followers on his account. There are a total of 85 posts that have been posted by him.

Wayne Gretzky’s fame has increased gradually in the past years. He mostly posts things related to ice hockey or other sports. This Instagram also helps him in earning money through a large number of followers. All money includes in his net worth.

Twitter Followers:

Wayne Gretzky has a total of 221K followers on his Twitter account. He joined Twitter in May 2010. There are 80 followers on his Twitter profile. Wayne Gretzky’s official Twitter account is managed by his team. He is one of the best ice hockey players. Wayne Gretzky also has a profile photo related to Ice Hockey on his Twitter account. He is one of the best players.

Wayne Gretzky also does many tweets and replies regarding Ice Hockey and his interests. He has earned a lot of money from the Twitter platform also. This is because he has a large number of followers and these followers help him in earning a good income from this Twitter account. All this money he earns from the social media profiles also includes in his final net worth.

Facebook Followers:

Wayne Gretzky has a total of 551K followers on his Facebook account. These followers are much increased as compared to the Instagram and Twitter accounts. The Facebook profile of Wayne Gretzky comprises the highest number of followers as any other social media profile. He has 10 followers on his account on the Facebook platform.

The latest updates regarding himself and the Ice Hockey tournaments and leagues are on his Facebook profile. There are many groups also that have been made in the name of Wayne Gretzky. But the Facebook account comprising 551k followers is the official account. This account is managed by his team. This sports person earns a lot from the Facebook application also.


Wayne Gretzky has earned much in his career. He is a very passionate player of ice hockey. Wayne Gretzky achieved much during his ice hockey career. He has made many goals and assists while playing in different leagues and tournaments. Wayne Gretzky is also followed by many fans. He is earning much through multiple resources.

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