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Mario Lemieux Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Hockey Star

Here is the article about Mario Lemieux Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, and Hockey Star. Mario Lemieux is one of the richest athletes and Ice Hockey players. He was born on 5th October 1965. His birthplace is Montreal. Mario Lemieux is one of the greatest names in the ice hockey history. His net worth is about dollar 200 million. It has been increasing in the past years. In this article, you will get to know the complete details of Mario Lemieux’s net worth, salary, followers, family, and other details.

Mario Lemieux started playing Ice Hockey when he was only 5 years old. He was also known as one of the best players In Ice Hockey at the under-16 level. He has earned mainly from Ice Hockey but he endorses many popular brands also. There are many other sources of his income as well.

Mario Lemieux Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Hockey Star

Mario Lemieux Net Worth:

Mario Lemieux has a net worth of Dollar 210 million approximately. This has been estimated from Forbes, Wikipedia, and IMDB sources. He is a very rich Ice Hockey player from Canada. The monthly income and salary of Mario Lemieux is more than Dollar 1 million as of 2023.

His yearly income and salary are more than dollar 13 million. Mario also gets a good amount of money from NHL. This Canadian Ice Hockey player has earned a good amount of money in his life. Right now he is also earning money through his brand endorsements and social media platforms.

Mario Lemieux Career Details:

In 1984, Mario Lemieux was drafted by Pittsburg Penguins. He has played a lot of time for the National Hockey League. After that, he was also selected for the all-star game by NHL. He was also awarded as the most valuable player in his life for the first time. Mario Lemieux got the award of the best rookie from the NHL. He has broken many records of previous players in ice hockey. His ice hockey career is outstanding with numerous awards and achievements.

From 1991 to 1992, he got a little reduction in his career. At that time he played 64 games and reached the finale of the Stanley Cup for the team Pittsburg Penguins. He did not perform that well. In 1997, Mario Lemieux decided to finish playing Ice Hockey. But after that due to some reasons, he started playing again for NHL. In 2018 he came back and started playing against Torrento maple leaves. At that time he played 43 games. In these 43 games, he was able to score 76 points. He also breaks many records at that time. His fans love them a lot because of his dedication and hard work towards his profession.

On 24th January 2006, he retired from Ice Hockey games. This was all due to his health condition that he has to retire from the game. So Mario Lemieux possesses a very amazing career. There are many awards also that are given to him because of his outstanding performances and different games. After every match, his fans always praise him. He was much loved by his followers from all over the world.

Instagram Followers:

Mario Lemieux has a total of 42.2k followers on his Instagram account. His Instagram account is not personal. It is a nonprofit organization that Mario Lemieux owns. His NGO is for needy people. It is used for charitable works and donations. This Instagram page has 1249 posts on it. It usually posts mostly about health conditions, donors, donations, and other welfare-related posts.

There are 264 followers on his account. This is managed by his organization team. Mario Lemieux is also remembered for his outstanding works and has a good following because he is a very generous man. He has started his organization for needy people which is also very beneficial. So people praise him a lot for his work.

Family Details:

Mario Lemieux married in 1993. His wife’s name is Nathalie Asselin. They both shared a very close bond. They were married on 26th July. Their marriage was a great wedding ceremony with many guests and a lot of rituals. They were college graduates at that time. Both of them met each other in college and shared love. It was a love marriage and they dated many times before deciding on the marriage. Now both are parents and have given birth to both baby boys and girls.

Mario Lemieux has four children. Their names are Austin Nicholas, Stephanie, Lauren, and Alexa. Lauren was the first child they had. He was born in 1993. Then Stephanie was born in 1995. The third child was Austin Nikolas who was born in 1996. Then in the next year, they give birth to Alexa who is their last child now. The family lives very happily in Sewickley in Pittsburgh. There are no disputes between the couple and the children as well. Mario Lemieux had an amazing family with which he lives a very comfortable and luxurious life.

The Lemieux Foundation:

Mario Lemieux has made a nonprofit organization that is known as The Lemieux Foundation. This Foundation is responsible for treating cancer patients and providing patient care at every level. This organization provides medical facilities to all ages of people. It is located in Pittsburg.

It helps people in emergency conditions as well. There are many charitable events also organized by this Foundation. The link for this Foundation is available on Instagram and Twitter as well. The Twitter account of this Foundation has 213K forwards with the name of Mario Lemieux.


Mario Lemieux has a very nice personality. His physical Appearance is also very tough and tall. Mario Lemieux is known for welfare works as well. He was previously known for ice hockey games. But now his welfare foundation is also gaining much fame. It is very helpful for needy people. The net worth of Mario Lemieux is approximately 200 million. He also donates much amount to charitable tasks.

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