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Wankhede Cricket Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue

Here is Wankhede Cricket Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue. Wankhede Cricket Stadium is located in the suburbs of Churchgate. This stadium was under construction until 2017. It was then finally opened in 1974. Wankhede Stadium is the third-largest stadium in India as it accommodates more than 30,000 people in it. This stadium is very spacious and wide. But the seats are increased to 33108, which is used for many sports activities.

It has also been awarded a World Prix Versailles award. It has done sponsorship with the Wankhede company. So after that, it is also called Wankhede Stadium. This stadium is spacious and a good stadium to accommodate a large number of fans.

Wankhede Cricket Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue

Wankhede Cricket Stadium for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Venue:

Wankhede cricket stadium is going to launch many Cricket World Cup 2023 matches along with other stadiums in India. The Men’s ODI World Cup is going to be played in different cities in India. India is the country that is hosting the matches of the Cricket World Cup 2023. It is a great accomplishment for the stadium to hold these amazing tournament matches. A total of five ODI world cup matches will be played in this stadium.

The matches will be very exciting as this stadium is wide and manufactured uniquely. Following is the complete detail of the matches that are going to be played in this stadium for the upcoming league. Wankhede stadium is very outstanding and preferred as a good record of the mat he’s conducted here. This stadium is holding several cricket matches. The ICC men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 match is going to be played in the Wankhede Stadium, India.

Stands in Wankhede Stadium, India:

There are a total of 8 stands in Wankhede Stadium. All the stands have a specific number of people to hold in them. The names of the stands are as follows:

  • Sunil Gavaskar stand
  • Vijay Merchant stand
  • MCA stand
  • North Stand
  • Garware stand
  • Vithal Divechra stand
  • Sachin Tendulkar stand
  • Grandstand

All these stands have a great capacity to hold people in them. There are specific ticket pricing details for each stand. Some are VIP stands with a lot of facilities. While some are available without any facility. Wankhede stadium, comprising of these 8 stands is very special and best for people to watch the big tournament matches. Some different leagues and tournaments are played in this stadium.

Wankhede Stadium Facts and Figures:

This stadium is very special and has a capacity of holding 33,108 people in it. There are numerous flood lights available in this area which provides a clear view to all the people present in different stands of the stadium. This stadium is considered the home ground of the Mumbai Indians team. Mumbai Indians are the team of the Indian Premier League and it has been playing all its matches in this stadium this Wankhede Stadium.

It is situated in Churchgate which is a neighborhood of Mumbai. It can easily be accessed by the people in Mumbai. The Wankhede stadium has good pitch conditions and also possesses a good record of test, ODI, and T20 format matches.

Pitch Conditions In The Wankhede Stadium, India:

The pitch conditions are amazing and feasible for the cricket players in the Wankhede stadium. It is said that the Wankhede Stadium pitch offers bouncing opportunities for the bowlers. The pitch conditions are amazing as analyzed by the previous world cup matches record played in this stadium. It is considered to be the most famous and accurate wicket-available stadium in India.

The pitch conditions are very necessary for the batsman and bowler. It must be accurate to win a match. So it is also feasible for the batsman who can easily play on the type of pitch present in the Wankhede cricket stadium.

ODI World Cup Matches conducted by Wankhede Stadium:

There are a total of 20 One Day International matches that are hosted by this stadium. India is known for hosting the ODI world cup many times. It has been housing the world cup of 1987, 1996, and 2011.

  • In the 1987 ODI World Cup, India versus Zimbabwe match was held in this stadium. In this match, India won by 8 wickets. One other match was held between India and England on 5th November 1987. In this match, England won by 35 runs. These two matches from the 1987 ODI Men’s World Cup have been held in this stadium.
  • In Men’s ODI World Cup 1996, only one match was played in this stadium. The match was between India and Australia. The match was won by Australia by 16 runs. This match was held on 27th February 1996. It was a very exciting match that was held in this stadium.
  • In World Cup 2011, a match between New Zealand and Canada was held in which New Zealand won by 97 runs. This match was held on 13th March 2011. Another match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand was also held here. In this match, Sri Lanka won by 112 runs and a third match was also played between Sri Lanka and India on 2nd April 2011. In this match, India won by 6 wickets.

So get to know the complete information regarding the other venues of ODI World Cup 2023. There are 12 other venues in India for conducting the ODI World Cup matches. You will be provided with the details of other venues as well on our page. Connect to us and get all the updates of your required interest.

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