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Shreyas Iyer Net Worth, Salary, Assets, Age, Cricket Career

Here are the details of Shreyas Iyer Net Worth, Salary, Assets, Age, Cricket Career, and much more. Shreyas Iyer is one of the best Indian Cricket players. He is much known for being a great international player in all the format matches from the Indian National Cricket Team. His net worth is about dollar 9 million. He gets a salary of more than Dollar 1 million. Shreyas Ayyar has a monthly income of more than $90,000. He was born on 6th December, 1994 and possesses a very charming personality. He has an Indian nationality and is a great Indian cricketer.

By looking at his career stats, he is one of the experienced players in the ODI, T20 International, test cricket, and IPL matches. Shreyas Iyer is known for being a great all-rounder he has made the team India proud in all the cricket matches. He has also achieved many awards in his cricket career.

Shreyas Iyer Net Worth, Salary, Assets, Age, Cricket Career

Shreyas Iyer Net Worth:

Considering the net worth of Shreyas Iyer, is dollar 9 million. This is 70 crores in Indian rupees. This net worth is achieved by him from various sources. The sources include different IPL contracts, the salary from the Indian cricket board, and different businesses that are done by him. His net worth is amazing and is increasing from time to time. He also earns a monthly income and salary of more than a dollar in 90000. Shreyas Iyer also earns a yearly income of Dollar 1 million.

This is a good amount of income that is earned by him. he also spends his money on different charities and donations. Many amazing and expensive cars are owned by him. He also owns a very amazing house. Shreyas Iyer spends his money on a very luxurious lifestyle. His net worth Is expected to increase in the future also. This is due to his successful career in the IPL and other national and international Indian cricket team matches. He is one of the best names on the Indian National Cricket Team.


Shreyas Iyer earns a good amount of money. So from that money, he buys many expensive and luxurious things. Considering his assets details, there are many expensive and modern cars of Shreyas Iyer. He also possesses a great house which is very expensive and beautiful. Talking about Shreyas Iyer’s house details, he has a very luxurious house. It is located in Mumbai in India. This house comprises many amazing amenities. Apart from this house he also owns many properties in India. All the properties are expensive and combined make a very high amount of money. So he spends his money also after earning much from his cricket career.

Talking about his car collection, he always has a collection of updated and modern cars. He has all the latest models from different companies of cars. At the time he doesn’t have many cars. He just has a small collection at a time. But those cars are very luxurious and the latest models in the world. Shreyas Iyer comprises of Audi and one SUV. Both the cars are very expensive and outstanding. These cars possess amazing features.

Shreyas Iyer Social Media Followers:

Shreyas Iyer has a quiet and good personality. He is the best on the cricket field and especially on the batting side. Shreyas Iyer is highly followed on various social media pages. He has Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. There are many followers of Shreyas Iyer from India as well as from different parts of the world. Here you will get to know the complete details of Shreyas Iyer’s social media followers.

Shreyas Iyer Instagram Followers:

He has a great Instagram following. He possesses 7.2 million followers on his Instagram profile. Shreyas Iyer is highly adored by his fans. There are many cricket fans in India as well as outside. But India is considered a home of cricket. So Shreyas Iyer is highly followed by Indian Cricket fans. This fan following keeps on increasing because of his performances. He is a great national, domestic, and international player. He can play different formats of matches as a great bowler and a great batsman. Shreyas Iyer is a complete all-rounder of the Indian cricket team.

Shreyas Iyer Twitter Followers:

There are 2.3M followers on the Twitter account of Shreyas Iyer. He has a great fan following on his Twitter handle also. He also tweets about many cricket matches on his Twitter account. In short Shreyas Iyer is followed highly on various social media accounts. He is a great Indian national and international player.

Shreyas Iyer Facebook Followers:

There are 2.7 million followers on the Facebook profile of Shreyas Iyer. He has a great fan following on his Facebook account as well as compared to his Instagram account. This social media following is the highest on all the social media platforms.

He posts different types of pictures of his family and different cricket photos and videos on his Facebook page. Shreyas Iyer also posts regarding cricket matches and his lifestyle. The cricket fans love him a lot and keep on following him. They also support him in all his matches.


Shreyas Iyer is one of the professional players of the Indian cricket team. He has made his name high through his dedicated performance in cricket. He has given much to the cricket of India. Shreyas Iyer has got many followers on different profiles from India as well as from different parts of the world. He is having a luxurious life from the net worth that he gets from different sources.

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