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Rishabh Pant Net Worth, Biography, Age, Salary, Career Stats

Here are the details of Rishabh Pant Net Worth, Biography, Age, Salary, Career Stats, and much more. Rishabh Pant is a very famous and popular Indian cricketer. He is a very multi-talented and skillful Indian cricketer who has so many outstanding and fantastic skills in the cricket game. His performances and skills are very magical and he always performs very amazingly in his games. His skills and talent in cricket game are exceptional and cannot be compared to the other cricketers in the world. He is also very famous and popular and he has a very huge fan base not only in his own country but in the whole world.

He has made his fan very huge in the whole world just because of his amazing performances and magical skills and all of this is because of his hard work and efforts. He is also a very unpredictable cricketer. He is a very brilliant batsman who plays for the Indian international cricket team. Rishabh Pant a very brilliant batsman was born on October 4 in the year 1997 and he is currently 25 years old.

He has a very long cricket career ahead in his life. His nationality is Indian. Hey salary is 16 crore Indian rupees and his monthly income is more than 1.2 crore Indian rupees. His net worth is 86 crore Indian rupees which is a lot of money.

Rishabh Pant Net Worth, Biography, Age, Salary, Career Stats

Rishabh Pant Net Worth:

The net worth of Rishabh Pant is also very high in the n amount of money. He earns a lot of money from his net worth as he is a very famous and popular cricketer. He is currently earning a lot of money from his net worth just because of his efforts. Currently, Rishabh Pant is earning a total of 8.5 million US dollars as his net worth. His net worth is very high in the amount of money and is not an easy task for everyone to achieve. He has made his net worth very huge just because of his consistent hard work and continuous efforts. To build that much net worth, a person needs a lot of dedication hard work, and effort with full of consistency.

Rishabh Pant did all these things and now he has achieved his goal and living a very fancy and luxurious life with a very high amount of net worth also. Rishabh Pant is earning his net worth not only from his cricket career but from different sources. He is earning money from his net worth from different brand endorsements and different advertisements in which he works. However, it is confirmed that a major amount of money of his net worth comes to him from his cricket career. He is currently living a very luxurious and fancy life with a great amount of net worth.


Rishabh Pant has done so many contracts with many big brands around the world. As he is a very famous and popular cricketer, he got so many offers from many big brands in the world. He earns a lot of money from these brands and this money is also considered in his net worth. He has been part of many commercials also like the commercials of Adidas Realme and many more big brands of the world.

Rishabh Pant Career Stats:

He is a brilliant left-handed batsman and a wicketkeeper known for his elegant stroke play and hard-hitting capabilities. He also has many records in cricket. He plays as an outstanding batsman for the Indian team and has a really good average in all three formats which we are going to discuss in detail below.

T20 International Matches Details:

Rishabh Pant has been playing T20 international matches since 2017. He is playing them till now. Rishabh Pant played 66 matches in his T20 career up till now. He has scored a total of 987 runs with his Highest runs being 126* and average runs standing at 22.4 runs. His strike rate is 126.4. In T20 international matches, he has made a huge name. He is also very fond of playing T20I format matches.

ODI International Matches Details:

Rishabh Pant played his debut ODI International match in 2018. It was a very exciting match and he showed outstanding performance in it. He played 30 matches in his ODI career till now and scored a total of 865 runs with his highest runs being 106 and his average standing at an impressive 34.6 runs. He played his most recent ODI International match with the Indian team. Rishabh Pant has made sixes and fours many times in his ODI format cricket. He is a much-experienced player in ODI matches.

Social Media Followers

Instagram Followers:

Rishabh Pant is also very famous on different social media platforms. He is mostly active on Instagram and has posted a lot of posts on his Instagram account. He has also many followers on his Instagram account who are fans of him. Till now he has posted a total of 348 posts on his Instagram account and he has a total of 8.2M followers. His Instagram account possesses 22 followers. Rishabh Pant is considered one of the best athletes and cricketers in India.


Rishabh Pant is in the hearts of many fans of cricket matches because he is now their favorite because of his great game. He has all this because of his hard work and consistent efforts. His efforts proved effective and became the best cricket player. He has also collaborated with several major brands. Collaboration with big brands is also a factor in his income. Different endorsements lead him to gain much money as his net worth and salary.

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