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Prithvi Shaw Net Worth, Bio, Age, Weight, Salary Growth, Career

Here are the details of Prithvi Shaw Net Worth, Bio, Age, Weight, Salary Growth, Career, and much more. Prithvi Shaw Is a very famous and popular young Indian cricketer. He is a very multi-talented and skillful Indian youth player who is currently very young and is proving himself to everyone that he can represent the Indian international cricket team. Prithvi Shaw has been performing in different domestic cricket leagues now. He is performing very well in that domestic League and his skills in the game are very exceptional. He has got so much talent in the batting and his shots are also very classified and satisfying. The Indian cricket board and the whole world is seeing his batting full of magical skills and outstanding performance.

He Is the most expected player to be in the Indian international cricket team in the future and his fans are also hoping that he will be the greatest player of all time. Prithvi Shaw has also a very nose fan base not only in his own country but his fans are now in the whole world. He has made his fan based on his outstanding batting skills and brilliant performances in every game. He is also a very unpredictable batsman who changes the situation of the game very unpredictably.

Prithvi Shaw changes the situation of the game at a very crucial point of the game. When all was thinking that the match is going to lose by his team, he performs very well on the crease and makes his team win the match. Prithvi Shaw is a very classified and fascinating cricketer who is currently also the captain of the Indian under-19 international team. He is performing very well in the under-19 as well.

Prithvi Shaw Net Worth, Bio, Age, Weight, Salary Growth, Career

Early Life:

Prithvi Shaw was born on November 9 in the year 1999 and he is currently 23 years old. His nationality is Indian and his profession is an Indian cricketer. Prithvi Shaw weight is a total of 70 kg and his height is five feet six inches. His salary is more than 0.5 million US dollars and his net worth in Indian rupees is 25 crores. He is also the captain of the Delhi Capitals team in the Indian premier league season 2023. He is considered in the category of emerging player.

Prithvi Shaw Net Worth:

The net worth of Prithvi Shaw is also very high in the amount of money as he is very famous as a popular Indian cricketer. Prithvi Shaw earns a lot of money from his net worth which he has made by his outstanding efforts and consistent hard work. He is currently earning a total of 25 crore Indian rupees. He earns from his profession of cricket. Prithvi Shaw has made his net worth very high in the amount of money just because of his hard work and efforts.

He also earns money from his monthly income and yearly income. His early income is more than 0.5 million US dollars. His monthly income is more than 40000 US dollars and his net worth in Dollars is 4 million. He is earning all this money from different brands in documents and different advertisements in which he works also apart from his cricket career.

Net Worth Growth:

The net worth of Prithvi Shaw has also increased a lot in the last 5 years and is expected to increase more in the upcoming years because he is performing very well and giving his best.

His net worth in 2020 was 7 crore but then in 2021, his net worth became 12 crore Indian rupees. Because of his efforts in the previous year, he was earning 17 crore Indian rupees and now at present, he is earning 25 crore Indian rupees as his net worth.

Social Media Followers

Instagram Followers:

Prithvi Shaw is one of the highest-paid Indian cricketers. He has an outstanding fan following. Prithvi Shaw is available on all the social media platforms. Considering his Instagram profile, he has a total of 1.6 million followers. He is a great athlete and an outstanding cricketer from all over the world. Prithvi Shaw has 255 followers on his Instagram account.

His Instagram handle is named Prithvishaw. Many photos and videos are posted by Prithvi Shaw on his Instagram profile. His followers adore him much there are many followers which are increasing day by day. Prithvi Shaw is a much-followed personality all over the world. There are fans of him not only in India but in different countries as well.

Twitter Followers:

Prithvi Shaw has a total of 594 K followers on his Twitter account. He joined Twitter in January 2017. He was born in Mumbai, India. Prithvi Shaw’s official account is managed by his team. He has 52 followers on his account. He also does many tweets and replies. Prithvi Shaw mostly tweets about different types of cricket leagues and tournaments and other events related to cricket.

He has a great following on all the social media profiles. His Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media channels are filled with fans. Many people are not fans of cricket but they are fans of Prithvi Shaw. His fan base is increasing day by day as his progress and experience are also increasing.


Prithvi Shaw is an experienced and highly paid cricketer of India. He has made a huge fan base. His salary and net worth are also a good amount of money which is increasing every year. He has followers on all the social media platforms.

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