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NCOC Allows 25% Crowd in PSL 7 2022 Matches Covid-19 Protocols

NCOC Allows 25% Crowd in PSL 7 2022 Matches you have to follow strict Covid-19 Protocols while watching PSL Karachi Matches 2022. Pakistan Super League season 7 is going to commence from January 27, 2022. This season will go for a month and will end on February 27, 2022. It will be an exciting tournament for all the cricket fans. The Pakistani cricket fans will mainly enjoy this PSL 7 if you are a cricket fan. The PSL 7 venues selected for the matches are Lahore stadium and Karachi national stadium. Both the venues are spacious and have a good capacity for holding PSL 7 fans. It is going to be a tournament of great enthusiasm and energy. The team squads for PSL 7 have been announced which are very best.

NCOC Allows 25% Crowd in PSL 7 2022 Matches Covid-19 Protocols

NCOC Allows 25% Crowd in PSL 7 2022 Karachi Matches:

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic situation getting high in  Pakistan, the government is continually taking strict actions. Strict guidelines have been issued recently by the National Commands and Operation Center. The restrictions have been made on various activities all over the country. The PSL 7 tournament is reaching as soon. A huge crowd will be available to watch the PSL 7 matches. So to avoid any misfortune due to the outbreak of a pandemic, the government has announced some restrictions for the PSL crowd as well.

The government has issued a notification stating that only 25% crowd is allowed to attend the Karachi leg matches. It is not confirmed how much crowd will be allowed for the Lahore leg matches. Two venues are confirmed for the PSL 7 tournament. Out of these two venues, National Stadium Karachi is just allowed to have 25% of PSL 7 fans. Other people can opt for PSL 7 live streaming channels. It will help them view the complete match without going to the stadium directly from their homes.

Crowd Allowance for Karachi Leg Matches:

When the coronavirus condition was not severe, NCOC had approved the 100% crowd to attend the PSL 7. But now as the condition is worsening, NCOC has reduced the crowd to 25%. It is due to the rise in various coronavirus and Omicron cases in Pakistan. At the moment only the matches that are going to be held in Karachi have been allotted at 25% crowd. The match’s decision to be played in Lahore will be decided later considering the condition of pandemics in the country.

The Karachi leg matches are scheduled from January 27 till February 9, 2022. NCOC has made strict restrictions for the people coming to view the PSL 7 tournament. The matches in Karachi National Stadium will be played from January 27th to February 7th, 2022. The decision is made after much discussion and considering all the situations in the hosting city.

NCOC Allows 25% Crowd in PSL – Covid-19 Protocols To Be Taken In The National Stadium Karachi:

NCOC has provided a complete protocol list to be followed in PSL 7. Strict restrictions have been made that will be imposed from the start of the PSL 7 tournament.

Following are the protocol taken after allowing the 25% crowd in PSL 7. NCOC said that:

  • The individuals that are are not under 12 years of age must be vaccinated.
  • Only the fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to watch the match directly from the stadium.
  • All the individuals must have an original vaccination card or certificate. This will give them easy access to view the matches from the National Stadium, Karachi.
  • It is compulsory to wear a mask inside the PSL 7 venue.
  • Therefore they concluded by saying that any individual who will not act upon the guidelines issued will be evicted from the stadium.

Number of Spectators Allowed for PSL 7 Matches:

The decision was made by the Pakistan government that around 8,000 spectators will be allowed. Only this number of PSL 7 fans will be allowed to attend the National Stadium Karachi in every match. This decision is taken into consideration with the safety and health of the players as well as the general public. All the people have to follow the government guidelines by the government for the Pakistan Super League 2022 tournament.

It was also said that if anyone violates the guidelines, then he will not be able to watch the PSL 7 matches. The condition of the virus is worsening in Karachi. There is a huge surge in the COVID-19 positivity rate in Karachi. So it was not possible to conduct the matches with this extreme outbreak. To date, the government has only reduced the number of crowds. But if the condition becomes worse then the crowd can also be forbidden to enter the stadiums.

NCOC Crowd Allowed For Lahore leg Matches:

No decision has been taken right now for the Lahore leg matches that are scheduled to be played in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. They will make the decision when the time comes close and the matches for Karachi Stadium will be going to finish. The matches for Lahore Stadium are scheduled to be played from 10th February to 27th February 22. They will have a complete review which will be taken before the start of the Lahore matches.

  • So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab the tickets for the PSL 7 tournament. Now the crowd is very much less to be allowed for watching the PSL 7 matches. So come first and get the PSL 7 tickets for the upcoming tournament. The National Stadium, Karachi is waiting for all the PSL fans from Pakistan. It will be a source of enjoyment and fun for all cricket lovers. You will be amused with the performance of your favorite team players.
  • The people who can’t watch the matches from the stadium due to the restrictions on the crowd allowance in the stadium. They can opt for live broadcasting channels. These PSL live broadcasting channels are an amazing way for le to watch later matches without any interruption. There are a variety of channels and online websites to opt for while watching any PSL 7 match.

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