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Mohammad Rizwan Net Worth, PSL Salary, Cars Collection, Career

In this article, you will get to know about the most famous cricketer Mohammad Rizwan Net Worth, PSL Salary, Cars Collection, and Career. He is the best player on the Pakistani team. His age is 30 years old. He is an amazing cricketer for the Pakistani cricket team. In this team, he plays the role of wicketkeeper and is also a successful batsman. He makes a lot of centuries and his fans are very happy when he gets successful. He plays very well whether it is a match against any other country or a match of PSL his performance is always top.

If we talk about his marriage life then he won’t share any picture of his wife on any of his accounts because of some family laws. But we know that in 2015 he married his cousin and they both are living a very happy life. He also has 2 daughters and this family gives each other respect. He loves his daughter and his daughters also came to the stadium to view the match with their father. We came to know about his daughters because he announced on his Twitter account in 2016 and 17 about the birth of his daughters and he was very happy because he consider both of them very lucky for him.

His nature with every member of the team is very calming. He talks with every single member with respect and always shows respect towards women. He always advises his junior about how to do better batting and listen to their seniors and learn from them. He gives every person love and respect which makes him more precious to every person. All members are very happy with their wicketkeeper and they love him because of his amazing personality.

Mohammad Rizwan Net Worth, PSL Salary, Cars Collection, Career

Mohammad Rizwan Net Worth:

Mohammed Rizwan has a net worth of $6 billion. The factors from which she got a lot of money as a net worth are PSL matches and other matches of cricket and also brand endorsement. His main career is cricket and from this, he got a lot of money by winning matches against different teams. He got many awards in cricket and money by playing important role in matches and showing his best performance in every match. His monthly salary is above RS 8 lakh.

He has a lot of money to live a luxurious life and he has to do any work other than cricket. Talking about his fees in different tournaments then his ODI fee is 40,000. His test matches fees are 80,000 and his T20 fee is 25000. So these all are the amount that makes his money large and increases the amount his net worth.

PSL Salary:

If you talk about his Pakistan super league performance then he never disappoints his fans because of the performance in Pakistan super league. From the day he came as a player to play matches in the Pakistan super league he represent Multan Sultan and all the fans of Multan Sultan loves him.

They also love the team Multan Sultan because of him. He has a salary of dollar 170000 which is a very large amount. In the latest Pakistan super league, he plays a great role and because of his performance of him and other players, this team came into the finals. Whenever he won any match against other teams mostly he got awards because he plays important role in the victory of his team.

Mohammad Rizwan Cars Collection:

Talking about his cars then his car collection is not very large. He has a small number of cars because he loves to live a simple life. He never shows off his money which makes his personality more precious. He has White Honda Civic whose worth is above 20 lacks. He got a lot of money because of his amazing performance in matches but he doesn’t waste his money on buying things that are not necessary. He wants to live a simple life and he has a very good heart. He gives his money to needy people because he has a good soul.

Brand Endorsements:

There are many brands in which Rizwan invests and because of them he also got a profit. He invests in the most popular brands which every single person will know. Here is the list of brands for which this batter incest his money and now getting profit from them:

  • Pepsi
  • Adwaab
  • Gray Nicolls
  • Haydos 38

Mohammad Rizwan Career:

He started his career as a batsman and wicketkeeper. He make his debut in test cricket when he play a match against New Zealand on November 25 in the year 2016. This match against New Zealand was played at Seddon park and in that match he show his best performance and he do a lot of practice for this match. He make his ODI debut on April 17, and the match was played Vs Bangladesh at Shere Bangla National stadium.

This match was the best and his fans were increasing after seeing his performance in that match. This match was played in 2015. His T20I debut was also against Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is also a very powerful team but he played very well against them. This match was played on April 24 in 2015.


Mohammad Rizwan is the batsman and wicketkeeper of the Pakistan cricket team. His net worth is $6 billion. He has a lot of fans all over the world. He plays PSL matches as a player of the Multan Sultan team. He was married to his cousin and has 2 daughters. His PSL Salary is 170,000.

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