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Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Venue for CWC 2023

MCA stadium is known as the Maharashtra Cricket Association stadium. This stadium is located in Pune, India. This stadium is the home ground for the Maharashtra cricket team. Many floodlights are also available in this Stadium to make the stadium available for night matches. This stadium has a capacity of holding 37,000 spectators in it. It was established in 2012. Maharashtra Cricket Association is the owner of this Stadium and has been increasing the spectator capacity as well as modifying the structure of the stadium. Many test matches, ODI, and T20 International matches have been played in this stadium. The architecture of this stadium is very amazing. It was designed by Hopkins Architects which is a British architecture company.

They have given a beautiful design and shape to this stadium. A rainwater drain system is also available in this stadium. So when there is heavy rain, there is no problem with vacating the stadium. Rather people can sit and watch the matches without any difficulty because of the extremely modern features available in this stadium. Numerous matches have been played here at the national and international levels. Many domestic leagues are also played by the Indian teams.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Venue for Cricket World Cup 2023

MCA Cricket Stadium Tenants:

There are many domestic and national teams in India for which the MCA stadium is the home ground. Here many teams have been playing for a very long time. It is the home ground for the Maharashtra cricket team and the Indian national cricket team for the Pune Warriors team in IPL. This ground was the home ground from 2012 to 2013 for Kings XI Punjab it was the home ground for matches conducted in 2015.

Chennai Super Kings an IPL team has been playing in this stadium from 2018 to 2019. Rising Pune Super Giants have also been playing various IPL matches in this stadium. They played matches from 2016 to 2017 in this Stadium. It has been conducting matches for various teams in India. MCA cricket stadium which is known as Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium is a cricket stadium which is located in Pune in India.

Features of Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium:

Maharashtra cricket stadium is a very big stadium and consists of a practice ground with nets for practicing players. This stadium has four stands and Maharashtra Cricket Stadium has a capacity of holding 37,406 people which are divided into 4 stands. All four stands are very big and one stand consists of approximately 8 thousand to 9 thousand people. This stadium has also media and a pavilion in which the cricketers of the team set and watch the match. The main feature of Maharashtra cricket stadium is that it includes squash and badminton courts.

In the Maharashtra cricket stadium, a swimming pool is also available and restaurants and bars are also present. All these things and facilities are amazing and are present in Maharashtra cricket stadium. It shows how big the Maharashtra cricket stadium is. A total of 80 corporate boxes are available in the Maharashtra cricket stadium. The most important thing in Maharashtra stadium is that they have a cricket academy also for the training of beginners.

It teaches beginners cricket and tells them how to play. If we talk about the parking of Maharashtra cricket stadium, a total of 4000 cars can be parked in the Maharashtra cricket stadium parking lot and 10,000 two-wheelers can also be parked in the parking lot. The parking lot is also very big and 14,000 vehicles can park at a time in Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium.

Test Records In Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium:

If we talk about the test records, which are made in Maharashtra cricket stadium, a total of three centuries have been made till now in Maharashtra cricket stadium in a test match format.

  • The first one was made by Steve Smith and he scored 109 runs against India. He scored a century on 202 balls. Steve Smith is an Australian player and he made a century against India on 23rd February 2017 in Maharashtra cricket stadium in a test match format.
  • The second century was made by an Indian player Mayank Agarwal and he made 108 runs in his innings. Mayank Agarwal is a very well-known and amazing Indian player who scored 108 runs on 195 balls against South Africa. On 10th October 2019, while playing in South Africa Mayank Agarwal showed his class and scored 108 runs for his team.
  • The third century was made by Virat Kohli who is an Indian star, he also has the record for the highest number of runs made by a player in a test match format in Maharashtra cricket stadium. He scored a double century in the test format against South Africa and made 254 runs for his team which is outstanding. This was the same match in which Mayank Agarwal scored a century.

In the match on 10th October 2019, two Indian players made a century in which Virat Kohli made a double century against South Africa and Virat Kohli proved that he is the number one batsman in the world on that day. He smashed South African bowlers and showed them his efforts and class.

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