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Magic Johnson Net Worth, Wiki, Family, Weight, Height, Career

Here is the detail of Magic Johnson Net Worth, Wiki, Family, Weight, Height, and Career. Magic Johnson is a former American basketball player. He is also an entrepreneur. His net worth is about dollar 620 million. Magic Johnson also gets a salary from NBA and he has also many career earnings. He is one of the richest NBA players. Magic Johnson was born on 14th August 1959. He is 63 years old now. He is mainly a former basketball player. While his other income sources include hosting talking shows, acting, film production, and also being an entrepreneur.

His net worth keeps on increasing time by time. Magic Johnson has made a huge name in the basketball career. He has worked much time for NBA. There are many followers of Magic Johnson on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also possesses a very dashing personality. There are many fans of him which are increasing because of his nice gesture and good personality.

Magic Johnson Net Worth, Wiki, Family, Weight, Height, Career

Date of Birth August 14, 1959
Age 63 Yrs
Gender Male
Height 6’ 9”
Weight 100 kg
Nationality American
Profession Former basketball player

Magic Johnson Net Worth:

The net worth of Magic Johnson is about dollar 630 million. He is one of the most popular professional basketball players of his time in America. Magic Johnson has a monthly salary of more than dollar 4 million. He also gets a yearly income of more than dollar 50 million.

His net worth is enough for him to live a comfortable life. Magic Johnson is the best American basketball player who gets a good amount of money as his net worth. His net worth has gradually increased in the past years. It is also expected that it will increase shortly as well. This is all because of his multiple sources of income. His sources of income include film producing, entrepreneurship, hosting, and other engagement.

Magic Johnson Net Worth Growth:

  • Magic Johnson’s net worth in 2018 was about dollar 390 million.
  • Then it increase suddenly to a dollar 430 million in 2019.
  • Then in 2020, it was about dollar 480 million.
  • In the next year 2021, the net worth of Magic Johnson became $530 million.
  • Then in the year 2022, he earns $580 million as his net worth.
  • Now in 2023, it is approximately dollar 630 million.

His net worth includes money and earnings from different sources. He not only get popular from his former basketball career. But also gets money from entrepreneurship.

Physical Appearance:

He possesses a very charming personality. He is very tall. His height is about 6 feet 9 inches. He possesses a weight of 100 kg. Magic Johnson has black colored eyes. His eyes are very captivating. His hairs are clean and shaved. Magic Johnson is 63 years old now. His personality is much loved by his fans. He is also much loved because of his nice gesture.

Magic Johnson Early Life:

He was born in August 1959. His birthplace was Michigan. Magic Johnson had a great craze for playing basketball. He started playing basketball at a very early age. He studied at Everet High School. Magic Johnson also joined the basketball team of that school. His nickname was coined as Magic. This is because when he was 15 years old, he scored 36 points 16 assists, and 18 rebounds in Basketball.

Family Details:

Magic Johnson was married in 1991. His wife’s name is Cookie Johnson. He has three children. The names of his children are Elisa Johnson, EJ Johnson, and Andre Johnson. His father’s name is Ervin Johnson Sr. His mother’s name is Christine Johnson. Magic Johnson also has many siblings. The names of his siblings are Michael Johnson, Pearl Johnson, Larry, Quincy Johnson, Kim Evelyn, Yvonne, and Mary Johnson. He has a very good and big family. Now he is married and lives happily in his married life.

Instagram Followers:

Magic Johnson has 3.3 million followers on his Instagram account. This is because he is a very well-known personality in the world. His fans are not only from America but are from different parts of the world. He has posted 1608 posts on his Instagram account up till now. There are 99 followings on his Instagram profile. Magic Johnson mostly posts about himself, basketball leagues and tournaments, and other activities.

He remains much active on his Instagram profile. This is the reason he has a huge number of fans on his different profiles. Magic Johnson also earns through this Instagram platform. His fans keep on increasing because he is one of the professional basketball players of his time.

Facebook Followers:

Magic Johnson has 4.4 million followers on his Facebook account. His Facebook followers are much more as compared to his Instagram followers. There are five followers on his Facebook profile. His Facebook followers are also increasing because of his tremendous performance in every field. He has multiple sources of income.

So this Facebook application also provides him with a good amount of money. The reason is a large number of followers that are natural followers of Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson has made a good name in the sports industry. He has played basketball very professionally for a long time.

Twitter Followers:

Magic Johnson also has a Twitter account. He has a total of 5.3 million followers on his Twitter profile. He joined the Twitter platform in February 2011. Magic Johnson has 223 followers on his Twitter account. Earvin Magic Johnson is much followed on Twitter as well. Among all the social media platforms, he has the highest number of followers on Twitter. Magic Johnson mostly uses Twitter. He does many tweets and replies to posts related to his interests.

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