List of Top 10 Hottest Wives of Cricket Players in the World

This article tells you about the top 10 hottest wives of cricket players.

List of Top 10 Hottest Wives of Cricket Players in the World

Top 10 Hottest Wives of Cricket Players

Jassym Lora:

Jassym Lora is the prettiest wife of Andre Dwayne Russell. Because of her beautiful looks and amazing style, she comes to the top on the list of hottest wives of cricketers. Her husband is a magnificent player in the West Indies and she is so proud of him. She has an amazing way of styling because her outfits look magnificent. This girl always goes to the gym to maintain her and she does exercises daily to look good. Although she is the wife of a brilliant player she has a lot of fans because she is a model and her modelling is amazing.

This model always rocks the stage with her stylish looks and figure. Andre and Jassym both married in 2016 and their engagement was held on 2014. She is 31 years old and also has children but after giving birth to the children she does not lose her beauty and maintains her figure. Jassim loves cricket and always goes to the stadium to support her husband.


Candice is the second lady who is the hottest wife of David Warner. She is also a model and shocked her fans because of her beauty and gorgeous looks. She looks elegant in every outfit and she does not need to do so much makeup to look beautiful because she has natural beauty. In April 2015, she married Cricketer David Warner and now she has three children. Candice looks stunning after becoming a mother and now she has 3 beautiful children. Their names are Indi Rae Warner, Ivy Mae Warner, and Isla Rose Warner. She loves cricket and is always there to support her husband. She always showed her love for her husband by going to every match of him and cheering for him.

Imari Visser:

Imari Visser is the wife of the player named Faf Du Plessis who is a mind-blowing player in South Africa. The South African team has a gem in the form of Faf Du Plessis. Imari married him in 2013 and now they stay together for 10 years and this is a huge time. They both loved each other Soo much. The model is the third on the list of wives of hot cricket players.

She is a real beauty and gorgeous. She has an amazing personality and looks very young after 2 children. The children are so lucky to have such a fit mother who is always there for her children. She is an amazing photographer and gives time to both her work and her marriage life also. She had a dog because she loves dogs.

Sue Duminy:

The wife of Jean-Paul Duminy who is too much beautiful and hot is 35 years old and her name is Sue Duminy. She has a lot of fans because of her gorgeous looks. She is a versatile model and looks very young than her age. Sue was also a blogger and entrepreneur. Because of her glamorous looks, she is on this list. She got married in 2011. This couple has 2 daughters who are also beautiful like their mother. Her charming looks attract her fans and increase her fan following.

Anushka Sharma:

Anushka Sharma is the queen of the Bollywood industry. Her looks and acting is loved by everyone worldwide. Virat Kohli, the biggest star of cricket is the husband of Anushka Sharma. He is so lucky to have such a glorious wife whose looks are amazing. She is an actress as well as a producer and with a such hard life, she maintained her fitness level also. They both come into this relationship in 2017.

Laura McGoldrick:

Laura McGoldrick is the hottest wife of Martin Guptil. He is the most successful cricketer in New Zealand cricket. He is so lucky to have a wife like Laura. If we talk about their profession of Laura, then she is a journalist and she is very pretty. She is on this list of the top 10 hottest wives of cricketers because of her beauty and gorgeous looks. She is a radio host, sports reporter, talented journalist, and also a magnificent actress.

This couple is very fit and they both look amazing with each other as a couple. When she was 19, she met Martin Guptil and in 2014 they both married. Now they are happily living their life. She is so fit if we compare her to the wives of other cricketers. She has maintained her fitness by regularly doing exercises. This couple also has a sweet and pretty daughter like her mother.

Umme Ahmad Shishir:

Another gorgeous wife of cricketer Shakib ul Hassan is Umme Ahmad Shishir. She is a real beauty and looks pretty in every style. She is so much beautiful by nature also. Umme Ahmed acted as a model in the Bangla TV commercial. She has a degree in software engineering. So along with being a beautiful actress, she is also a very educated woman. They both get married in 2012 in Dhaka. They both were blessed with a cute daughter in 2015.

Amy Finch:

Another beauty is Amy Finch, the wife of Australian cricketer Aaron Flinch. She is a network interrogation specialist. In 2018, they both got married. Amy is a dog lover and she has a lot of puppies. She has always been there for her husband in every situation.

Hazel Keech:

The second last on this list of hottest wives is Hazel Keech. She is the wife of Yuvraj Singh. He is the most popular cricketer on the Indian team. They both married in 2016 and now they both look great with each other. She is an actress, as well as oks in modelling, who is amazing. She has a lot of fans because of her beauty.

Sania Mirza:

The last one is Sania Mirza who is the gorgeous wife of Shoaib Malik, a Pakistani cricketer. In 2018, this couple was blessed with a child. After her first child, she didn’t lose her beauty and looks pretty and glorious till now. She is a number one tennis player also.

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