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6 Most Beautiful Female Anchors and TV Girls in Cricket

If you want to get any information about gorgeous TV anchors and girls in cricket then this article will help you a lot. Because in this article we will talk about the 6 most beautiful female anchors and TV girls in cricket. The names of the top 6 girls who look pretty and are also anchors in cricket are given below:

6 Most Beautiful Female Anchors and TV Girls in Cricket

6 Most Beautiful Female Anchors and TV Girls in Cricket

Zainab Abbas:

The first one is Zainab Abbas. She is 33 years old and a Pakistani anchor television host and a former makeup artist. She is so much a talented girl and also very beautiful. Zainab entered this cricket career in 2015 when she was auditioned for the cricket world cup program and because of her gorgeous looks and so many talents she was selected at that time. Now she is the biggest anchor and hosts many cricket programs like Sawal Cricket ka and Cricket Diwangi. She joined Pakistan Super League as an anchor in 2015 and now she is the most popular anchor of the Pakistan Super League. She take interviews with a lot of players in the PSL and got a chance to meet the superstars of cricket and take their interviews in the Pakistan super league.

Zainab Abbas makes Pakistan so much proud of her talents and confidence. Pakistan feels so much proud to have Zainab Abbas as their anchor and host and she is the first Pakistani beauty to become an ICC presenter in the 2019 world cup. Apart from her career, she is so much beauty in her looks and she is the national beauty of Pakistan. After joining cricket as a host or an anchor she married Hamza Karda who is the grandson of Abdul Hafeez Sardar the formal captain of the Pakistan national team in 1952. They both get married in November 2019 and now they are so much happy. They both support each other in every situation.

Rochelle Rao:

Rochelle Rao is also 33 years old versatile anchor of cricket. She was born in Chennai and her age is 33 years. Other than cricket she is so much more educated girl because she has done BSC in electronic media. So she is so much a beautiful as well as a talented and educated girl. She is gorgeous and it proved that she is very pretty as she went the Miss India title in 2012 because of her hot looks and glorious figure. But her fan following increased after she appeared in Bigg Boss 9. She also appeared in Kapil Sharma’s show as the main character.

She joined the Indian Premier League in the 6th edition and she is a very popular anchor of the Indian Premier League because of her amazing skills and beauty. Rochelle Rao did an anchor job in the Indian Premier League for a very short period and after that, she left Cricket. But in a short period, she got so many fans because she has very good communication skills with all the players and in 2018 she got married.

Karishma Kotak:

Karishma Kotak is also on this list of the top 6 beautiful anchors and TV girls in cricket. She is 38 years old and at this age, she looks very young because she pays very attention to her figure and she is also a British Indian model actress and TV anchor. If we talk about her education then she holds a degree in arts in marketing and advertising. She also appeared in the Indian Premier League in the 6th edition as a co-anchor and took interviews with very big names in cricket. Interviews increased her confidence level and people loved her because of her confidence and also because of her beauty.

Laura McGoldrick:

Laura McGoldrick is 32 years old beauty in sports and she is a TV anchor and radio jockey as well. She was married to a brilliant batsman Martin Guptill who played many big innings for New Zealand and always make new records. Her husband is the king of cricket and got so much fan following. Martin Guptill is very lucky to have a wife like Laura because as well as being pretty she is also a very caring wife.

When stakes interviewed different players of cricket sometimes she also interviewed her husband as well and he said that she has a very big knowledge of cricket. She also has 2 beautiful children and after becoming a mother she didn’t lose her prettiness.

Roshni Chopra:

Roshni Chopra is an Indian actress and also a TV  anchor. She is very pretty and the winner of NDTV’s reality show. She is a versatile actress and appeared in several TV serials. Talking about her age then she is 40 years old. Before becoming a TV anchor, she also hosted many TV shows like India’s got talent, comedy circus, Teen ka Tadka, and comedy nights with Kapil. She has so many fans and belongs to Yash Chopra’s family. She hosted a cricket show whose name is the fourth Umpire. Roshni Chopra also hosted shows like Heroes moments and memories on star sports.

Sonali Negroni:

The last one is Sonali negroni in this list of top 6 TV anchors and TV girls in cricket. She is a famous Tv anchor and her age is 39 years. At this age, she is so much pretty and her looks are gorgeous. It shows that she is so much beautiful because she is runner up in Miss international 2003 edition and also a part of Bigg Boss 5.

Other than cricket she hosts other shows like popcorn and The great Indian laughter challenge. In 2006 she started her career in cricket by hosting in champions trophy and after getting so much success she appeared in IPL and hosted it.

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