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List of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Records and Stats

Here is the List of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Records and Stats. In the recent Cricket World Cup 2023, there are numerous records were made and broken by international players. All the players from different international cricket teams have made numerous records that are outstanding. Following are the details of all those records that are made in this cricket World Cup 2023.

All the international teams have shown their best performances. As a result, Australia has emerged as the winning team of this World Cup edition. This is all because of the entire team squad of Australia and the cricket administration of Australia. Also, this is because of the consistent efforts, practice, and determination of Australian team players.

List of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Records and Stats

List of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Records and Stats:

Most Successful Team in Terms of Wins:

Australia has made the record of the team making the most successful appearances in the World Cup. This team has also made many victories in World Cup tournaments. Australia has won the ODI World Cup a total of 6 times till now. It is all due to the best team squad and continuous efforts by all the members.

The first World Cup edition that they won was in 1987. After that, they started emerging as champions. Now in the recently finished Cricket World Cup 2023, Australia has become the champions one more time.

Most Runs in Single World Cup Edition:

Virat Kohli, a top Indian player has set the record for making the most runs in a single World Cup edition. Virat Kohli possesses outstanding batting skills. He has made a total of 765 runs in the single edition of the Cricket World Cup 2023. The team has not ended with a victory in the World Cup but the performance of Virat Kohli finished in the tournament. He had a batting average of 95.6 at the end of the tournament.

Now he is on the top of the list of players who have scored the most runs in a single World Cup edition this year. Virat Kohli has broken the record of Sachin Tendulkar from the Indian team.

Most Centuries in ODI Cricket:

Virat Kohli has become the number first player to score most centuries in the ODI format cricket. He is one of the legendary cricketers who has made a total of 50 centuries till now. He has broken the record of his mentor Sachin Tendulkar who has recorded 49 centuries in the ODI format cricket before. Now Virat Kohli is the master of making most ODI hundreds.

Fastest Bowler to Make 50 Wickets in World Cup: 

Mohammad Shami has become the first bowler to make the fastest 50 World World Cup history. He has played a total of 17 innings in which he has taken 50 wickets till now. Mohammed Shami got the opportunity to play in the cricket World Cup 2023 after Hardik Pandya got injured.

He showed outstanding performance for the Indian team through his outstanding batting style. He has also shown a match-winning 5-wicket haul performance in the semi-finals played against New Zealand. Mohammad Shami has broken this record in the recently finished cricket world cup 2023.

Most Centuries in Cricket World Cup History:

Rohit Sharma has become the first player to score most centuries in the cricket World Cup. He has scored 7 centuries in the recent World Cup 2023. He is a great Indian skipper who is known for his outstanding batting style. Rohit Sharma always lays a great foundation for the Indian team to get victory in different cricket matches.

Rohit Sharma has now made the record and is among the top players to make the most centuries in the cricket World Cup.

Fastest Century in Cricket World Cup:

Glenn Maxwell from the Australian Cricket team has made the fastest century on 40 balls. This was his outstanding performance in the Cricket World Cup 2023. He has broken the record of Aiden Markram. He is an amazing Australian all-rounder who has shown a stunning performance against the Netherlands team.

This was his best performance in the entire Cricket World Cup 2023 in this fastest century. He made 8 sixes and 9 fours which led to the victory for the Australian Cricket team.

Best ODI Bowling Figure: 

Mohammed Shami has made a record as the top player to be the best ODI bowling figure in India. He is an international Indian player who has shown an outstanding performance in the cricket World Cup 2023 semi-final against New Zealand in Wankhede Stadium.

In that match, he took 7 wicket haul in which the New Zealand cricket team had a major downfall and the Indian cricket team led to the finals. He took 7 wickets by giving only 57 runs which was a big record made by him.

Fastest Double Century in ODI Chase:

Glen Maxwell is a great Australian cricketer who has shown his efforts by making the fastest double century in the ODI chase. There has never been a player who has made a double century while chasing against another team in the ODI Cricket. He is a star performer of the Australian Cricket team which has led the team to the finals and gained victory in the Cricket World Cup.

This double century was made by Maxwell against Afghanistan while playing in Mumbai. This was the greatest inning of all time in which H made a century in an ODI chase.


All these records are made by the professional and experienced players of different international cricket teams. These records were set in the recent Cricket World Cup 2023. All these players will be playing with more efficiency, courage, and determination in the upcoming international cricket tournaments. It will be fun to watch them with the new blaze of energy and enthusiasm.

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