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Ion Tiriac Net Worth, Businessman, Age, Weight, Profession

Here is the detail of Ion Tiriac Net Worth, Businessman, Age, Weight, and Profession. Ion Tiriac is a very famous and popular businessman. Ion Tiriac is a Romanian businessman. He is not only a brilliant businessman but he is also a very multi-talented and skillful ice hockey and tennis player. Ion Tiriac is a very brilliant and fantabulous tennis player and ice hockey player.

He is famous and popular in the whole world. Ion Tiriac has a very huge fan base in the whole world not only in his own country. He is a very successful businessman also. He has not only one profession but he has three professions. The best thing about him is that he is very multi-talented in all of his professions.

Ion Tiriac Net Worth, Businessman, Age, Weight, Profession

Date of Birth May 9, 1939
Age 83 Yrs
Gender Male
Height 6’ 1”
Weight 75 kg
Profession Romanian businessman
Nationality Romanian
Monthly Income $5 Million
Net Worth $1.3 billion

The Romanian businessman is mostly famous for his tennis career but his business career is also a major factor in his fame and popularity. Ion Tiriac when become a very successful tennis player in the whole world, he decided to make his career as a businessman. His skills and talent in business are amazing due to which he is now a very rich businessman and popular also. He became very successful as a businessman and earned billions of dollars in a very less time.

Ion Tiriac Net Worth:

Ion Tiriac is an old man. He is one of the most popular Romanian businessmen. He made his business very huge and earned a lot of money as his net worth. Ion Tiriac is now 83 years old. He has done so much effort and hard work in his passing on his business and now he doesn’t even have to work anymore on his business but he still earns a lot of money as his net worth. His net worth is very huge in amount of money. He made his net worth very amazing just because of his continuous hard work and consistent efforts. He is now living a very luxurious life because of earning a lot of net worth. His net worth is a total of 1.3 billion US dollars as of 2023.

It is his estimated net worth from various sources. His net worth is a very high amount of money as he is the number one Romanian businessman. He earns his network from various factors. Currently, he is earning his net worth from his business career and from different brand endorsements which he did in the past. A very less amount of money in his net worth also comes from his tennis career. However, it is confirmed that almost the total amount of his net worth comes from his business career. He lives a very fancy life now with a lot of money. His net worth is also increasing day by day because of his amazing efforts in the past.

Early Life:

Ion Tiriac was born on May 9 in the year 1939. He is currently 83 years old. The place of birth of this brilliant businessman is Brasov. He is now very old and retired from his tennis career but still earns a lot of money from his very successful business.

Ion Tiriac Career:

Ion Tiriac’s career is very successful in all of his professions. He is a brilliant businessman and amazing tennis and ice hockey player both. Currently, he is retired from all of his professions because he is 83 and old but still his business is running very well because of his efforts in the past. He won the men’s doubles at the French Open held in 1970. He also reached the Davis Cup final multiple times during the 1970s the peak time of his career. Ion Tiriac was the first male tennis player who played against a woman. A woman named Abigail Maynard was in front of him and he defeated her at the country’s international tennis championships.

In the year 1979, he won the Romanian tennis championship for the ninth time in his life. We can imagine his skills in tennis when he won the tennis championships of the country nine times. After winning the Romanian tennis championship he retired from tennis in the year 1979. But his retirement did not end his connection with tennis. He loves to play tennis games. His career continues after his retirement also because he decided to be the coach of the top players in the whole world. Many big players in tennis now have meant the subordinate of Ion Tiriac.

Coaching Career:

He helped a lot of players to become successful tennis players. Ion Tiriac has coached some big names who are Rafel Nadal, Roger Federer, and Venus Williams. He also earns a massive amount of money from his coaching. In the year 1998, because of his amazing skills, he became the President of the Romanian Olympic and sports committee. His main gold was to become a promoter of tennis games in the whole of Europe and the USA. He wants to be famous for this game and he did it very successfully because he managed tennis tournaments worldwide. He The legend of tennis which everyone loves still now.


Considering the Ion Tiriac family, he is currently living with his wife named Illie  Nastase. His first wife was Erika Brandt. He divorces his first wife in the year 1965. He has a total of three children. The names of his children are Ioana Natalia Tiriac, Ion Tiriac jr, and Karim Mihai Tiriac. His father was Ioana Tiriac and his mother’s name of him is Ecateriba Tiriac. He has one sibling only whose name is Rodica Tiriac. He is currently 83 years old.

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