Cricket Meaning in Hindi – Derivation of Cricket Name in Hindi

Cricket Meaning in Hindi and Derivation of Cricket Name in Hindi – Cricket is a much-preferred sport by all the fans worldwide. It began at the end of the 16th century. Cricket was originated in England and has now become a very known sport all over the world. It starts on establishing in the 18th and 19th centuries Many domestic, national, and international cricket matches have been played by different countries up till now. Cricket is owned by the International Cricket Council at the international level.

This council comprises several countries that are allowed to play the matches under the ICC. It started in England. First, the formal test cricket matches were played. Then the new formats were introduced for the cricket sport. Furthermore, One Day International matches and T20 matches also started but first, it originated on the test matches format. It is also known as the world’s second most popular sport that is viewed by people.

Cricket Meaning in Hindi - Derivation of Cricket Name in Hindi

Cricket Meaning in Hindi:

Every word has a meaning in a different language. Cricket is a much-preferred sport in India. So here we will also discuss the meaning of cricket in Hindi. In Hindi, two meanings are commonly used by the general public. Cricket is a game that is much followed by the people in India. The Indian people call cricket in Hindi as:

  • Lamb dand gol pind Dhar guttam Pratiyogita
  • Gol guttam lakad batam de dana dan Pratiyogita (‘गोलगट्टम लकड़ पट्टम दे दनादन प्रतियोगिता’)

Derivation Of The Cricket Name:

In the past, many different names were suggested for this sport. Rather than cricket, many suggestions were made. Following are the name derivations for the cricket sports that were made in the past. All these names were discarded and cricket was finalized.

  • Cricc
  • Crycc
  • Crockett
  • Cricket

In the end, it was decided that cricket will be the name given to this sport. These are the two phrases that are used for cricket in Hindi. Here we will be discussing cricket sports detail in Hindi and India.

Origin of Cricket in The World:

Cricket was started in the country England. The children used to play in the normal times in the dense woodlands of England. It was reported in the 16th century and further on it started to develop as an international sport. Today it has gained huge public attention. Some people also say that tickets were originated in France.

But it is believed that the children in England started to play with balls and bats. The ball was considered a stone or a piece of wood and the bat was made with the help of a stick. In this way, the game originated and now it is famous as an international sport all over the world.

Cricket History In India:

Cricket was started in 1721 in India. The first match was played in 1721. There are a total of 38 clubs that play first-classmates. While 10 clubs are assigned for the Indian Premier League. Some domestic, national, as well as international matches, are played in India. There are three teams of cricket in India comprising of men’s cricket team, women’s cricket demanded under 19 Indian cricket team.

Board of Control for Cricket in India, BCCI is the main governing body of cricket sports in India. Many domestic matches have been played in India. Following is the complete detail of the Cricket history in India.

Domestic Matches Played in India:

Following are the complete details of the domestic matches leagues that are played in India. TCricketis a very well-known sport for the Indian people. There are many cricket fans in India as well as in different parts of the world. Following are the leagues and series that are played in India at the domestic level:

Men’s domestic cricket:

  • Ranji Trophy
  • Vijay Hazare Trophy
  • Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy
  • Duleep Trophy
  • Irani Trophy
  • Deodhar Trophy
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • BCCI Corporate Trophy

Women’s domestic cricket:

  • Women’s Senior One Day Trophy
  • Senior Women’s Challenger Trophy
  • Women’s T20 League Senior
  • Senior Women’s T20 Challenger Cup
  • Women’s T20 Challenge (Women’s IPL)

National Matches Played In India:

Following are the complete details of the national matches played in India. Indian Premier League is a series that is played by different clubs of India. There are a total of 10 clubs that are playing for the Indian Premier League for a long time. The Indian Premier League is a National Cricket tournament of India. IPL is the most preferred Cricket League by Indian Cricket fans. The public pays huge attention to this tournament. Many people support different teams in the IPL and it has raised the level of cricket very high in India.

International Cricket in India:

Many international matches are also played by the Indian cricket team. Cricket is an international sport. Different leagues occur in India. Many countries also have a tour of India for the test matches, ODI matches, and T20 Internationals. Cricket is highly preferred in India. It is said that India can be called the home of cricket. Many fans anxiously wait for the cricket leagues when they are going to start. On our page, you will be provided with the details of all the cricket leagues in different countries.

The cricket tours schedule will also be provided to you of various countries with different tournaments and leagues going on in the world. It will be provided to you through our page. Just connect to us and have an opportunity for getting the information regarding the cricket matches in the world.

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