How Many ICC Trophies are there in Cricket?

Following this article, you will get an in-depth knowledge of the How Many ICC Trophies are there in Cricket? ICC is one of the leading bodies of cricket in the whole world. The international cricket council comprises different formats of cricket tournaments. It includes T20 International, ODI, and test matches. It is the administration of cricket tournaments at the international level. ICC conducts many cricket tournaments in which teams from different countries participate. All these teams play to get victory over other countries.

ICC then gives trophies and prizes to the winners of every tournament. Mainly the International Cricket Council is involved in holding events of T20I, ODI, and test format cricket. There are different types of awards and prizes given to different teams and players. So, ICC has many international trophies that are given to the winners of respective tournaments or leagues.

How Many ICC Trophies are there in Cricket

How Many ICC Trophies are there in Cricket?

There is a huge variety of tournaments that are conducted by the International Cricket Council. Some of the main events in which ICC provides trophies to its winners are described below. International teams from different countries of the world participate in this tournament and fought together to get victory in the tournament. Many teams continuously win these tournaments. So following are some of the main International Cricket Council tournaments in which trophies are given. These trophies are much desirable in every country.

  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • ICC T20 World Cup
  • The ICC ODI World Cup
  • ICC Women’s World Cup
  • The ICC World Test Championship

These are some of the trophies for which the team squad of different International teams plays very hard. These trophies are a sign of victory and pride for every country. Following are all the trophies that are owned by ICC and are described in detail.

ICC Champions Trophy:

ICC Champions Trophy is a one-day tournament. It comprises 50 overs that are played by different teams around the world. Total 8 teams are there to participate with each other in the ICC Champions Trophy. The recent champion of the ICC Champions Trophy is Pakistan. It is always a very successful tournament and people love to play with very fun and enthusiasm.

The first edition of the ICC Champions Trophy was played in 1998 in Bangladesh. Up till now, 7 countries have won the trophy of ICC Champions Trophy tournament.

ICC Cricket World Cup:

This World Cup is an ODI tournament in which teams from different areas of the world participate. They compete with each other in this International Championship. The first winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup were England. England is also the recent winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy.

One of the most successful teams in Australia as well. In this cricket world cup which has got many victories. The players of the Australian Cricket team have also achieved many awards and trophies. This tournament is 50 overs based and it occurs after every four years.

ICC T20 World Cup:

The International Cricket Council organizes different tournaments. One of the best tournaments is ICC T20 World Cup. This is an international tournament that comprises 20 overs. It is a shortest-format tournament that is much loved by cricket fans from all over the world. It comprises of total 16 teams at the international level in T20 format cricket. West Indies is one of the highly successful teams.

This is because it has won the ICC T20 World Cup Trophy many times also. The recent champion of the ICC T20 World Cup is West Indies. The first edition of this T20 World Cup was held in England. It was held in 2009. This is one of the highly inspired cricket formats.

ICC World Test Championship:

The International Cricket Council has conducted an international tournament of test cricket as well. It is known as ICC world test Championship. It is a much-follow tournament by the cricket enthusiast. The ICC World Test Championship has Australia as the current champion. It has gained the first trophy of the ICC World Test Championship. The first edition of this tournament was played from 2019 to 20-21. It is a test-format cricket tournament in which teams from different areas of the world participate and play with full dedication.

It was first inaugurated by the ICC to start on the first of August 2019. The latest edition of this World Test Championship by ICC was started in 2021 and this edition started from 2021 to 2023. In this ICC World Test Championship total of 9 teams participate and play to get the victory and win the trophy of ICC World Test Championship. Australia has gained the most record in cricket history.

ICC Women’s World Cup:

It is one of the oldest cricket tournaments that is organized by ICC. This tournament comprises 50 overs in which various teams of the world participate. Women from different countries play with full enthusiasm and determination.


There are a total of 5 trophies that are earned by different teams which are organized by the International Cricket Council. All these tournaments have a high fan following. Cricket fans are always excited about various cricket matches.

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