Who Won the Super Striker Award of IPL 2022 Season?

Who Won the Super Striker Award of IPL 2022? IPL 2022 is going to end soon and it is filled with many awards and achievements that are taken by different players. The foreign players, as well as the national Indian players, were included in this season. Here you will get to know the complete information about the super striker of the season 2022.

All the players were the best and show their full determination towards all their IPL matches this season. But the player who performed more amazingly in this season and make the highest runs on strike is awarded the super striker award. Here in this article, complete detail of the super striker award to the IPL 2022 player will be discussed.

Who Won the Super Striker Award of IPL 2022 Season?

Who Won the Super Striker Award of IPL 2022?

In IPL 2022, Dinesh Kartik was the player who performed with full strength. He belongs to Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team. He has been playing with full dedication in all his IPL matches. Dinesh Kartik was able to make 330 runs on strike. He is the Super Striker award holder of IPL 2022. Complete detail of the super striker award holders in IPL 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 will be discussed further.

All the players have been showing their performance with full determination. Dinesh Kartik played better in all his IPL matches. He was an asset for Royal Challengers Bangalore team. His performance was outstanding in the complete season due to which he was awarded the the the super striker award of IPL 2022.

Dinesh Kartik The Super Striker:

Dinesh Karthik won the Super Striker of IPL 2022 and won a Tata punch car. He played for Royal Challengers Bangalore and his performance was very good this season. He was quite exceptional in this season. As a prize for winning the super striker of IPL 2022, he won 10 lakh rupees. Dinesh Karthik played 16 matches in which he scored 330 runs and he possesses an average of 55.00 this season. The highest score in his IPL 2022 innings is 66 runs which were his best inning this season.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team had many hopes from Dinesh Kartik to keep up his current form in the next season as well. He said that I have played for many teams and that Royal Challengers Bangalore is the best fan base. I have never been part off because the fans supported me a lot on the ground. Such a fan base can never be gotten anywhere else.

Following is the list of players who won the IPL super striker award from 2018 till now:

Sunil Narine:

In 2018 Sunil Narine won the IPL Super striker award. He played for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2018 and his performance was appreciated in the IPL season 2018. His strike rate was 189.89 this season. He is a West Indian spinner bowler who made his fans with his great bowling skills.

Sunil Narine played with complete strength and he was very dedicated to the Kolkata Knight Riders IPL team. This team has a great team squad. Also, Sunil Narine was the super striker this season. He remained consistent on the field and was able to make a huge amount of runs. Mainly he belongs to West Indies and has played a great number of matches for the West Indian cricket team. He has been a great nation as well as an international player for different Cricket Leagues. Sunil has been associated with various West Indies teams in different countries. He is a great asset to the Kolkata Knight Riders team and he has proved it in 2018.

Andre Russell:

Andre Russell won the IPL super striker award in 2019 and he also played for Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2019. He is also a West Indian cricket who is known for his great hitting. His strike rate was 204.8.his batting skills are very good and he won the award of the super striker for his great skills.

Kieron Pollard:

Kieron Pollard also played for West Indies Cricket Team. In IPL 2020 he played for Mumbai Indians and won the super striker award for his great skills. He has a very huge fan base. His strike rate was 191.42. He is quite exceptional this season.

Shimron Hetmyer:

In 2021 Shimron Hetmyer who played for the West Indies Cricket team won the IPL super striker award. He played for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2021 and his strike rate was 168.05. He played very well this season and due to his great skills, he won the super striker award.

Shimron Hertmier is a player from the West Indies cricket team. He has shown professional skills from the Delhi Capitals team squad in the IPL 2021. Shimron was on the strike till he scored 168 runs. He was there to support his team and in the end, was awarded the super striker award for IPL 2021. Herter has played various format matches including ODI, T20, and Test matches. The matches of IPL 2021 were a blessing for him in which he was able to increase his career ranking.

In IPL 2022 Indian cricket team player Dinesh Karthik who was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, this season won the IPL super striker award. His skills are just amazing in this season and his strike rate was 200. He is a very good batsman and the team is hoping for him to continue his performance next year as well.

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