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Viacom 18 IPL Media Rights Packages & IPL 2023 Live Streaming

Here are Viacom 18 IPL Media Rights Packages & IPL 2023 Live Streaming. Viacom 18 has announced broadcasting rights for the upcoming Indian Premier League season 2023. It has gained broadcasting rights for the next five seasons of IPL. This broadcasting right has been given by the Board of Control of cricket in India. Viacom 18 will take rupees 23,758 crores for doing the IPL digital broadcasting to all the fans of IPL.

It has retained its Legacy of streaming high-quality content and flawless telecasting of all the IPL matches. This channel has gained the rights for 2023 to 2027. In these years the broadcasting rights price will increase by the Board of Control of cricket in India and it will also increase the features for the people viewing the live streaming of IPL 2023.

Viacom 18 IPL Media Rights Packages & IPL 2023 Live Streaming

Viacom 18 IPL Media Rights Packages:

Different packages are given by Viacom 18. There is a total of 4 packages that comprise different pricing categories. Here people can avail of any package and watch the live telecasting of any IPL match in the upcoming season in the next 5 seasons. Following are the four packages for IPL media broadcasting:

  • Package A
  • Package B
  • Package C
  • Package D

Package A:

Viacom 18 has sold the package for the IPL broadcasting to Disney Star. Disney Star is also an amazing platform that comprises high-quality feature telecasting of different tournaments and cricket leagues. This broadcasting has been sold for 23,575 crores. This is a very huge amount and it will benefit both the Indian Premier League and Viacom 18 platform. This package is much preferred by the people as it will comprise minimal features for all the people in India and the surrounding areas.

Package B:

Viacom 18 has another package known as package B which is sold for rupees 2500 crores. It also comprises exclusive features for all cricket. This package is also amazing and Viacom 18 has bagged this package for the IPL upcoming season. As Viacom 18 has taken the broadcasting rights from the BCCI for the next 5 seasons, so this package is also available from 2023 to 2027.

All cricket fans can easily enjoy live telecasting without any interruption. A high quality and flawless broadcasting will be available to all cricket fans. IPL is one of the most preferred and high-budget leagues in the world. So it also gives a huge amount to all its sponsors and partners.

Package C:

This package is nonexclusive. Viacom platform gained this package for Rs. 3273 crores. This package will be available for all the viewers for IPL 2023. It offers high-quality broadcasting to all the spectators.

Package D:

This package has been gained by Viacom for overseas viewers. The digital rights of this package are shared by Times Internet and Viacom 18. This package has been bagged for Rs. 1324 crores. The Broadcasting of this package will be available for Australia, the UK, and South Areas. It will be telecasting the live matches Indian Premier League 2023.

Viacom 18 IPL International Live Streaming:

Viacom 18 has got live broadcasting rights for international cricket fans. This channel has got rights for different territories. The territories include South Africa, Sub Sahara, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Ireland, and Continental Europe. All these countries comprise different cricket fans.

So these cricket fans can enjoy the high-quality and no disturbance in live telecasting of all the Indian Premier League 2023 matches without any disturbance. There are different charges for different packages of Viacom 18. The fans will pay the charges according to their feasibility and will choose different packages based on their performance and features.

Viacom 18 High-Quality Broadcasting:

You will receive an outstanding telecasting of all the IPL 2023 matches. This Viacom 18 platform, all the channels, and packages of this platform are convenient and budget-friendly for all people. This year Viacom 18 will grab the attention of all the viewers. This is because it has bagged the digital rights for broadcasting all the matches in 2.6 billion. BCCI has given the right to this platform because it is extremely beneficial and updated information and streaming.

This platform has given a huge amount of money to BCCI. As IPL is one of the most expensive leagues in the world so companies and other sponsors pay a huge amount of money to all the cricket boards where any league is going on. In this league, they are paying the Board of Control of Cricket in India.

Viacom 18 IPL 2023 Matches Schedule:

With the help of the Viacom 18 live platform, cricket fans can easily view the IPL matches scheduled for 2023 which is already announced. The match schedules help you know the date on which the tournament is starting or what will be the day for your favorite team’s IPL match. It will also tell you about the venue and the rest details about the tournament. Viacom 18 live provides you the updated information on your favorite teams in IPL 2023.

It is of great importance to cricket fans. Fans want to remain updated about everything. So for them, the Viacom 18 live platform has made it easy to get all the latest notifications. Viacom 18 live match schedule provides accurate and reliable updates to cricket enthusiasts around the world. You must be connected with the Viacom 18 live streaming channel to watch the live cricket telecasting of the IPL 2023 live matches.

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