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Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue for ILT20 2024

Here is the detail of the Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue for ILT20 2024. Sharjah Cricket Stadium is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. This stadium has an extendable capacity of holding 16,000 spectators in this stadium. This stadium has a record of conducting many T20I and test matches, but the highest number of cricket format matches that are played in this stadium are One Day International matches. A total of 240 matches have been played in this stadium till December 2019.

The owner of this stadium is Bukhatir Group who keeps a complete eye on the routine maintenance and updating of this stadium. It has two ends named Bukhatir Stand and North Academy End. These stadium ends provide a great coverage area for the spectators. Each stand has its price ticket.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue for ILT20 2024

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue for ILT20 2024:

This Sharjah Cricket Stadium is going to be the host of the International League T20 2024. It is included in the venues for the upcoming ILT20 in the United Arab Emirates. There are a total of 3 venues that have been selected for the International League T20 2024 in UAE. Among these venues, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium is also considered the foremost stadium for holding some of the matches of the upcoming international league T20. You will get to know about the live score and streaming of all the matches going on in this stadium on various live streaming channels.

This Cricket Stadium is one of the largest capacity stadiums in UAE. The stadium can be easily reached by the common public. This stadium has been hosting sports matches apart from cricket as well. Many football, and tennis games have also been played in this stadium.

The stadium is selected for the International League T20 2024 for some of the matches. It is a highly developed stadium that will be delighted to host the upcoming International League 2024 matches. This will be a great opportunity for the Sharjah Cricket Stadium to make the stadium able to host all the upcoming matches. Many ILT20 matches will be played in this stadium. The stadium is wide and flooded with lights for the nighttime matches. It provides a great sitting area for the fans of the International League T20 2024.

Spacious Sharjah Cricket Stadium:

Sharjah International Cricket Stadium has a capacity of 16,000 people in it. Cricket fans from all over the world come to this stadium to view the matches going on. It is very wide and possesses a very comfortable and wide sitting area for the viewers. The Sharjah cricket stadium has gained huge attention from cricket fans throughout history.

Pitch Conditions In The Sharjah Stadium, UAE:

The pitch conditions are amazing and feasible for the cricket players in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. It is said that the pitch offers the best opportunities for the bowlers. The pitch conditions are amazing as analyzed by the previous cricket matches record played in this stadium. It is considered to be the most famous and accurate pitch available stadium in UAE. The pitch conditions are very necessary for the batsman and bowler. It is accurate to win a match. So it is also feasible for the batsman who can easily play on the type of pitch present in the Sharjah stadium.

Sharjah Stadium Matches Statistics:

A great number of matches and complete tournaments have been held in this Sharjah cricket stadium. It has held many test matches, and T20 International matches. This stadium is known for its space and easy access from Sharjah city.

Following are the complete details regarding the matches played, won, and lost matches of different formats in this stadium.

Sharjah Stadium Test Matches Stats:

Many test matches have been played at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. A total of 9 test matches have been played here. This is a great stadium for holding the test matches of various cricket teams. 8 matches have been won in this stadium. While 1 match has been lost. The highest team total recorded in the test matches in this stadium is 690. The lowest team total recorded in this stadium is 53.

Sharjah Stadium T20I Format Matches Stats:

A total of 45 matches have been played in this stadium in the T20I format. Of these 45, all matches were won. The highest team total that was made in the T20 international matches at Sharjah Stadium was 215. Sharjah Cricket Stadium has conducted a lot of T20I format matches as compared to the test matches played here.


Get ready to support your favourite team that is going to play their match in the SC stadium. Here you will get to know all the details regarding the International League T20 2024 tournament. The schedule, venue, tickets, team squads, team kits, and all the necessary information will be provided to you through our page. It will be an exciting and amazing experience for all the teams to play their matches at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

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