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Sanju Samson Net Worth, Income Source, Age, Cricketing Career

Here is the detail of Sanju Samson Net Worth, Income Source, Age, Cricketing Career, and much more. Sanju Samson is one of the best and most experienced players of the Indian National Cricket Team. He has earned much money from the cricket profession. He was born on 11 November 1994. Sanju Samsung possesses the profession of Indian cricketer. He possesses a very beautiful appearance and a nice personality. Sanju Samson possess a nationality of India.

His net worth is about 75 crore INR. While his salary is more than rupees 14 crore per month. He is one of the most experienced players in international cricket nowadays. Sanju Samson is associated mainly with the Indian Premier League. He has played many matches of IPL for a very long time.

Sanju Samson Net Worth, Income Source, Age, Cricketing Career

Sanju Samson Net Worth:

Sanju Samsung has a net worth of about 10 million US Dollars. In Indian Rupee is equal to 75 crores. Sanju earns his income from different sources. His main source of income is cricket while he is also associated with many brand sponsorships and brand endorsements. He earns a good amount of money from his different business ventures. Sanju Samson gets a salary from the Indian Cricket Board as well. His monthly salary and income are more than rupees 1 crore.

While his yearly income is more than rupees 14 crores. He is earning a good amount of money from his cricket profession. Sanju Samsung lives a very luxurious and modern life because of the good amount of income he gets from his career. He possesses a very experienced career in the cricket field. He is associated with different formats of cricket including T-20, ODI, and test matches. Sanju Samson has increased the ranking of the Indian team squad.

Yearly Earning:

Apart from his net worth, Sanju Samson also earns a lot of money from his annual income and salary. He is a very multi-talented and skillful professional cricket player who is also very famous. So he earns a lot of money as his annual income. He is also living a very great life because he has so much money. His annual income is currently not confirmed. But according to some sources, his approximate annual income is around 14 crores as of 2023. This money includes the money which he won in different records he make in cricket and especially in IPL.

Income Sources:

Sanju Samson earns this money as his net worth not only from his cricket career but from various sources. He is earning a lot of money from his cricket career but a major amount of his income comes to him from different prize money and different endorsements. He also earns money from different advertisements in which he appears. He has done so many brand endorsements and his net worth has also increased a lot. Currently, he is living a very fancy life with a very high amount of net worth also.

Sanju Samson Social Media Followers:

Sanju Samson has a huge fan following on social media accounts. He has a huge fan following on various social media platforms. Sanju Samson’s followers love and admire him. There are various accounts of Sanju Samson including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. There is a huge number of fans available on the different Sanju Samson social media pages.

Following you will get to know about the number of Sanju Samson’s followers. 

  • Instagram Followers:

Sanju Samson has a great fan following on Instagram. He has 7 million followers on Instagram. Sanju Samson is also a brand ambassador for various brands. He is an amazing cricketer and an all-rounder from the Indian cricket team. Sanju Samson is highly admired by numerous cricket fans. All these fans keep on increasing.

This fan following is from all over the world. He has posted a total of 809 posts on his Instagram account. All these posts are valuable and provide some information regarding the cricket going on nowadays.

Sanju Samson Career Details:

He possesses an amazing and professional career. He has been playing many T20 formats, ODI formats, and test cricket matches. Sanju Samson is an amazing international cricketer. He has led the team in many matches and got the victory in most of them. Here you will be provided with the international career details of Sanju Samson. You will also get information regarding the One Day International career details of Sanju Samson.

  • IPL Matches Details:

He has been playing IPL matches from 2013 till now. He has played a total of 152 IPL matches for the Indian cricket team. He has scored a total of 3888 runs and his batting average is 29.2. Sanju Samson’s strike rate is 137.2 in his test career.

  • One-Day International Matches:

Sanju Samson has played a total of 11 ODI matches up till now. He has been playing ODI matches from 2021 till now. He has scored 330 runs in total in all his matches. Sanju Samson is a very talented ODI format match player. He has a batting average of 66.0 and is a very dedicated player. His strike rate is 104.8.

  • T20 International Format Matches Details:

He has played a total of 17 T20 International format matches. Out of these, he has made 301 runs. He is also an amazing bowler. His average in the t20 International matches career is 20.1. His strike rate is 133.8.


Sanju Samson has increased the ranking of Indian national team and of IPL teams from which he plays. His net worth is increasing continuously because of his efforts and consistent performances. Sanju Samson also has many followers on different social media profiles.

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