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Poonam Yadav Net Worth, Biography, Career, Monthly Salary

Here is Poonam Yadav Net Worth, Biography, Career, and Monthly Salary. Poonam Yadav is a spin bowler who plays for the Indian women’s cricket team. Poonam Yadav is a right-arm leg spin bowler. She is currently serving for Indian International women’s cricket team. Punam Yadav was born in Agra in Uttar Pradesh which is located in India. She was born on 24th August 1991. The age of Poonam Yadav is 31 years old now. Poonam Yadav is also a right-handed batsman but she is mostly famous for her right-arm leg spin bowling. She spins the ball very well and her spin bowling skills are just amazing. She is also considered the best leg spinner women bowler in the whole world.

Poonam Yadav is mostly known for her turning bowling skills. She turns the ball in a way that the batsman can’t judge the ball and loses her wicket. Punam Yadav confuses the person on the batting side a lot and she turns the ball very much. The biggest strength of Poonam Yadav is that she turns the ball in the wind. When the wind is high during the match, it is very difficult for the batters to judge the ball of Poonam Yadav.

Poonam Yadav Net Worth, Biography, Career, Monthly Salary

Poonam Yadav Net Worth:

If we move on to the net worth of Poonam Yadav, it is 2 crores Indian rupees. The net worth of Poonam Yadav is given to her by the board of cricket of control of India (BCCI). The earning source of Poonam Yadav is cricket and she earns a lot of money every year and every month because of cricket. Her net worth is 2 crore Indian rupees and she made a lot of net worth from her stunning bowling skills.

Punam Yadav also earns money from advertisements and brand endorsements. Half of their net worth of Poonam Yadav is from cricket and the other half is from advertisement and branded domains which she does. If we convert the net worth of Poonam Yadav into dollars, so it is 250,000 US Dollars.

Poonam Yadav Career Stats:

If we talk about the career stats of Poonam Yadav, she made her debut international match in April 2013. Punam Yadav made her debut match in international cricket in the T2the the 0 formats in April 2013, when the Indian cricket team and Bangladesh women’s cricket team were facing each other in a T20 match, Punam Yadav made her debut match. She gave an outstanding performance in that match. She showed everyone in her debut match that she can be in the international women’s cricket team of India. Poonam Yadav also took wickets with her great spinning skills in that match.

The debut of Poonam Yadav in the ODI format of cricket was also made by her in the same series. It was again India and Bangladesh facing each other in the ODI format of cricket and that match was the debut match of Poonam Yadav in the ODI format of cricket. Punam Yadav has a very crucial role in the 2017 women’s World Cup. The great bowling skills of Poonam Yadav are the only reason that the Indian women’s cricket team reaches the finals of the 2017 women’s World Cup.

After that World Cup, Poonam Yadav was named in the playing 11 of the Indian women’s international cricket team for the 2018 women’s World T20 cup. Punam Yadav again shows her fantabulous bowling skills. She again shocked everyone with her spinning skills. She was also in the top 5 of the women’s T20I ranking.

Poonam Yadav Monthly Income Salary by BCCI:

The monthly income of Poonam Yadav is also 10 lakh rupees. Punam Yadav earns money monthly and early and the BCCI salary is not considered in these incomes. The annual income of Poonam Yadav is between 50 lakh and 1 crore Indian rupees. The BCCI give Poonam Yadav 50 lakh as a salary. Poonam Yadav earns a lot of money. These salaries and incomes are confirmed which Poonam Yadav will earn. But apart from the salaries and income, Poonam Yadav also earns from every match that she plays. Her International match earnings are a lot more than the domestic matches.

Punam Yadav plays in the domestic league also. She earns a lot of money in every match of the domestic Cricket League and her International matches. The match fee in domestic cricket of Poonam Yadav is 20000 Indian rupees per day. If we talk about the women’s T20 challenge which Poonam Yadav plays, she earns 1 lakh Indian rupees per match of that women’s T20 challenge.

Poonam Yadav has many ways of earning money. Now her net worth and earnings per match are increasing day by day just because of her performances. She is increasing her skills day by day and giving better performances than the previous one. This is the main reason that the net worth and salaries and income of Poonam Yadav are increasing very quickly.

Poonam Yadav Twitter Followers:

She is much followed due to her exceptional cricket performances. Poonam has 43.9K followers on her Twitter account. She has tweeted 495 times till now. Poonam Yadav joined Twitter on November 2018. She has 51 followers on her account. She is a prominent member of the Indian national women’s cricket team.

Poonam Yadav Instagram Followers:

She has 123K Followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account has 319 posts. She posts her pictures and also with the team members. She has 116 followers on her Instagram account. Poonam Yadav’s net worth is also increased by earnings through these social media profiles.

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