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Pat Cummins Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Salary, Career, Assets

Today in this article, we will discuss Pat Cummins Net Worth, Biography, Age, Salary, Career, Assets, and much more. So be connected with us to know more information about cricket. Pat Cummins is currently playing in the Australian International cricket team. He is currently the best and fast bowler in the whole world. He also performed very well in the previous ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Pat Cummins is a very skillful bowler from the Australian international cricket team and he is a young star who is expected to be the most dangerous bowler in the world in the future.  Pat Cummins is mainly a bowler but sometimes he is good with batting too. He is a great fast bowler who bowls with his right hand.

A right-arm fast bowler is a very skillful and talented new bowler of the Australian international cricket team who is expected to be a dangerous bowler in the future. Pat Cummins was born on 8th May in the year 1993. He is a professional cricketer from Australia. His grandfather was also a cricketer. He has played international cricket for the cricket team Australia.

Pat Cummins Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Salary, Career, Assets

Pat Cummins Net Worth:

The net worth of Pat Cummins is estimated to be around 45 million US dollars. Pat Cummins earns a lot of money as is the net worth. He earns a lot of money in his net worth just because of his amazing brilliant and successful bowling skills. He is a very multi-talented and stunning right-arm fast bowler. Pat Cummins is currently performing very well and he is in full form now. His brilliant and fantabulous bowling skills are the main reasons for his net worth which is 45 million US dollars. 

Pat Cummins has built his net worth with his full efforts. He also earns money as his monthly income. His monthly income is also more than $3,00,000. Pat Cummins is expected to earn approximately 7 crore Indian rupees as his net worth in the upcoming season for his services which he will give to Australian cricket. Apart from all these cricket activities and his talent, he also earns money as his net worth from different brand endorsements as he is a very famous and popular international cricketer. So he has also contracts with many famous International brands.

Pat Cummins Net Worth Growth:

Pat Cummins net worth has kept on increasing since 2019. Year by year he has experienced growth in his income. This is because of his efforts and dedication to work. Following is the net worth growth trend of Pat Cummins:

  • In 2019, his net worth was $22 million. It was also a good amount for that time.
  • Then in 2020, his net worth increased by $4 million. At that time, it was $26 million.
  • In 2021, his net worth increased to $30 million. This was earned by him because of his professional playing skills. 
  • Then in 2022, his net worth was enhanced by $5 million. Now it was $35 million including his income from all the sources.
  • In the previous year 2023, the net worth of Pat Cummins got to $40 million. He earned much through his IPL career as well this year.
  • Now in 2024, his net income is approximately $45 million. Now he is earning from different international cricket series, leagues, and tournaments.

Pat Cummins Brand Endorsements:

Pat Cummins has currently endorsed a lot of major brands in the whole world. He became famous in the previous year. This Australian all-rounder and multi-talented bowler has endorsed a couple of major brands. The two of his major brands that he has endorsed are Gilette and Kayo Sports. Both are very famous brands and have been endorsed by Pat Cummins.

IPL Salary:

If you talk about his Indian Premier League performance, then he never disappoints his fans because of his performance in IPL seasons. From the day he came as a player to play matches in the Indian premier league, he represented different teams including Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Now all the fans of Sunriser Hyderabad love him. 

They also love the team Sunriser Hyderabad because of him. He has a salary of 20.50 crores INR which is a very large amount. In the latest IPL, he will play a great role because of his dedication and practice for every match. Whenever he wins any match against other teams he mostly gets awards because he plays an important role in the victory of his team.

House Details:

If we talk about the house of Pat Cummins which he obtains and in which he lives also. He owns many houses. He owns a very stylish fancy and luxurious house in Westmead, Australia. However, the value of this house of Pat Cummins is about Rs. 20 crores INR. 

Pat Cummins Cars:

If we move on to the cars of Cummins, who owns a lot of luxurious cars but has just revealed all of them on social media. He owns Audi which is a lavish car. 


Pat Cummins is the batsman of the Australian cricket team. His net worth is $45 million. He has a lot of fans all over the world. He plays IPL matches as a player of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. His IPL Salary is 20.50 crores from Sunrisers Hyderabad team.

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