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List of Sponsors IPL 2023 Title, IPL Teams, Orange & Purple Cap

You will get the complete details of the List of Sponsors IPL 2023 Title, IPL Teams, Orange & Purple Cap, and all the franchises of IPL and their sponsors in this article. So get connected with us to know more information about Indian Premier League, its teams, schedule, venues, live streaming sponsorship, broadcasting partners, etc. IPL 2023 is going to start soon. Here is the list of all the sponsors of the Indian Premier League 2023. The sponsors include official sponsors, title sponsors, merchandise sponsors, umpire partners, official digital steaming partners, etc.

List of Sponsors IPL 2023 Title, IPL Teams, Orange & Purple Cap

List of Sponsors IPL 2023 Title, IPL Teams, Orange & Purple Cap:

Considering the sponsorship details of the Indian Premier League upcoming season the sponsors are divided into 6 categories. Following are the details of all those sponsors.

  • The title sponsor of IPL 2023 is Tata. This brand is much famous in India and all its surrounding areas. The official partners of IPL 2023 include dream11, Rupay, Upstox, Unacademy, and swiggy installment. All these are official sponsors of IPL in the upcoming season.
  • The orange cap and Purple cap sponsors are Aramco.
  • The official sponsor for broadcasting the IPL 2023 to all the people in India and the surrounding areas is Star Sports.
  • The umpire partners are Paytm.
  • The official digital streaming partner of IPL 2023 are Disney and Hotstar. They both require subscriptions and have many bundles for all the viewers.

Chennai Super Kings Sponsors Detail 2023:

The Chennai Super Kings is a much-followed and popular franchise of the Indian Premier League. Here you will get to know about the official partners, principal partners, merchandise partners, and digital partners of Chennai Super Kings. These sponsorship details are shared below.

  • The principal partners of Chennai Super Kings for IPL 2023 include India Cements, Mintra, Reliance, Nippon Paints, asteroid pipes, Equitas, etc.
  • The official partners of CSK IPL 2023 include dream 11 and Starbucks.
  • The digital sponsors of this team include glands Joy e-bike PhonePe and glance, propose.
  • The radio sponsors of the team include Hello FM and Fever FM.

All these sponsors are highly paid.

Delhi Capitals Sponsorship Details 2023:

The Delhi Capitals team is very popular and the team squad is also very amazing. Following are the sponsorship details of the Delhi Capitals team for IPL 2023.

  • The principal sponsors of Delhi Capitals include Except Cash, Apollo Steel, JSW Evolut, and Colgate.
  • The associate sponsors include cup noodles, evolution, dream 11, Coca-cola, Colgate, Kotak, etc.
  • The official partners include BKT, Optimum Nutrition, Western Digital, etc.

Punjab Kings Sponsors Detail 2023:

The Punjab King’s Sponsors are as follows:

  • The title sponsor of Punjab Kings is EBIX Cash. It is a highly-paid sponsor and has increased the value of both the sponsor and the IPL.
  • The official sponsors of Punjab Kings for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2023 are Coca-Cola, Kingfisher, Colgate, Bodycare, Kotak, and Endura Mass.

Mumbai Indians Sponsors Detail 2023:

Slice is the primary sponsor of the Mumbai Indians team for IPL 2023. It has made the partnership with this team for 90 crores for the next 3 years. Following are the official partners, Merchandise partners, and principal partners of the Mumbai Indians team squad.

  • The principal partner of the team is a slice. It has made a partnership for the next 3 years.
  • The associate partners of Mumbai Indians are includes Astral pipes, Reliance jio and Marriott Bonvoy.
  • The official partners of the Mumbai Indians team squad include the man of platinum, dream11, BKT, and Performax.

Rajasthan Royals Sponsors Detail 2023:

The sponsors for the Rajasthan Royal team squad vary according to the official partner, digital partner, merchandise partner, and principal partner.

  • The principal sponsors include BKT, TV9 Bharatvarsh, Reliance Jio, etc.
  • The official sponsors of Rajasthan Royals include Niine, Dettol, GoPro, Barbados, Mai Dubai, etc.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Sponsors Details 2023:

Sunrisers Hyderabad team squad is amazing and many known brands have this sponsorship of this franchise for IPL 2023. Following are the details of this team:

  • The title sponsor of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team is JK Lakshmi Cement. It is one of the most-known brands in India. It has been leading the cement industry and it is considered one of the known brands worldwide.
  • The principal sponsors of Sunrisers Hyderabad are also tires, Reliance jio, and Kent mineral RO. All the brands have done a partnership with this Sunrisers Hyderabad team franchise for the next 2 years.
  • The official sponsors of the team include dream11, Colgate, Tenali double horse Tyler, and Acko insurance.
  • The official partners include Sun network, Taka Tak, Amul Kool, etc.
  • The merchandise sponsors include a Fan code shop.

Lucknow super Giants Sponsorship Details 2023:

Following are the sponsors for the same franchise for the IPL season 2023.

  • The title sponsor for Lucknow Super Giants is dream 11 circle. The official partners include Gigabyte technology and too yum.
  • The associate sponsors of this IPL franchise include green fly industries, credence.com, and Darwin platform Group of Companies.

All the brands are known and popular among the people of India and the surrounding areas. All these brands have taken a huge amount of money from the Indian Premier League and the Board of Control of cricket in India for the sponsorship of the Lucknow Super Giants team.

Gujarat Titans Sponsorship Details 2023:

Gujarat Titans is a very leading team in the IPL 2023. Following are the sponsors of the team for the upcoming season of IPL.

  • The principal partner is Ether energy.
  • The associate sponsors of Gujarat Titans for IPL 2023 include 12 Joy, BKT Tyres, simple ceramics, fan code, etc.
  • The official sponsors of the team include dream11, Kotak cards, Radio Mirchi, and up.

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