List of IPL 2023 Commentators Panel, Categories, Salary Details

Here is the detail of the List of IPL 2023 Commentators Panel, Categories, Salary Details. Indian Premier League is the biggest cricket league with the T20 format of cricket in the whole world. Indian Premier League is also considered the highest-budget cricket League and the highest fan base of the cricket League is also of Indian Premier League. The craze of the Indian Premier League and its importance is not only in India but the cricket fans from all over the world watch and enjoy all the matches of the IPL. Indian Premier League has a very huge fan base. This is because its matches are very amazing and thrilling and the crowd is also very big in this Indian Premier League.

As in all seasons of the Indian Premier League, this season of the Indian Premier League which is the season 2023 also has a fantastic lineup of commentators. As we said that it is the highest-budget cricket League in the whole world, so they appoint many big commentators including international locals who can make all the matches more energetic and enjoyable. Today in this article, we will discuss the details of all the commentators of the Indian Premier League season 2023.

List of IPL 2023 Commentators Panel, Categories, Salary Details

List of IPL 2023 Commentators Panel:

Importance of Commentators:

The commentators please a vital role in making the matches cricket exciting and the Indian Premier League season 2023 has also those commentators who can make the matches energetic and exciting. Commentators are the backbone of cricket because they give a thrill to all of the cricket matches. Commentators not only give information about analysis and insights into the game but they also create a very great connection between the on-field action and the audience through their amazing commentary. In the Indian Premier League, there are many great commentators whose roles are very critical.

IPL 2023 Commentators Categories:

The following are the categories of IPL commentators:

Expert Analysts:

The first category of IPL commentators is expert analysts. These include those commentators who are former cricketers and have great experience and amazing knowledge of sports. They provide the information in the depth about the analysis of the whole game. They also provide information about these strategies which are employed by the teams and the individual player performances are also discussed by these commentators. And they play a very great role in the commentary because this information is necessary for all cricket fans. Following are those commentators who are considered in the expert analyst category:

  • Sunil Gavaskar
  • Michael Vaughan
  • Graeme Swann

Play-by-Play Commentators:

The second category in the IPL commentators is play-by-play commentators. These commentators are the most important in every cricket match. This is because they are those commentators who make the matches more thrilling and exciting and give more fun to the fans. In IPL, these commentators will state the live action on the field with ball-by-ball information. They will describe every ball and every shot and wicket also with great enthusiasm. They will ensure that the audience will not miss anything on the field. And they give more excitement in the game. Following are those commentators who are considered in this category in Indian Premier League:

  • Harsha Bhogle
  • Danny Morrison
  • Simon Doull

Field Reporters:

This category of commentator in the Indian Premier League also holds great importance. They are the field reporters who provide and give information and updates from the ground. They are those who interview the player and the coaches of those teams who are playing. And, they also analyze the pitch conditions and other relevant information.

They have also a very important role in the matches because, with their help of them, we will get all the information about the players, their coaches, and all the relevant information. Following are the names of those commentators in the Indian Premier League season 2023 who are considered in this category:

  • Mayanti Langer
  • Isa Guha
  • Deep Dasgupta

IPL 2023 Hindi Commentators:

Indian Premier League also provides Hindi commentary to their fans. All the local commentators are hired in Hindi commentary in the IPL. They provide Hindi commentary to their fans because some people can’t understand the English commentary very well so it will be easy for them to understand the Hindi commentary and they will get more fun. They are a total of 8 commentators in the Hindi commentary panel in IPL 2023. Following are their names and their salaries:

Akash Chopra:

Aakash Chopra is a very amazing commentator whose salary in the Indian Premier League season 2023 is 350,000 US Dollars.

Ashish Nehra:

Ashish Nehra is also considered the Hindi commentator for the IPL 2023 and his salary is 2 lakh US dollars.

Gautam Gambhir:

He is a former Indian cricketer whose salary is now 2 lakh US Dollars.

Irfan Pathan:

He is also a formal Indian cricketer whose salary in Hindi commentary is 2 lakh US Dollars.

Ajit Agarkar:

His salary is 2 lakh US dollars.

Kiran More:

The salary of this Hindi commentator is also 2 US dollars.

Sanjay Bangar:

Sanjay Bangar has a salary of 80000 US Dollars.

Nikhil Chopra:

Nikhil Chopra is also considered in the Hindi commentary panel of IPL 2023 and his salary is 80000 US dollars also.

IPL 2023 English Commentators:

English is the official language of the whole world. The English commentators are necessary and present also in all cricket matches. There is no league or cricket matches in which an   English commentator is not present. Indian Premier League have also many English commentators. They are for those fans of the Indian Premier League who live outside of India and can’t understand Hindi. So that those people can enjoy the live commentary of the Indian Premier League season 2023 in their language.

The people who live in India also watch the matches with English commentary. Following are those commentators and their salaries who are considered in the English commentary panel in the Indian Premier League season 2023:

  • Lan Bishop ($500,000)
  • Michael Slater ($500,000)
  • Sunil Gavaskar ($500,000)
  • Mark Nicholas ($500,000)
  • Kumar Sangakkara ($500,000)
  • Simon Doull ($350,000)
  • Danny Morrison ($350,000)

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