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List of All Fair Play Award Winners In IPL From 2008 To 2021

List of All Fair Play Award Winners In IPL From 2008 To 2021۔ The fair play award in the IPL matches are given to the teams that have been performing very well in their matches. This award is made by the Board of cricket and controlled in India for the teams which proved their worth on all the platforms. The Board of Cricket in India keeps an eye on the complete record and performance of the teams according to their batting, bowling, and fielding performances.

List of All Fair Play Award Winners In IPL From 2008 To 2021

List of All Fair Play Award Winners In IPL From 2008 To 2021:

So following are the teams that have been awarded the Fair Play Award Winners in the IPL history from 2008 till 2021.

In 2008:

Chennai Super Kings is the first team that has gained the fair play award in IPL history. This team has gained this award in 2008. 2008 was the first IPL season that was played by different competent teams from India. These teams are comprised of different national and overseas players. Chennai Super Kings have an amazing team squad. They possess an amazing batting line, bowling line, and fielding line. For this season, they have gained the fair play award among all the teams in 2008.

In 2009:

In the IPL season 2009, Kings 11 Punjab was the team that received the fair play award in IPL 2009. The Kings 11 Punjab played very well. They played with full enthusiasm and energy. The performance was outstanding and all the players were remarkable in their strength and bowling and batting line. Kings 11 Punjab was considered an amazing team according to its performance and behaviour in 2009.

In 2010:

In 2010 Chennai Super Kings again played very well and got the fair play award. This team has proved its worth in the different IPL seasons. It is the leading team right now. The team squad of this team has professional and experienced national and international players. All the players play like one unit and make the team win in all the situations. They are always seeking to take the title of champions in all the IPL seasons. So in 2010 Chennai super kings take this award.

In 2011:

Again in 2011 Chennai Super Kings was in the number one position according to the behavioural checking by the Indian cricket board. This team played very thrilling matches and showed an amazing performance among all the teams participating in the 2011 IPL season. So Chennai Super Kings can be considered as one of the best teams the IPL history.

In 2012:

The continuous winning of the fair play award by the Chennai super kings was broken by the Rajasthan Royals in 2012. This team showed the best performances against the Chennai Super Kings and was able to snatch this award from the players of the Chennai Super Kings. Rajasthan Royals proved very best and it was shown that they proved their best performances in the batting, bowling, and fielding line. Their batting was mainly outstanding and they made many boundaries in limited over matches.

In 2013:

After leaving one consecutive year for the title of fair play award, Chennai Super Kings came back in the position in 2013. They won the title of Fairplay award. This team has now proved that no one can beat this team in the IPL matches. So support the Chennai Super Kings team with full education and strength and make the team win.

In 2014:

It was the second consecutive win of the Chennai Super Kings to gain this award. This fair play award is given to the players who play very well and the team which showed amazing performances in the IPL matches. So Chennai Super Kings again get this award and take the title of champions with them.

In 2015:

This was the third consecutive win for the Chennai Super Kings in achieving the fair play award. But then it was broken by Sunrisers Hyderabad in the next season. Till now it was the record-keeping moment by the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL history to have gained six fair play awards in the IPL matches.

In 2016:

This was the year in which the consecutive win of Chennai Super Kings was beaten by Sunrisers Hyderabad. This year Sunrisers Hyderabad came on the front position and played very well. They were amazing in their batting performances. Their bowlers were also very outstanding and proved their worth in the IPL 2016. So in this season, they won the award of fair play matches.

In 2017:

This IPL 2017 was the year for the Gujarat Lions team. This was the team that have never performed very well in any of the IPL matches before. But in 2017 they were very serious about their matches and played all the IPL matches with full enthusiasm and courage. So Gujarat Lions were the team to win the IPL fair play award according to their performance and behaviour in the IPL matches this season.

In 2018:

Mumbai Indians were the best team in the IPL. This was the rise of the Mumbai Indians team according to their performances. This is because this was the year in which Mumbai Indians was having a good team squad. Before that Mumbai Indians were not comprised of experienced and professional players and their performance was also not very good. So in this season and coming next seasons, Mumbai Indians performed very well and take the title of the fair play award with them.

In 2019:

In the IPL 2019, the Sunrisers Hyderabad team has proved to their fans that they will never disappoint them. This was the second win for the fair play award by the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in 2016. They have also won the Fairplay award and in 2019 again they maintain their legacy and played very well.

In 2020:

Mumbai Indians again prove to their fans that they can win the fair play award. This was because their performance was continuously increasing due to their team members. They have previously won this award in 2018 and this was the second time they have been given the title of the fair play award by the Indian Cricket Board.

In 2021:

IPL 2021 was the recent season of IPL that was played last year. Rajasthan Royals was the team that was awarded the fair play award. This team has been awarded the second time in the IPL history. Previously in 2012, they gained this award but then their performance was low and other teams were able to win this award. Now in recent matches, they have performed very well and they are also performing very amazingly in the ongoing IPL 2022 matches.

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