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Islamabad United Team Squad of HBL PSL 9 2024

In this article, you will get to know about the Islamabad United Team Squad of HBL PSL 9 2024, the Head Coach, Local and foreign players List, and Team Owner details. The players of this team are very amazing and after seeing what is its team squad, we got to know that this team will come into the final because Islamabad United have amazing players who are famous worldwide. If you want to know about the owner, captain, team squad or anything about this team, then this article will help you a lot. So this article will tell you everything about the Islamabad United Team squad.

Islamabad United Team Squad of HBL PSL 9 2024

Islamabad United Team Squad of HBL PSL 9 2024:

There is a professional team squad of Islamabad United. All the players included in this team squad are very hard-working. There are some bowlers, batsmen, and all-rounders. All these players are great and if we look at their career stats.

Captain Shadab Khan
Champion 2 Titles
Owner Ali Naqvi & Amna Naqvi
Winning Prediction 65%
Brand Ambassdor Naseem Shah

Then we will come to know that they are the best players, who always focus on their cricket and want their team will always get the first position in every kind of league. Here is the team squad of Islamabad United. There are some foreign players in this team and some local players are included in the team:

Shadab Khan Bowling allrounder
Naseem Shah Pacer
Jordan Cox Wicketkeeper Batsman
Imad Wasim Bowling allrounder
Azam Khan Wicketkeeper Batsman
Tymal Mills Pacer
Alex Hales Batsman
Faheem Ashraf Bowling allrounder
Colin Munro Batsman
Rumman Raees Pacer
Mathew Forde Pacer
Salman Ali Agha Batting allrounder
Qasim Akram Allrounder
Shahab Khan Pacer
Hunain Shah Pacer
Ubaid Shah Pacer
Shamyl Hussain Allrounder
Tom Curran Bowling allrounder

The team squad of Islamabad United is given above. All these players are super professional and they have an amazing fan following in all over the world. If you talk to any cricket fan of any country, they always know every player in this team. This is because all these are very hard-working players who always make records and play very well. There are some local and foreign players on this team.

Islamabad United Local Players List: 

These all are local players and they have played in Pakistan Super League for many years. Now they are also playing in the PSL 2024. They are also selected for other cricket leagues.

  1. Shadab Khan
  2. Naseem Shah
  3. Imad Wasim
  4. Azam Khan
  5. Faheem Ashraf
  6. Rumman Raees
  7. Salman Ali Agha
  8. Qasim Akram
  9. Shahab Khan
  10. Hunain Shah
  11. Ubaid Shah
  12. Shamyl Hussain

Islamabad United Foreign Players List:

Some foreign players are also included in this team. They are also very amazing and popular. These are the foreign players of Islamabad United. They all are amazing and experienced players. All these international players have been a part of various cricket leagues.

  1. Jordan Cox
  2. Tymal Mills
  3. Alex Hales
  4. Colin Munro
  5. Mathew Forde
  6. Tom Curran

Islamabad United Team for PSL 2024:

Islamabad United is the renowned team of PSL 2024. It is owned by Ali Naqvi and Amna Naqvi and this team will be captained by Shadab Khan while coached by Mike Hesson. All the cricket fans are so excited about the Pakistan Super League and they want to see their favourite teams competing with each other. This team is the favorite of almost every fan of the Pakistan Super League and they want to see this team playing with other teams in the PSL season 2024. If you talk about its history it was founded in 2015.

This team is now ready to get this trophy of the Pakistan Super League this year. They are also the winners of the very first season of PSL. All the players of this team work very hard and do a lot of practice so they can show the world that they are also the best team squad. They can show that they belong to the best team in the Pakistan Super League. Their fans are so much excited to see them playing matches in the PSL season 2024.

Islamabad United Head Coach:

The head coach of Islamabad United is Mike Hesson. He is the best batsman as well as a bowler and now he is ready to coach all the players of Islamabad United. He is the best coach and trained all the players very affectionately. Mike Hesson is the coach of the New Zealand international cricket team and is ready for the PSL 2024 to coach Islamabad United. He always listens to all the advice of other players or coaches. It is because his main aim is only to let his team win the trophy of the Pakistan Super League.

The complete team squad is very much satisfied with their coach. This is because his personality is very attractive and he deals with every player very nicely. Also, he listens to all the points of view of every person. He always tells the players to work very hard and do more and more practice if they want to win the trophy of the PSL 2024.

Islamabad United Team Owner:

Ali Naqvi and Amna Naqvi own the Islamabad United Team of PSL. This franchise has participated in all the Pakistan Super League seasons. In all the seasons, this team was owned by Ali Naqvi and his wife Amna Naqvi. The journey of Islamabad United started in PSL with the help of this company.


The team squad of Islamabad United is very professional. It comprises a dedicated team squad with amazing batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders. The team squad is ready to win this Pakistan Super League season 2024. You can also get to know about the complete team squad details of other teams participating in PSL 2024.

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